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  1. I’m a bit concerned about the driver. Seems he went off road and is dodging an obstacle based on the animation heheh
  2. I only buy things with Ilok…pass hahah
  3. I really thought it was going to be EWC2 choir with all the marketing hype haha…rumors are that these are preview snippets of full choir that will come later…if one follows conspiracy theories and the like hehe
  4. https://lunacy.audio We're thrilled to announce native M1 support for Macs as well as a VST3 version of CUBE in this new update. Introducing Remnants, a new free preset pack for CUBE Brooding sustains meet desolate ambiences, Remnants combines the CUBE factory content with our newest expansion, Threads, for a darker string sound with a refined grit. Add some edge to your CUBE with these 25 new presets. Note: Requires the full version of CUBE and Threads($49).
  5. They had one in Jan and another one in June. Yea sorry Im sure another one will be coming soon hahah
  6. I should mention I’ll probably keep trying to make 80 plugins sound good instead of 4 just because I know myself hahah
  7. Thanks for that. There is a great lesson there. If we cant make something sound good with a handful of plugins, owning another 80 won’t help.
  8. They recently had a $99 sale on this one. No escaping. I really tried hard and even called my buddy who was zero help and ended up buying it too hahaah. It’s really good. MPE support is so good.
  9. They said welcome back so he must have resubscribed haha
  10. Bioscape and Lunaris are amazing. Lunaris 2.0 is imminent as well.
  11. Just buy it……don’t overthink it haha By the way I use this NKS library to control phaseplant with komplete Kontrol which as usual makes it more fun. Implementation is not super deep but has main knobs/macros mapped.
  12. For what it’s worth, I’ve had their minipol plug-in synth for over a year and has some bugs they haven’t fixed. It’s still at v1.0 release (initial). So far not a good track record of updating plugins after initial release. Make sure to demo and you are happy. I like their stuff don’t get me wrong.
  13. I checked with SL support and they said deals should be available for entire 7 day period after being released. This is good just in case something more tempting pops up later.
  14. Couple years ago 75% off was $149 for this. Seems they lowered base price. Wonder if deals expire after 24 hours or they just release a new deal every 24 hours for next seven days.
  15. Discovered these guys the other day. If you are looking for Slate and Ash type of sound check these instruments out. They have a bundle that includes all three instruments for $89. https://www.pluginboutique.com/manufacturers/352-Murst-Instruments Sound examples from their website: https://murstinstruments.com/Instrument-Bundle-1
  16. Last BF they had sale for 30% off so if you are looking at the new legacy emu collection it’s only $10 difference if you don’t want to wait like me. Soooo many 90’s classic sounds in planetphat and orbit. Couldn’t wait.
  17. Has anyone taken this course and can provide feedback? Seems content may be older 2018 (?)
  18. I’ll wait until BBSO pro is free….haha
  19. For some reason your link doesn’t work for me….here is what I used …. https://www.waproduction.com/plugins/view/frms-granular-synthesizer
  20. Blame you and Larry haha
  21. Decided that waiting 13 years made no sense because will probably wait another 20 years. They were just updated for M1 support so figured was time. Thanks for starting thread Larry.
  22. $99/13 = $7.6 dollars per year. A good deal hahah
  23. Ya. People like Flume use it. You’ll find recent videos on YouTube showcasing its uniqueness even 13 years later. Even on BF is still $99 haha. Here is a Flume post from a month ago…
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