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  1. When will they finally update their Product Manager to have an Install / Update All button?
  2. Are the free items still tied to the Subscription, or can you get them on single issues?
  3. Already got all the music stuff that I wanted. Eyal Levi moved to URM/NTM since then.
  4. Also to celebrate the launch Berlin Orchestra 53% Off, now 399 Euro https://www.orchestraltools.com/store/collections/berlinorchestra?utm_source=clever-reach&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=vo-anno&utm_content=cta3
  5. Yeah. Pretty much useless in the EU, with 21% vat in Germany. Resellers are almost always cheaper.
  6. I'm in Germany so still 99 Euro to me
  7. I'll probably buy that EZbass Midi 6 pack
  8. Also: there might be quite a lot free plugins in these magazines, for which no serial is available anymore. So if you want to get the bundle for the IK Multimedia, AAS, or Bitwig 8 Track serials, you're probably out of luck.
  9. Some radioactive game tomorrow, probably a Fallout game
  10. Ow that sounds like a fun filter. And their servers haven't crashed?
  11. It's a great synth, just try the demo. As Tracktion offers a 90 day trail, there's bound to be a 40% sale at JRR in that time span.
  12. Only reason to check OTS outside of the Group Buy is to check for surveys to get free Orange Slices
  13. Thanks, I managed to get Stratus for $55 with these codes
  14. Extra discount possible if you already own one or 2 of the series.
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