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  1. I quite liked GOP5 for a basic quick start and overall background orchestra.  So much so that I went for their Jazz and Big Band set.

    However - warning - as you proceed down this road its quite likely that you'll be tempted to augment the orchestra with better individual instruments costing as much as GOP itself. I did.  The main issue I had with GOP5 was that the solo violin sounded a bit synthy.  So I went for EastWest solo diamond, and also Embertone (plus a selection of folky fiddles from all round the place). 

    Otherwise GOP is very usable and sounds good.



  2. 21 minutes ago, ZincT said:

    Does anyone know what happens if you have some Steinberg software that uses the soft e-licenser and then buy Cubase Pro and an e-licenser USB dongle?

    Do you have to transfer all soft e-licenses to the USB dongle or do the two things happily co-exist?

    The USB e-licenser dongle is the one thing putting me off going to Pro as my USB ports are all used up so I would have to add another USB hub.

    Mine seem to coexist. Never had a problem dongle-wise. ('ll regret those words, I'm sure)



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  3. Yes, great sng and arrangement.  I agree the vocals could be up front a bit more - it's a good voice - don't lose it!  But the guitar work is also good, nice riffs.



  4. Quite often its a fairly simple case of playing in a drum/rhythm track and recording a demo track onto it (guitar, singing, whatever you want to do) and messing around with the tempo until it sounds right.

    Sometimes I'll step away from the DAW, imagine the piece in my head and then use tap-tempo into an app on my phone (Metronome Beats Pro on Android is a good app for this).

    It's very easy to select one tempo throughout the song, and not vary it. However, the tempo of a song/tune may vary for effect as the piece is played. Craig Anderton did a good article on this some time ago (anyone have the link?)  The choruses may speed up a few bpn, then slow for the verse, etc.

  5. In terms of missing something .. there's a lot of space on the screen between messages, you have to scroll a lot before the next comment.  It's not like the friendly crowded bar of the old place.  Is that it?

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