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  1. I am in MME mode 24/7 inside Cakewalk. Some programs do take over drivers and change them but outside of Cakewalk I’m not really to concerned.
  2. @John Vere 🤔 that’s interesting. I honestly don’t know. I’ve left my driver mode on MME 32-bit for awhile now and have had no negative side effects when running the two programs side by side. I would definitely do some testing though. The less you have to do the better right!
  3. If you've ever thought, "How do I create my own template?" or "What are templates good for?" Here is a more in depth look at exactly how to set up a project template for yourself! Once you've got a grasp on what works for you, it can literally save you hours!
  4. I see the former as a more straightforward approach. Much like patch points and aux tracks. I’d rather use an aux track 90% of the time. Hope that makes sense. I might do another explanation vid on the workspaces as well. (Formerly called Lens... 🤦🏻‍♂️)
  5. Great question! Yes! The Screensets can be integrated into a template and saved as such. Likewise, if you go back to a previous project that doesn’t have them they can be imported. However, mix recalls will have to be per project obviously.
  6. Wanna speed up your workflow and boost your productivity in a flash! Try using Cakewalk by BandLab’s Screenset and Mix Recall features! Screensets and Mix Recall
  7. I to use OBS and set my audio driver to MME. This seems to work well for me. I do a lot of podcasting and livestreams as well so I pulled the trigger on the RODECASTER PRO, man oh man! That thing is a beast!!! It handles all of my incoming and outgoing audio as well as compensates for any loop back that may occur from Skype or Zoom. Not to mention shiny buttons that glow in the dark and make awesome noises!!!
  8. MIDI Learn: Right-click the knob/control you want to change. Click on Learn MIDI CC# Automation. Move the knob on the controller that you want to use. Oh yeah! If this is essentially all you’re needing help with then the ACT module on the control bar should help. I’ve used it to map my old BR-800 to the faders and my existing MIDI keyboard as well. (M-Audio Oxygen 49) I demonstrated it here: *Please don’t mind the fact that this was years ago and I didn’t even have gray hairs yet... 😂
  9. I get that. This course is for beginners really. It starts all the way from the ground up and allows the viewer to move at their own pace. I broke it up into smaller segments. As for MIDI routing and articulation that is an area I don’t dabble to much in as I am more of a “real instrument” kinda guy. However, this may help: https://bandlab.github.io/cakewalk/docs/Cakewalk Reference Guide.pdf These may prove useful as well:
  10. Very well put man! You’ve placed in a nutshell what most have never taken the time to divulge in, or maybe didn’t have the back history that you’ve had to see the forest for the trees! Kudos to you for having an open mind and staying positive!
  11. When I interviewed Warren some time ago on my channel we talked off camera for quite some time about it and he was intrigued as he’d never heard of it. I asked for a moment of his time to give him a quick tour via screen sharing and he was blown away! His first question was “Why aren’t more people talking about this?!” I told him of the sorter history and reassured him that regardless of the past there was still a strong community of Cakewalk users and that it now has full support again! Thats when he told me that several in the community had been talking about it but it slipped under his radar as it isn’t widely used or spoken of daily. It was then that we discussed doing a course for his community. Even though there aren’t as many that use it in the PLAP Academy (of which I am a Lifetime Member) he still took time out of his crazy schedule to try and help. I assure you Warren is truly a gentleman and an excellent mentor. If he makes some money off of the course in return for his countless hours of free training, I am completely fine with it.
  12. Thanks man! A lot of the information in my course is geared toward achieving a finished mix quickly that you can be proud of. I don’t consider myself a guru or anything, I just love the software and after 15 years I can navigate my way around it quickly. My main desire was to help others and in the process get Cakewalk the publicity it deserves.
  13. He told me he saw that a lot of people in the community are using it and was wanting to help in some way! I hope it will get more people on board, whether they find bugs or not. After all, some people with fresh perspective might eventually come up with the next best idea for improvement as well!
  14. It was bitter sweet for sure! I was so glad when BandLab bought it!
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