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  1. Thanks. I'll take a look tomorrow, just got the free version. Sounds great, but I can't seem to get different sections on different midi channels, only midi 1 plays. For my current project I only need violins1, violas and cello. Do I need three instances?
  2. I lost a bunch of files to a Windows update bug, 50 out of 80 files missing from one project, about 2 months ago. I just updated to win 10 2004, and there's a Windows file recovery app for that version only in the app store. It's a command line utility, had to invoke my DOS skills, but was able to recover all the files, and many from projects I hadn't worked on recently. Gives you the option to overwrite or keep both, which I did on a different drive.
  3. Thinking of jumping to bfd3, any sales afoot?
  4. Base 57, what make/model 43in tv do you have? I'm thinking of going that route. Do you have both track view and console view open? Thanks.
  5. So I have a fully updated win10 1909 system on a five year old ssd drive in an old i7 3900 that is failing. I want to migrate the current system to the new computer and new hard drive without losing my programs, settings, plugins, and Windows activation. I would also settle for plugging the old drive into the new box. Has anyone ever done this? Thanks.
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