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  1. Why does their Fretless promo video start with a saddle-view of a Telecaster?
  2. Looks interesting https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/production-expert-1/gullwing-audio-vintage-mutes-announced-classic-console-mutes
  3. jerrydf


    Hi Steve, Welcome to the club (from me here in Warwickshire UK) Rule #1 - you can never have too many plugins Follow Larry and kiss goodbye to that credit card. Jerry
  4. Yes thanks - I'm in it! I've deleted the video player dll, now it's hung on Chord Pads. I think we'd better let them test it a few more days.
  5. I've installed and registered, etc. But the start up hangs on "Initializing Video Player." Safe mode doesn't help either.
  6. Oh yes - I remember that now. Thanks Brian. ps - sorry for double posting the image - I couldn't work out how to delete one of them
  7. Whilst we're dicsussing the vagiaries of the IK processes, in my product manager I have a days eft indiation for all of the sounds (actually counting from when I registered them in the group buy last October). Since I've bought and registered these (with the serial number from my products page), why do I have "days left"?
  8. If they had a brush kit for Modo, I'd probably buy that. Assuming the new kits stay locked, can we demo them?
  9. So, that was strange. I monitored the notes, and sure enough, I had the fault. So, just playing around I checked other midi instructions, and tried out the octave up/down pad. That fixed the problem - all notes now work! I don't know how/what happened, but there you go. Anyway, thanks again Acaab - I'll keep Midi-Ox handy just in case.
  10. Thanks abacab, I've downloaded that. I'll play around with it and see what happens jdf
  11. I've had the i-rig 49 Keys for a couple of months now and I haven't ventured too far into it apart from just using it as a simple keyboard driving Kontakt and Sampletank both standalone and in Cubase and Cakewalk (on Windows 10). Today I noticed a key wasn't sounding (either in Cubase, Cakewalk, or on those standalone hosts) and so I checked other keys and it seems every eight semitones keys don't produce a note in those apps, and doesn't appear to be sending midi messages. The keys not producing sound (going up the keyboard) are: G#, E, C, G#, etc. I've reset the i-rig (i.e. through Edit Mode), and that didn't do anything to help. I suspect there may be some sort of mapping issue somewhere, but I'm rather lost for what to try next. Has anyone seen this before, or can anyone offer any remedy?
  12. I have Ozone 9adv, and I'm happy with it for mastering. I never really got on with Neutron Elements for the mixing stage, but they're offering a reasonable price for Standard. The offer for Neutron Advanced is a bit steep at the moment, but I'm tempted by the Standard offer. Does anyone recommend Neutron Standard? I'm otherwise quite comfortable mixing with conventional vsts, track by track.
  13. For the banjo, play around with the level, but I'd say it's probably OK as it is. I'm intrigued with instruments which are almost inaudible but do actually make a subtle difference, and you can tell the difference when they're taken away. For the izotope stuff, I'm really keen on Ozone for the final stages, but I just can't get into Neutron.
  14. Hi Fleer, That's a really nice acoustic sound you have there. It seems we both have a liking for the acoustic folky stuff! I've played this tune in our band a few times. Also thanks for the details of the instruments. The banjo is mixed really low, over on the right hand side I think, but just enough to add that texture. I have the Indiginus Fiddle and I'm still exploring the settings on there, so I have a few guides to try now - thanks again! The guitar and mandolin are nicely done - beautiful tones and nicely balanced and produced. Lovely sound! For my own stuff I normally try to do the mandolins, guitars and banjo. I'm still learning the fiddle, and I don't think I'll be troubling the sesion boys in that department! Cheers
  15. Er, yes. That as well. Thanks Larry I'll get me coat
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