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  1. Lol, I honestly read mini-Sauron
  2. Hmmm ARO or BBC Core, help me decide. Both is not an option...
  3. Only way I think the Pro Sub would make sense, is if it does have RX Advanced and I would need it for a project. then I might just get it for a month or two.
  4. Don't got the funds yet, but I should be able scrape it together before May
  5. Sorry if I just missed that part, in what way are the Pro versions more advanced than the Advanced versions?
  6. Even better deal with the SoundBetter Perks: https://soundbetter.com/ Spitfire Audio Get 30% off first library and BBC SO Discover Free Spitfire Audio make inspiring orchestral sounds to elevate and finesse your music production. As a SoundBetter artist, Spitfire Audio are offering 30% off your first library*. Apply the code soundbetterx30 at checkout. Also, get an instant download of BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover for free (worth $49). Apply the code soundbetterbbcso at the cart. These offers expire May 1st 2021. (*excludes the Originals series).
  7. Note: You'll need an active All-Access pass for this one.
  8. Who cares about sound quality. I'm going back to Amplitube 3. Bought the original Stomp IO, but didn't think IKM would already abandon it with AT4, let alone make it work in AT5. Gotta love manufacturers abandon their flagship hardware so willingly.
  9. If you're not interested in Wave Box for FREE, I still got Lounge Lizard Session to give away. Along with anyone of the two other AAS Session instruments.
  10. That was changed 1,5 years ago. The only thing they still want the physical dongle for are the perpetual licenses. The subscription is saved in the iLok cloud
  11. Whatever happened to that vocal plugin that was teased in December?
  12. Made me finally sit down and listen to Snarky Puppy. That's some good stuff.
  13. Did some trail and error: Page 13 = Page 16
  14. I still got an active BitWig 3.3 licence (believe it came with Beat at some point last year). Can I just hang on to the serial number until the next version is released?
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