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  1. I'm on KU 12 might move to KCE next year
  2. Guess we'll see a lot of Massive fs posts on KVR 🀣
  3. Are the new Factory Library 2 patches in Komplete Kontrol yet?
  4. Might be tempted if I can update for $50 this Cybersale
  5. It would greatly benefit if they would explain why this is a separate product indeed. As I'm confused about it. I would understand if it was something developed by someone else for Bitwig. But it seems to be made by the core Bitwig team.
  6. In a first Bitwig is offering an paid Add-on called Spectral Suite. https://www.bitwig.com/spectral-suite/ It's on offer now for $79 instead of $99. And a year of updates + spectral suite is currently $199 (the regular update price is $169 so you would get the new stuff for $30) Demo from Polarity Here:
  7. https://www.musicradar.com/news/slate-digital-sold-to-ssl-owner
  8. Isn't that the one bundled with PreSonus hardware? I Installed it once but wasn't really impressed with it.
  9. Yeah, I think you just wait until NI implements the feature πŸ˜‚
  10. Here's an overview from Guy:
  11. We have just released SIX new Content Banks! We are excited to make this range of new banks from Black Sun Empire, P0gman, Teddy Killerz, Sonar Traffic, Black Marvin, and Letsynthesize available for Phase Plant users to explore and enjoy. All these new Content Banks are available to buy from our Content Bank Shop. In addition, we are running a half-price sale on these and all other Content Banks until midnight (CET) on October 4th. Of course, if you are a Kilohearts Subscriber, these new banks are available to download and use right now via your Kilohearts Installer! https://kilohearts.com/banks
  12. Yeah my account page also had just one Compendium on offer
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