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  1. At AudioDeluxe it is down to $101.98 plus $5.09 in Deluxe Bucks
  2. Soundbetter code soundbetterxar1 works on AbbeyRoad One for another 35% off. Probably a loophole they will soon close, so get it while it's still working.
  3. The Studio One 5 Professional crossgrade is on sale for only $199 USD with coupon code PBStudioOne5 at the checkout (regular $299 USD). The offer is valid until August 1st, 2021. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/3-Studio-Tools/23-DAW/6549-Studio-One-5-Professional-Crossgrade-from-any-DAW- Plugin Boutique is offering a discount on the crossgrade to the Studio One 5 Professional digital audio workstation software by PreSonus. From studio to stage to stream, Studio One 5 is your creative partner, production assistant, online publisher, mastering suite, and bandmate. No other DAW lets you compose, record, produce, mix, master, and perform… all from a single application with an intuitive, time-saving drag-and-drop workflow. You will need to own one of the following DAWs to qualify for the crossgrade: Cubase 9 or higher. Pro Tools 11 or higher. Nuendo 8 or higher. Logic Pro 9 or higher. Sonar X2 or higher. Live 9 or higher. Digital Performer 9 or higher. Acid Pro 9 or higher. Reason 10 or higher. Reaper 5 or higher. Samplitude Pro X4 or higher. Mixcraft 8 or higher. FL Studio 12 or higher. Bitwig Studio 2 or higher. Tracktion Waveform 10 or higher. Notion 6.
  4. Mostly. Don't have any of the metal Midi packs. So I can't judge how good they are.
  5. MODO bass for the sound. And EZBass for the songwriting tools.
  6. Cat's out of the bag: https://www.musicradar.com/news/amplitube-x-gear-pedals Quite surprised they are seperate pedals and not an all-in-one. The colours and vibe are very Line-6-ish to me
  7. $217.56 with code 'group' at JRR
  8. Also: fun when you can recognize all the freebies and software bundles included with hardware from the past year or so in a sales post
  9. Don't some just put up a link to their KVR sales Post, in their forum signature?
  10. This reasoning is propelling my head so hard, it's dizzying. And I think I'll need a spiritual rebirth to recycle all this info
  11. As of June 21st Toontrack is asking a 15 Euro license transfer per license: https://www.toontrack.com/faq/transfer-of-license-and-multiple-installs-important-information/ No clarification is given for the sudden policy change...
  12. Unplugged the device, deleted it, rebooted, rebooted without driver signing. And then reinstalled.
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