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  1. That’s pretty amazing!!! I’d love to see that unpacked! Do you have a video on the setup and how it works?
  2. There are a ton of options for sure. Best of luck!
  3. Here’s a follow up video to this one as well:
  4. I made this video not to long ago to help answer a question for a subscriber. I thought I’d drop it in her as well. Hope it helps!
  5. Hey sorry about that! Not sure why it was set to private??? Anywho, if you need more one on one I go live every week and take questions from the audience.
  6. Lately we’ve been doing a lot of online collaboration on the channel. For those interested in doing so as well I created this video/podcast episode for help you get a best foot forward. This was done live, so you may have to skip past the intro screen.
  7. Hey all! I know it’s short notice, but I thought I’d share this with you as I know most of you either have a song you’re working on, or have one in the chamber. Submit your song to be heard live on the show and have a chance to win some cool prizes! Each song will be reviewed by a panel of fellow mix engineers and voted upon based off of several factors. (Musicality, quality of the mix, arrangement, instrumentation, etc.) The submission can either be an instrumental or a full blown band, all stipulations listed below. If you’re interested in getting in on the fun, upload your song here: https://bit.ly/July-Song-Submissions Or email your submission to me! Technicalities: •MP3's are acceptable for the submission, for listening purposes. •No cursing is to be contained in the songs as this is a clean channel. •No copyrighted material can be submitted. Deadline: July 15th, 2020 Questions? Email me at: homestudiosimplified@gmail.com
  8. I am starting a series where I am Breaking down some of my early productions to showcase various arrangement choices and to discuss mixing options. The premise behind these videos is not a showcase my personal talent but rather to walk through my creative process, in the hopes that it might help someone else along their journey.
  9. Cakewalk has some great features to speed up editing when it comes to dialogue! So, whether it's a podcast, an audio book, or voice over... Cakewalk by BandLab has you covered!
  10. You’re fine man. Don’t sweat it.
  11. Yes sir. I believe you are correct. But they are available none the less.
  12. Both of those are actually free plugins now! https://www.bozdigitallabs.com/plugins/ Scroll down to the freebies section!
  13. This gives people time to hop on and settle in for the long haul. It also lets them know that I am actually prepared. If you ever watch my online tutorials or any other video of mine, you’d know that I give away more than I ever get back. The last few months, I’ve given away 15 or more of my paid courses, 3 or more one on one Skype calls, and HOURS of FREE online teaching. I give WAY more than I ever receive man. (Not mad-Just clarifying)
  14. Hey! I have a subscriber that follows my Cakewalk tutorials who Is blind. He is having a problem with Cakewalk crashing when using his screen reading software. (Software is NVDA) Any tips I can give him? BTW kuddos to Cakewalk! This is the only DAW that the program recognizes! I’ve included his dump files as well. Strugle to Grind_06182020_200433.dmp
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