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  1. You used their own (plugindoctor) against them? Hahah glad is was oversampling
  2. I was trying to figure out how I was going to use my voucher as I didn’t really see anything too interesting but some of the PA_EXT plugins look really good to use the voucher on….decisions.
  3. For me I signed up for their newsletter a while back and got it. But sometimes people get discount codes that I don’t get so may be related to apd purchase history.
  4. Answered all my questions hahahh
  5. This is my situation but doing this locked me out of a sound kit update that pops everytime I log into product manager. Will wait to see if your issue is resolve and may jump on SE to see it if fixes my issue.
  6. True but if they offer you option to go XL it’s hard to say no haha
  7. I bought from Pluginboutique. Trying to see if I’m able to register with FW and then upgrade using their website. Will update.
  8. By the way, I didn’t see $29 bundle price until after I added to cart. Website showed it as $79.
  9. Still trying to figure out where you went. Maybe need to tell Larry he actually doesn’t need to go away either to get the code hehe
  10. I picked up Wavestate after watching pluginguru’s stream. If you are trying to save money don’t watch. As for ppg 3.0, I picked it up from APD back in 2020 for $29 so for $19 it’s an even better deal.
  11. Okay seems under deals in account there are two discount codes up to 26% off. From another forum: Owners of our other bass instruments, Shreddage 3 Abyss and Shreddage 3 Precision, can get up to an additional 26% off! Check your Deals area to see your crossgrade codes.
  12. For those of us that just bought the bundle what does the release of new fretless bass mean? Sounds like would be a purchase at discounted price or how do they normally handle?
  13. They are trying to create tension and then horror when it’s gone hahah
  14. He is probably flying to have a word in person with Fender CEO haha
  15. Clearly you are missing Ableton Live in your life hahah
  16. I jumped on this deal because it’s being discussed in pretty much every forum I regularly visit. I used the 10% off code for signing up which is generic to everyone mc10welcomeT6UF and reduces it another $25. I’m keeping my eye on Tokyo Scoring Strings that everyone keeps raving about. Maybe when they have a BF sale I can use the 240 points for extra discount? Anyway that’s the plan….let’s see
  17. At $37.50 unless one wasn’t sleeping late yesterday hahah
  18. Ya tried it too before I posted haha
  19. Totally missed that Larry posted full Halo on APD for $35 at beginning of July. Wonder if they offer LiTE to full version discounts.
  20. I saw on a YouTube video review someone called it Xfer Serum killer haha. Not quite but I had been seeing this one popping up from time to time and thought price was a bit high. In this bundle no complaints. So picked it up.
  21. This is one reason I’m all setup to buy plugins from bed. One less step before glitches expire haha….
  22. Still $37 for Animation Station is a great deal at its current discounted price. So snap it up anyway if you are after it. Two weeks ago I bought it for $79 which is lowest I had seen since I started to track it. https://www.samplelogic.com/products/animation-station/
  23. Best sale on these from my records was M84 -$79, M72-$43 (only once 12/21 but usually $79-$89), M82 -$59 So pretty good sale at $59 if you are after these…. freelancesoundlabs has NKS libraries for each of these.
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