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  1. I use the Roland Quad-Capture A/D converter (discontinued). After 3 years absence I come back to the 2020.01 release of Bandlabs. Learning a lot. Looping a segment, and now shift-space to comp a session, there is a loud pop at the end of the loop and then complete loss of sound. Hitting space bar caused continued pops, but no sound. Program meters respond as normal but no sound. I am using the last released drivers for the Quad Capture. Ideas?
  2. Wow, you guys are good. FreeG is 32 bit. I thought that clip at zero crossings was the default. Mine is now on. Still, now at the repeat, Bandlab will disconnect from my sound card, Quad Capture, and it takes a reboot to fix. Ideas?
  3. Not sure if it is new to 2020.01 as I am just getting back after several years. Looping a section of the song creates a pop at the end of the loop. And it will ultimately cause a different pop indicating that Bandlab has disconnected from sound card. I see meters move, but no sound. It requires reboot.
  4. First, thank you to the crowd for tolerating my repeat question on region Fx. I am returning to my SONAR DAW after a 3 yr absence and trying to learn the best workflow for my project. Melodyne is amazing and Bandlab are amazing. I am now using FreeG meter to accurately gain stage my tracks and set a looping play back of the louder sections. At the end of the loop there is a loud digital pop/crack that ruins the FreeG as it won't reset. The pop occurs at the end of every repeat. Moving the end pint doesn't help. Can it be fixed?
  5. I have a track broken into clips I want to Melodyne. Other tracks work fine, but when I try to use Melodyne on this track/clip, all options are greyed out, i.e., I can't "Create Region" This is also true for Vocal Sync on clips on this track. Any ideas.
  6. My guitar input was recorded too soft. I want gain stage it optimally. I remember a plug in that you could put in front that would increase gain . I can't find it or remember its name. Ideas?? Thanks
  7. Working with Melodyne to fix 3 part 3 track harmonies. I did quick fix and am now fine tuning cross fades and consants, etc. On the same track, different clip, create region effect is disabled on some clips and not others. Whats up with that? The clip isn't locked, and is not specific. VocalSync RegFX Creaat is also disabled. What is aberrant about the clips where create is greyed out? Thanks!
  8. -----and opens to unwanted layout having to start all over again. Have the screen sets moved? What box to I need to check? Really where should I start to learn about the screen enhancements of Bandlab over Sonar Platinum. It has been at least 3 years. Peace, Larry
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