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  1. Do you need to register now? Or could I wait until V6 is released and register it then? Not much in 5.2 that gives me FoMo
  2. I might just buy 2 and just register one now ...
  3. I just want a landing page comparing the old Labs and Labs+, not sign up crap
  4. But no free shipping at that price point. At least in the EU
  5. This one shows up in my account, so I'm not sure what was up with the other 5.1.8 version...
  6. Not interested in the Keyboard as I'm not a live musician. But are all those Artist Tribute Presets available in the regular Analog Lab Pro?
  7. Which is weird. If you're plan experires during 5.1. all 5.1.x releases should be included
  8. No. It doesn't. Lol https://www.musicradar.com/news/tone2-audiosoftware-behringer-vintage
  9. At that pricepoint NI should be able to make a Standalone NKS Keyboard, where you could have the same Arturia sounds and then some
  10. Yeah, I guess they are banking on people using the mobile app with the Keyboard, i assume the holes at the top are for the Phone/Tablet stand
  11. The app is already available, but doesn't do anything without the hardware. But you can see the hardware at least...
  12. Good to see they celebrated their anniversary where it all started..
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