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  1. Thank you so much for clarifying this as I have been an owner since SPLAT and was not aware of the way they handled Melodyne now.
  2. In this brief overview of Melodyne 5 Essential. I cover the most basic controls as well as give a couple practical examples.
  3. I’ve tried my best to answer as many emails and comments as I can, this should help if you’re having any Cakewalk install issues! https://youtu.be/oVJ7A68yTUQ
  4. I regularly stream my DAW on my YouTube channel, so I may be able to help. If needed I can drop some screen shots in here. So here is my workaround. I have a Focusrite 6i6 that has two headphone out jacks. I have a Stereo cable leading from one headphone jack to the Line In of the PC on the back panel. That second headphone jacks volume knob becomes my level for OBS and I have it labeled as PC Sound. I use a second cheaper M-Audio mini that I picked up for like $35 to keep my mic separate from the PC sound and set my OBS monitoring settings to hear everything in one set of headphones. (The other open jack in the Focusrite) So far over done some pretty in-depth stuff live with good results. The only time it gets crazy is when I’m interviewing someone on Skype, but there are always workarounds. 😉 Let me know if this helped, if not I can Skype you to help get you up and running! Below are some examples of the quality. Skype Interview: Some music playing through: Some mixing type stuff:
  5. If you wan to start a podcast for free this video will help. Whether you're a beginner or you know your way around a DAW this video will get you up and running with a professional sounding podcast! Here's my setup for the podcast: 👉https://kit.co/HSSimplified/hss-podcasting-kit
  6. Hey guys! I really hope this helps!
  7. Don't utilize them much, so I really couldn't speak to that. Our pal Ol' @Wookiee might be just the man to seek out on this!
  8. WOW! Thanks a lot guys! You're to kind!
  9. This is kind of a polarizing piece of content, but I have met with some good responses! I realize that these views are subjective, but I feel I at least made some valid points.
  10. I have posted this as a list here already, but just in case a beginner was to miss that post or maybe it seemed a bit daunting, here is the entire playlist. These will literally walk you through, step by step, everything from downloading and installing to recording, mixing, and exporting your songs!
  11. I did one of these back in 2012 ans recently updated it last year. So, here is my 2.0 version.
  12. Hey all! Recently I started doing more live streams to answer Cakewalk questions and discuss all things audio! It's went over so well that I have decided to commit to a stream every Saturday! I call it "Sound Advice Saturday". Here is the playlist to my previous episodes, a ton is covered in these and the questions that come in are great! Want in on the fun? Just click here to come hang out every Saturday! Be sure to ring that bell so you know of any other videos that get posted to!
  13. Wow man! Great vibe! I love the stereo feel of this!
  14. Recently I did a live stream with a fellow Cakewalk user Bongonzo. On the stream he showcased his methodology from start to finish of creating a beat within Cakewalk by BandLab. Today's video is my reaction to his mix and a behind the scenes of me taking a stab at #mixing it myself. Stay tuned till the end if you want to learn a ton from his arrangement of hip-hop and #trap beats, as well as my methods of getting this mix to another level.
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