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  1. Will any single Syntronik instrument you buy be in v1 or v2 format?
  2. Probably because AAS is going to give us one as a Christmas gift this month, if the past years are any indication
  3. Wasn't that free for all just a day ago?
  4. Anyone else having issues with the sustain pedal CCs when dragging the MIDI from EzKeys to your DAW to use it in for instance Kontakt?
  5. Got the bundle with 1-3. Too bad there’s no upgrade
  6. Why would there be? Seems to be an instrument and not a sample pack
  7. Sooo what is your current top 5 of sales that are really worth it, in the sense that they once in a lifetime, or at least year?
  8. will it load the existing libraries?
  9. I am especially liking Abyss in combination with my Sensel Morph. That synth is made for MPE control.
  10. Waiting to see what the final jrr price will be
  11. Synthmaster One and 2 for iOS seems to be on sale too now for 5.99 and 7.99 Euro
  12. If you already have any of the paid plugins, you can get a personalised crossgrade offer on the Audiomodern website
  13. 20% Off with 'REKKERD'
  14. The guy over at White Sea Studio seems pretty impressed, which impresses me, because he's normally skeptical about anything:
  15. Traktion Waveform also runs on Raspberry Pi. But still haven't tried how it runs. Would be nice to see a comparison on how they run on a RPi4
  16. Here's the next merger: https://musictech.com/news/bandlab-acquires-artist-development-platform-reverbnation/ ReverbNation artists can expect the platform’s features to be integrated into BandLab soon. BandLab has acquired artist services platform ReverbNation from its parent company, eMinor Inc. The deal is effective immediately. According to a press release, the acquisition will help BandLab accelerate its artist services. This includes building on new features such as artist-to-fan subscriptions and BandLab Distribution. ReverbNation users won’t experience any disruption as a result of the deal. BandLab will integrate ReverbNation’s features into its music-making application to expand creator capabilities in the near future. eMinor will continue to focus on its other software brands, including its youth soccer club platform PlayMetrics. CEO of BandLab Technologies, Meng Kuok, said, “We are very excited to welcome ReverbNation’s community to BandLab. We have a clear vision of the role BandLab plays in supporting creators worldwide, today, and into the future. Artist services are a key part of that plan, as evidenced by our recently announced subscriptions and distribution offerings. “This acquisition allows us to accelerate BandLab’s product roadmap and further enable us to break down technical, geographic, and creative barriers facing musicians and fans.” Meanwhile, eMinor Inc’s CEO Mike Doernberg says, “when BandLab approached us with [its] thesis for integrating ReverbNation and BandLab, it made complete sense, especially for our artists. BandLab is a natural fit. ReverbNation has long been the standard for artist promotion and growth tools. Since its evolution from a startup in 2006 to a mature, profitable business today, it has continually innovated.” BandLab hasn’t announced any further details on the deal. In September, BandLab introduced the BandLab Subscriptions and BandLab Distribution features into its social music platform. The former feature enables users to offer exclusive artist content to fans for a monthly fee, while the latter lets independent artists self-distribute their music onto every major music platform at an affordable rate.
  17. Keep an eye out for that lifetime subscription...
  18. Is Fender owning any other brands with a lot of overlap in portfolio? A quick search mostly brings up other guitar brands
  19. Very tempted by Abyss
  20. Not very realistic. Komplete 13 dropped in 2020 and they are on a 2 year schedule. So I wouldn't expect Komplete 14 until 2022 and 50% off until summer 2023. It could be a sign for a subscription....
  21. Went along and got Mammoth instead, which was just $29 with the code. Got enough Guitar Amp Sims, but am seriously lacking in the aggressive Bass Amp Sim department
  22. Watched some videos and it is a bit Drip the Slate Edition
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