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  1. Paul, if buying from Bela D during this sale has no drama or excitement I’ll pass…..GAS + Controversy Impulse Buying is my new thing hahah
  2. Correct same as v9. Has been same for a while since version 6.
  3. Totally missed this thread before. Deal ends in a day. I’m always complaining about their $199 upgrades so ….Got fx 3 for $29 for the two new distortions and hoping for future discount on fx 4.
  4. I would classify this as terrible deal considering the recent amazing upgrade deal that just passed haha
  5. We are at 1487 and need to reach 1500 in 7 days….seems hopeless hahahah Greg is awesome No IK GB type drama with him.
  6. Yea got Rico and really liking it. Although for me got it at further discount ($29) for owning another beatmaker title so go with the $9 hype from audio deluxe and then after registering check out Rico directly from Ujam (if intro deal is still available).
  7. I never got deal for World AI like Larry and couple others got for $199. During this sale World AI is $299 from store. By using $50 in cash rewards (max allowed) and the July 4th code it matches the $199 deal they got. So this is now mine
  8. I think I’ve heard you say this before. For sure we’ll make it now haha
  9. Ya you won’t see these at $29 haha They are pretty amazing if you are after that sound.
  10. I know $579 is a lot but if anyone is thinking of buying these someday this is a really good rare deal. They don’t have a lot of sales and usually coincide with release of new libraries.
  11. Ya, not sure will go this route but thinking about buying $99 pro version and then upgrading to ultrapak taking advantage of current sale. I keep reading/watching videos that going ultrapak is the way to go.
  12. Thanks Reid. I went back to your videos on BIAB that you posted last year. Forgot how great they were. As for CD, is it that shiny round thing people used to insert into their computer ? Hahaha just giving you a hard time
  13. Thanks Reid/ALC. I should’ve been clearer. I’m a first time buyer. With this said I do see sweetwater has Pro version for mac discounted for $99 instead of $129. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/BIAB22ProM--pg-music-band-in-a-box-2022-pro-for-mac-download
  14. Every time I check seems deals are always for windows users.
  15. For those with komplete Kontrol it is nks ready which makes it more fun
  16. I’ve been giving Larry a hard time about his new computer build but super happy he is having fun and getting an awesome machine. I don’t know Larry if you are fully up but I walk away like 5 minutes and your posting rate is insane. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up going forward if this is just a preview Larry on steroids. Haha
  17. Larry working on his desktop trying to figure out what cable is unplugged: my dream M2 haha
  18. Heard it was inspired by Will Smith…..too soon? Hehe
  19. If this was a string library I’d be all over legato like on vi-control haha
  20. The closer it gets to $19 the more excited I’ll get hehe
  21. Im overwhelmed by all the free offerings. How am I supposed to complain ?
  22. Not sure about demo rules for Korg. I typically will look at a ton of videos/review/demos and once I make up my mind this is the one missing vst that I have been looking but didn’t know I needed then typically I pull the trigger either during an intro sale or some other sale like BF. After first 20 min before demo expired for my first session I pulled the trigger so I’m a bad example. Wavestate is perfect for electro/darkwave which Im currently dabbling in. You can also apparently load your own samples. Both plugins are at intro price during this sale. Here’s a skippy video on them: https://youtu.be/oKU0RiXGUPI
  23. Ohhh i shouldn’t have downloaded wavestate demo….if you lack any type of self control this is a bad move…
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