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  1. Who would buy this if there is the Tonal Balance bundle for about $50 more
  2. Bitwig announced their Intro version Bitwig 16 Track for $99 https://www.bitwig.com/en/16-track.html It's quite a limited version. And doesn't have apart from the track count, have many advantages to the 8-Track version that is part of some Interfaces/given away with magazines.eu I made a feature comparison file. Bitwig Comparison.xlsx
  3. Thanks, took the EZDrummer one from Eyal
  4. Sander Verstraten


    Hi guys, with NAMM coming up. Anything you are hoping for/looking forward to to be shown or announced? I am hoping we get a better look at EzBass
  5. On my XLN Account I got AD1 and 2 and a couple of Add Packs. I want to get rid of all the Drum VST except for the Toontrack stuff. Be more focussed in my music creation.
  6. Not as much due to GAS, but mostly because too many options have me procrastinating a lot of my time, instead of making music. I'm getting rid of some software, can I do full account sales for these: - Proppelerheads/Reason Studios - XLN - FXPansion Only just created a KVR account, so I'm waiting for the period before I can make any FS post there.
  7. How do they compare to the Strummed Acoustic libraries from NI?
  8. Got some Eyal Levi courses too. Does any of you have any experience with their Mix subscription service https://www.nailthemix.com/? Is it any good?
  9. Hi, I'm curious: with Reason 11 as a VST, (haven't used it yet), what is your preferred/the most stable App in App integration. VST, ARA, ReWire? And what kind of apps would you like to see integrated in your DAW? I for one, am still waiting for some kind of integration of GuitarPro in a DAW. This is one point where I could see a real benefit to my workflow.
  10. Best wishes for the new year! I watched some fireworks with the wife and kids. Then spent the rest of the night to get the 1 year old to sleep. Stayed up until dawn, not much partying going on though,
  11. Just a thought that crossed my mind: is there a de-amp sim? Calculating an (distorted) amped guitar sound back to a DI sound. To then create a different sound with an amp-sim.
  12. Just got an Email from Toontrack (blanked out the code, as I am intending to use it) EXCLUSIVE WEBSHOP DISCOUNT. Dear webshop customer, thanks for shopping with us! As a little token of our appreciation and to top off our 20th anniversary year properly, here is a code for an instant 20% discount on your next purchase in the Toontrack webshop. Buy one or several products – and get the discount on your entire cart value!* Promotion code: (please enter the below code in your cart before proceeding to checkout) xxxxxxx Remember: The Holiday Sales! campaign is still in full swing. Add your 20% discount code and save even more! Note: Your special offer and the current sale end on December 31, 2019.* 20% OFF *This discount code is exclusive to you, can only be used in the Toontrack webshop (www.toontrack.com) and is valid December 23 through December 31, 2019. The code will however remain effective until 09:00 (CET) the following day. All items available in the webshop for the duration of the promotion apply, except for: Death & Darkness SDX (TT447) Decades SDX (TT442) The Rock Foundry SDX (TT389) Orchestral Percussion SDX (TT432) Superior Drummer 3 Orchestral Edition (TT077) Superior Drummer 3 SSD Disk (TT387) Death Metal EZX (TT451) Dark Matter EZX (TT452) Big Band EZX (TT448) Pop Punk EZX (TT431) Custom Shop EZX (TT430) Drums of Destruction EZX (TT419) Action! EZX (TT421) Hard Rock EZX (TT390) UK Pop EZX (TT400) The code is personal and can only be used once. If you plan on purchasing several titles, make sure to add them to your cart before proceeding to payment.
  13. One other thing: any software I need to actively de-activate the license for before doing the reinstall?
  14. Thanks for the advice. I'll update once I were successful in reinstalling Win 10
  15. Hi guys, I'm planning to reinstall my Windows 10 DAW and start from scratch. I was wondering if I could get some advice as to what install on which drive? I've got: - 1TB Nvme SSD -2TB 7200 rpm SATA drive -500gb SATA SSD -1TB SATA SSD Mainly looking for the best way to split OS, Programs, Projects and Sampler (NI and EastWest) across these drives.
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