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  1. I have it as part of the Novation Sound Collective. Might be they opened it up for Focusrite owners too now.
  2. In Euro, Best Service is a little better due to the Cashback in BestMoney
  3. I just got a lot of the Voltage Modular stuff. Waiting for a Standalone Synth Package to get them all at once
  4. I think my Bitwig 8 copies equal my Live Lite copies now 😂
  5. Cabeguys Drivershaper or AudioDamage Dubstation 2 - FREE with Purchase in May at PluginBoutique https://www.pluginboutique.com/articles/1720 I already had both for free during some other give away. But good tools to have
  6. Is it just for Waveform 11 owners?
  7. If anyone is interested, I already have entropy:EQ+ Just DM me if you want the code Update: Code has gone to @FranciscoJ
  8. They really have given up, haven't they... It's just sample pack after sample pack. And the obligatory masterclass using the samples, of course...
  9. But VM Nucleus is free almost always, as is Reaktor Player Blocks and VCV Rack. And they have about the same base blocks. I wouldn't spend the money on something this confined.
  10. Glad they are trying to get the bugs fixed quickly.
  11. I'll probably wait until there is the 50% off on the Modeling Collection. It's not even part of it yet. And I already have Voltage and am waiting for the VCV VST version. Not that that is an argument NOT to get this ...
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