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  1. Just wait for the $1500 premium synth coming up 😆
  2. Queue the Wsves OneKnob plugin that Splice will be giving away in ... 3..2.. 1....
  3. Yeah I'm also waiting for VCV v2 as a vst. Though Benn Jordan's stream of the beta version of it was less than a success 🤣
  4. Once we hit 25k. Are they going to add more tiers?
  5. @Josh | W. A. Production welcome to the forum. I am really digging the InstaComposer so far. But I would like to see the possibility to go back and forth between generated midi on a track. And the design rationale to triggering the playhead by a midi event and not sync it to the DAW.
  6. I'm still waiting for a Syntronik Jordan Rudess expansion pack. It probably will be released together with the AmpliTube John Petrucci
  7. Do you have any rough time lines? Something which will drop next year?
  8. Too bad you can't buy the iOS collections as part of the GB...
  9. With about 20 day for the final 2k, what will happen if we reach 27k? Will everyone get the free MIDI keyboard?
  10. Any advice which of, the Custom Shop amps is worth getting?
  11. Seems they also added the rest of the Amplitube Custom Shop Models that aren't in any other bundle except Amplitube MAX
  12. Yeah routing seems pretty painless in Cubase, Studio One and Bitwig too. Just stupid that it doesn't just start without the midi event
  13. Fun to use. But I really miss a way to go back and forth between generated patterns. Unless I'm missing something...
  14. Wasn't that the Tiny Terror, which they have a way not too long ago?
  15. You can get a demo from the WAProduction website https://www.waproduction.com/plugins/view/instacomposer With these limitations:
  16. It's Friday, could be they won't change the freebie until Monday.
  17. And part of the Slate Everything Bundle.
  18. Fot Bitwig Owners with a current update plan: 25% off Coupon in the U-HE Webstore
  19. I think according to Peter they use EST. So it would be 00:00 EST on October 1st so still about 37 hours?
  20. For me 'restore my purchases' in the Custom Shop did the trick for all at once
  21. Be sure to use it quickly, I foresee 2 refreshes coming up before the mega-sale is over...
  22. too bad AudioPluginDeals' freebie doesn't count againt the GB... hehe
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