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  1. Not sure if it is for Focusrite or Novation but: We've teamed up with German developer Black Rooster Audio to offer you a superb tape emulation effect. From 9th July to 3rd September, you can download Magnetite for free, and get a huge discount on Black Rooster’s expansive Compressor Bundle. Go to your account page for instructions to redeem your product.
  2. How is their keyswitch mapping compared to Cubase expression maps? Same function different name?
  3. That is their standard Pro update price. But I agree it is pretty steep. I think I'll wait for Black Friday, or even on the 5.5 version.
  4. Did they put the whole of notion in Studio One, or just a subset?
  5. I'll check first what Studio One 5 bringt to the table before adding another DAW to my arsenal.
  6. They state that they come full circle. So what did they start with? What are their origins?
  7. Trying to find how to put LoopCloud to good use. I just figured out there are some sample chopping presets in the player. Good fun to be had with that.
  8. How does Vocalsynth 2 compare to OVox?
  9. This was posted here. It's part 2 of this Stay Inspired bundle
  10. As it says, I'm looking to expand my arsenal of creativity/ inspiration plugins. I have enough EQs and compressors ( until I fina(ncia)lly take the plunge on the Farbfilter stuff). Any advise? I already got: The EZ instruments, Scaler2, Instachord.
  11. No idea. As said: it wasn't a proper Hollywood trailer.
  12. Well if this was a movie Trailer, Presonus would already have spoiled the best new feature. 😂
  13. Well if this was a movie Trailer, Presonus would already have spoiled the best new feature. 😂
  14. Trying to see if Loopcloud fits my workflow. How is the auto-tagging of your own Sample Library? Currently I use the free Plugin from ADSR,
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