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  1. https://www.musicradar.com/news/slate-digital-sold-to-ssl-owner
  2. Isn't that the one bundled with PreSonus hardware? I Installed it once but wasn't really impressed with it.
  3. Yeah, I think you just wait until NI implements the feature πŸ˜‚
  4. We have just released SIX new Content Banks! We are excited to make this range of new banks from Black Sun Empire, P0gman, Teddy Killerz, Sonar Traffic, Black Marvin, and Letsynthesize available for Phase Plant users to explore and enjoy. All these new Content Banks are available to buy from our Content Bank Shop. In addition, we are running a half-price sale on these and all other Content Banks until midnight (CET) on October 4th. Of course, if you are a Kilohearts Subscriber, these new banks are available to download and use right now via your Kilohearts Installer! https://kilohearts.com/banks
  5. Yeah my account page also had just one Compendium on offer
  6. Is it there yet? It's past 8am in Italy 😁
  7. Maybe it's just the base Kontakt UI and for the Library UI elements, the developer has to update them with high res graphics? Still find it fascinating that they went from closed Alpha testing to release in 3,5 months.
  8. I mean... ableton just got a point release with a revamped Reverb as main selling point, and that's the first update since Feb, I believe. CbB is doing fine πŸ˜‰
  9. Don't they do the Sphere Subscribers only stream first and then release the vid to the normal people these days?
  10. Yeah... waiting for next Summer's 50% off deals..
  11. They might go and add Luna to the package
  12. a slew of Native Instruments FX have been updated, run Native Access to update. Small fixes, but especially this: Minimum OS required is now Windows 10 or macOS 10.15.
  13. especially with the Muz3um preset pack. It still holds up after all these years
  14. Maybe they'll integrate Z3ta+ 2 into CbB
  15. I have to check that out. Though I still have to figure out what the CLAP advantages are outside or Bitwig and its modulators.
  16. A new plugin format. It's currently just supported in Bitwig Studio https://u-he.com/community/clap/
  17. For those still using Cakewalk, the bakers released 2022.09 in Early Access :
  18. I am on Cubase and Bitwig mostly, but if they hand out a free month of Sphere with V6, I might just give it a test run.
  19. Arturia has it's V Collection Compendium on Sale. They call it Compendium as it comes with a slew of genre specific Preset Packs https://www.arturia.com/vcol-compendium I don't see an additional discount for new users, but my update from V8 to V9 is $149
  20. Bitwig is giving U-He Bazille or Satin away when you buy Bitwig Studio or an upgrade/renewal plan: https://www.bitwig.com/buy/?fbclid=IwAR1B_VeXH2Lb4IpxYNOdEnOa-bYFofyOXBMm-i47igxK-wdw9EVWfb0DfMw additionally, an active plan will give you a 25% discount code in the U-He webshop. And U-He customers can get a 25% Bitwig discount.
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