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  1. I'm tired of waiting, too. But can imagine an alternate universe where the software came out months ago with many, many problems... that we would fill this forum identifying and discussing?
  2. Yeah, warm, sultry horns.
  3. Love the bass playing and the tone of the bass the most.
  4. David Gilmour would approve. Very tasty licks, yum!
  5. Herky Acuff

    I Just Met

    A harmonically complex tune, I enjoy hearing stuff like this. I would enjoy playing some of those chord progressions on a guitar to hear how they would sound.
  6. In the past, artists might speed up the whole recorded song a few bpms, of course, thus having everything raise in pitch. Such as to build excitement, or maybe even fit on the record... This was often done just with vocals - Bruce Springsteen even, on Hungry Heart; Paul McCartney would do this. I appreciate you're probably not looking for this, well, unless you're working for the Chipmunks... but going up 2-3 bpms overall this way may be okay or fun to try.
  7. Awesome. I am a subscriber. I appreciate your efforts.
  8. Not a bad idea for him to get "first to market" with the new channel for the new software. That does make this video here more like a promotion that could have been a reel or short. Still, I look forward to watching. I had drifted from him when the channel was going in different directions.
  9. Herky Acuff


    Channeling Leonard Cohen for sure. Cool.
  10. Good news! And we can all relate to your frustration. Being methodical like you were, about troubleshooting, pays dividends.
  11. Long shots, but: Using a gate or some sort of ducking by parallel... could that silence or eliminate the notes or portions you don't want? Or, make a pattern with volume automation, effectively muting every second note, copy-paste down the track?
  12. Thank you again, @John Vere. I think we share being Canadians. I am in Northern BC where we are into the -30s celcius right now. Stay warm!
  13. I'm impatient too, but ah well, at least they are just working behind the scenes and I don't have to endure a crowdfunding campaign...
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