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  1. Bugs? BSOD? I'd like to have that, please!
  2. Managed to get Ableton Live upgrade from Lite for $ 232 at Best Service. Looking forward to Live 11.
  3. New deals: EZDrummer - 81 Euro BUY SUPERIOR DRUMMER 3 GET ONE CLASSIC SDX FOR FREE. Make your SDX selection from the window that opens up once you’ve added a ‘Regular’ version of Superior Drummer 3 to your cart.* Makes me wonder why Toontrack seems very eager to get the EZ Drummer users upgraded to Superior Drummer, they don't ever put any serious discount on the crossgrade.
  4. Maybe time to sell Overloud and get some Neural DSP
  5. Bit of weird super Black Friday sale then, leaving out EZKeys and EZDrums
  6. Save $0.99 more at Best Service on EZMix2 😅 https://www.bestservice.com/ezmix_2.html
  7. They should really put some Rig Library Bundles up. Releasing 3 news ones at least once a month is just ridiculous.
  8. I'm still astounded by the lack of/ meager amount of advertised Massive X preset packs on these EDM focused platforms. Or is it just me.
  9. Beat Magazine usually comes with 2 or 3 packs each issue. These are all packed together.
  10. Went to get it, then found I already have it... This was a freebie with Computer Music a couple of months ago.
  11. Indeed, too many BF sales which are the same as regular sales. Would be nice to know the ones that are actually special.
  12. Are they doing any active development anymore? Can't remember anything since XO Light last year. AD3 really has to be something special to get people to move away from EZD2
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