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  1. Get STL ToneHub for 40% OFF until Sunday. Enter the code below at checkout STLTONEHUB Sale ends Sunday, Sept 27th at Midnight Eastern Time. https://www.stltones.com/products/stl-tonehub-plugin
  2. I think I already have everything music related there. I think Eyal and Joey stopped doing new stuff on Creative Live and started Unstoppable Recording Machine. But the Studio Passes are an amazing view in the recording process.
  3. I'll wait for next year's group buy
  4. $149 to have a UI turned by 90 degrees? Nah
  5. I expect the 49 was intended for British Pounds, the 59 for Euro and 69 for Dollar, that would have made the prices somewhat more even
  6. Yeah their conversion is a mess: - £59, $49, € 69 So cheapest is $, and avoid tax
  7. Yeah, just bought it, let's see if I get a serial. They are located in Germany and they often have their Dollar / Euro conversion the wrong way round, it seems.
  8. $49 at Best Service https://www.bestservice.de/ebx_classic_rock.html
  9. Because we don't have enough downloaders/installers/software managers already: WA Productions now has it's own called Loopademy. You can log in with your WA Productions account, and if you're logged in, you can get Hardstyle Mania for free: https://www.waproduction.com/pages/loopademy
  10. Wait, uoure So who will offer Vocal Synth up for free first? Plugin Boutique, Computer Music or APD? 😂
  11. For that price, I'd expect a lot more 😂😂😂
  12. Any details on the Hollywood Orchestrator? It isn't released yet,is it?
  13. Stupid question: what is considered a new PC by Pace, when upgrading your current machine? - Windows install - adding a Hard Drive - adding RAM - switch GPU
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