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  1. Yeah, bought in dollars with VPN instead of Euros, saved me another 8 Euros
  2. Isn't that that standard price for the 6-pack? At least the price in Euro is still the same...
  3. Hopefully the new Picking Session Guitar is 50% off too. Looking to grab that one.
  4. I asked on their Facebook page, and they said it's planned for 2020. And I already reserved some money for it..
  5. just as the title says. Complete the free Izotope Elements collection with Nectar Elements: https://www.pluginboutique.com/articles/1545
  6. In the first of our upcoming major updates, MASSIVE X has had a massive makeover. New skins include dark and light modes, as well as flat modes that are easier on your processor. We’ve made the envelopes and Switcher LFO dynamic for everybody who asked, and once you’re done looking at the new changes, treat your ears to 60 new traditional instrument-inspired presets on top of the 100 we dropped back in August! Update now via Native Access.
  7. Preeonus also announced a stream for 10am CST. Would be surprised if they bump Studio One already to V5. But I'm still curious about it.
  8. Already got that one. Still waiting for Nektar Elements to be for free. Plugin Boutique, you know what you have to do 🤣
  9. When was 12 released? But 13 would still be a bit off, as both Kontakt 6 and Massive X are already part of 12. They probably want to update 1 or 2 flagship products before the next Komplete version
  10. Get the authentic sound of a vintage steel-string acoustic, expertly recorded with a session pro. PICKED ACOUSTIC expands the acclaimed SESSION GUITARIST workflow with 194 new picked patterns and a much-requested option for single-note melodic phrases. And as a thank-you for using one or more other instruments from the series, here’s 10 € off the latest addition. Just enter the code below when purchasing: (code in email) https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/guitar/session-guitarist-picked-acoustic/pricing/?uuh=c5dbbd29a7fc828b97f58e3fd7f87a4b&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=Picked+Acoustic+(Sessions+Guitarist+owners)+c%3Dpickedacoustic+b%3DKomplete+t%3DRelease_PD&utm_content=owned Sounds nice. But I probably will for the Cyber Sale, to get it for 50% off. Or wait until I upgrade to Kontakt 13.
  11. Reason for me to switch buffer sizes between tracking and mixing. Though it's hard not to start to mix during recording
  12. AXE I/O for 50% offf? 🤣
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