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  1. Thanks Bassman. I saved that second link but I probably won't be able to find it when I want it. 🙄
  2. Does the QuadCurve EQ have a "solo mode"? Not sure that I have the right name. I'm referring to clicking and dragging in the EQ spectrum panel to solo a filter that follows the mouse pointer. I've tried CTRL, SHIFT and ALT + click with no luck. I thought it did but couldn't find it in either the online and PDF documentation.
  3. Looks like my problems applying Quick Group controls to ProChannel modules have been solved in build 155. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for pointing that out. I got lost. I started on the 2021.04 Build 155 thread and somehow bounced to this one. I'm still having Quick Group issues with ProChannel and am now going to find my way back to the current thread.
  5. Is this a custom key binding? If yes, how does it work? Holding the CTRL key down is required to execute Quick Group controls. Selecting multiple tracks in Console View and holding CTRL and clicking the ProChannel popout icon will pop out ProChannel for all selected tracks.
  6. Quick Group adjustments in ProChannel don't seem to be working for me. I've mostly tried it to insert Console Emulation modules then to turn on the Tolerance toggle. Didn't work for either. I also tried for Quadcurve EQ Gloss toggle Didn't work when tried for a all tracks or for two tracks. I'm using Build 155.
  7. I would really appreciate a complete, comprehensive keyboard shortcuts list. I spend lots of time searching for them mostly after I accidentally use one and realized something changed but I'm not sure what. Examples from today apply mostly to the Track View and Console View which is where I spend most of my time. The Track View Keyboard Shortcut list in the PDF Documentation seems woefully lacking and inadequate. Examples from today: [Not found in PDF documentation and searching for keyboard shortcuts in online documentation seldom produces useful results. Most are listed in the Customization Keyboard Shortcuts list but there's no view reference which is confusing to me] CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT/RIGHT ARROW - Move between tabs in MultiDock if there are multiple tabs. SHIFT+RIGHT/LEFT ARROW - Moves between Track Pane display options. CTRL+TAB - Disappears the Now Time Marker and not much else. [Unassigned in Customization Keyboard Shortcuts]
  8. Thanks. I think I posted this in the wrong place. What I'm looking for is a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts. Thanks for the insights. Everything you point out seems to work for me except, in my case with CbB maximized, Ctrl+Tab seems to only disappear the Now Time marker and doesn't switch between views.
  9. Are the functions for the CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT/RIGHT and CTRL+TAB key combinations described anywhere in the documentation? I've looked at both the PDF and online and can't find them. Also is there any documentation of keyboard shortcuts for the Console View? I couldn't find those either. The CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT/RIGHT shift tabs in the MultiDock if there's more than one tab. If there's only one tab open it closes the MultiDock. I found that discussed in the post below. CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT/RIGHT are listed in the Keyboard Shortcuts table but I can't find them in the documentation. CTRL+TAB makes the now time marker disappear in Track View I can't see that it does anything else and it's shown as unassigned in the Preferences Keyboard Shortcuts table.
  10. I don't think there is an exact one. I have SoundToys 5 and they are not available in VST3 format. I installed the VST2 64-bit plugins in a VST2 64-bit\SoundToys folder on a separate recording content drive but you should be able to put them anywhere that's on a VST scan path and has 1GB of free space. The only thing the installer places at the install path are the DLLs. All 21 DLLs occupy less than 1GB.
  11. Thank you all for your continued work improving and expanding CbB!
  12. Thanks for the insights. I reviewed documentation on key bindings. Most keys have single key shortcuts though many of those are view specific. The smart tool related single key shortcuts are particularly ominous, though I'm sure very helpful when doing a lot of editing. I'm currently waiting for prices to drop to get a 38" curved monitor and hope to keep a small track view display always visible so that I can see any accidental editing I do.
  13. Thanks. The version upgrade did it for me. I had version 2.5 I think. What concerns me most is what was going on in Track View even though it was not visible. Is that expected behavior? To me it's scary and totally unexpected. I found it by playing the loop while looking at Console view and hearing nothing. I used D to go to Track View and found the portions of all tracks in the looped portion missing. I checked Undo History and only found a few Nudges. However, since I was making plugin changes I may have saved during that process possibly removing the clip cut operations it that's what happened. I've had similar things happen before. The problem is I'm not aware I'm editing clips which makes it hard for me to determine how it happened. I just reviewed the project audio folder. There are no apparent changes to the clips in size and length, though all show that they were created today at 11:41 AM which could be the result of reverting to an earlier auto-saved version.
  14. I believe that I was using the numeric keypad to make an entry into a free Eventide ULTRACHANNEL EQ Frequency which was not accepting them. I tried switching to the number row at the top of the keyboard which made a screenset change to Track View which showed that a gap the size of the loop I was playing had opened in all tracks as if I'd deleted the looped section of all tracks. I looked at the change history and saw about a dozen nudge commnads which didn't seem like it could have deleted a number of measures sense the nudges were all in frames and milliseconds. I was able to revert to an earlier auto-saved version to recover but I don't see how this could have happened. And it's happened before under different circumstances. Has anyone else had similar experiences or can anyone suggest what might have happened? Keep in mind I was not even looking at track view. Unfortunately I was so worried about recovering that I didn't take any screenshots.
  15. Thanks. Very helpful. That was all news to me. I thought the H key opened the Track Manager for the current view (Console or Track). Wrong! I also didn't realize that screensets stored track visibility. Wrong again! Screensets are very handy to me because they appear to store all options in all the dropdown menus across the top of each view which I tweak on every project. Being able to load them in a screenset will be a big help. Is their scope that broad? I'm hoping I soon feel like I've got a handle on screenset and can move on Workspaces.
  16. I may have found a new problem with the Track Manager in EA2 (2021.04 Build 125), though the problem could be caused by my inability to deal with the interaction between Screensets, Workspaces and Track Display setting which I have left Custom. In the gif below, I: Start in Track View (Screenset 3) and verify that Workspace is set to None, then de-select some tracks in the Track Manager which removes the tracks from view. I then switch to Console View (Screenset 2) and then de-select the same tracks in Track Manager which doesn't remove the tracks. Notice that the keep track/console states in sync box is not ticked. However the de-selected tracks are not removed from Console View. I then open Track Manager again and verify that the de-selected tracks are still de-selected. I then switch back to Track View (Screenset 3) which shows that the previously de-selected tracks have reappeared. Given my past screw ups using Screensets, Workspaces and the Track Control button, I suspect I've done something wrong, but I don't know what.
  17. I really like the waveform outlines! To me it adds clarity and definition. Thanks!
  18. See screenshot. There's a mp4 attachment at the bottom of the Cakewalk Discuss Digest I received at 3:40am EDT. Why's it there? Is it malware?
  19. Wow, thanks. Can't wait! I didn't even mention the tempo changes but yes there are lots of really small tempo changes done by Melodyne.
  20. Yeah, it sure looks that way but there's only one clip. See attached screen shot.
  21. I'm visually editing clip gain for a vocal clip and I've come across a section where the waveform appears to not be scaling as the clip gain is adjusted and I'm wondering why that is. The attached gif seems to show when clip gain is adjusted for a narrow waveform selection that the waveform is not scaled as the clip gain is changed. For a broader selection portions of the waveform are scaled but the core area that was included in the smaller selection does not appear to be scaled. I've also attached a second example where the left side of the waveform is not responding to the clip gain adjustment and the right (lower gain) side is. I'm using Version 2021.04 (Build 111, 64 bit).
  22. Here's the clip waveform scaling documentation.
  23. Thank you. Now I need to write this down somewhere.
  24. Where can this be found in the documentation? It would be nice if it was in the startup section. I also think that holding CTRL key will run CbB as administrator. I can never remember these options or what they do, but the only way I can find the answers is to search the forum.
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