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  1. It's quite light. It mostly does vocal seperation
  2. Apparently you can install Spectralayers 8 if you got Cubase Pro and it will automatically open it as Spectralayers 8 One.
  3. I may put it on a VM just to have a look. But, yeah not planning to start using it on my production machine anytime soon. And I haven't read much about any of the under the hood stuff which would mean a big improvement for audio production yet.
  4. Is there a Crossgrade path from the Spectralayers version included in Cubase Pro
  5. New Member Benefit at Soundbetter: https://soundbetter.com/member-benefits?source=navbarmenu 35% Off Abbey Road One with code soundbetterxar1 Check regularly for new member benefits.
  6. Probably not a chance for native aggregate audio devices with low latency?
  7. JRR sells it for $254.15 with code groupbuyauto
  8. That probably works, issues are when you use in and output ports
  9. Are you using the Moss control Extensions?
  10. I want to like Bitwig, I actually do lilke it from what I've gotten out of 8 track. But I can't get my NI A25 to work. It keeps telling me it ran out of Memory when I try to turn on the device in Bitwig. Anyone use an A series controller with Bitwig and gotten around it on Win 10?
  11. Audiodeluxe gives 10% off and 5% in Deluxebucks. Makes it a better deal than Bestservice, I guess.
  12. Think it will be, unless they have to delay the release of BW4 and they will not release it until July 2022. You get a year of updates when you buy Bitwig, seems it includes both point as full releases.
  13. Not completely sure... if you're happy with the program (v3 then v4 with the first bug fix releases) then buy the update when v5 is released. Isn't that about the same price as any other DAW? A lot of DAWs just go silent on updates after the first half year until the next update. Unless it's Reaper of course...
  14. Next month seems to be MiniMoog month, wonder which one we'll get for free: IK's (again?), Arturia's or any other contender?
  15. Will the deal be up at any of the resellers too?
  16. Makes you wonder if they will do something for the subscribers apart from workshops based on the free sample packs they put out?
  17. Nah instead they make Linux UI part of the OS...
  18. Well, one can never have enough MetalZones... I've read that's the main architecture they use for the vaccine nanobots
  19. Probably in VMWare after a while. More interesting will WSL3 allow to run Mac OS like Linux can run under Windows,
  20. The app itself knows it too: there is a top section called 'Redeemed' and it's empty...
  21. Stupid question: can I find somewhere in the app if a Program has been updated compared to what I have installed?
  22. Just the DLA and none of the programs? Like XLN...
  23. Love their stuff. But I'll probably wait for a bundle sale 😉
  24. Got Liberis just before it wasn't on sale anymore. Hoping Requiem will go on sale before the end of the month.
  25. Plus: he's a Rocket Scientist!
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