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  1. "Another, probably unrelated key ..." - and yet he makes it sound so natural, no discontinuity at all
  2. Listen to Brian Wilson
  3. .. or - "Perfect Pitch" - an accordian* in a skip (dumpster) from 20 feet. * could be substituted for banjo
  4. There's a couple in Dimension Pro in section 23 - Ethnic and World. They're not bad. The Kontakt factory ones are probably better.
  5. I agree with the preference to go truly acoustic. However if you keep on the piezzo track, you may find some impulse responses (IRs) which may help. I don't know of any for violins, but I used some with guitars. The IRs are designed to be used wth a piezzo pick up and give quite a good natural acoustic feel. I've done the same with mandolins (in fact a mandolin IR may actually work for a violin).
  6. jerrydf

    PSP 20 for $20 Sale

    All 20 are now 20USD (each) at JRR and Audio Deluxe
  7. jerrydf

    PSP 20 for $20 Sale

    Doh. No '85 then
  8. I don't know Loops de la Creme, but the demo sounds good here, and they seem to have a good reputation. The Manhattan jazz kit here is 50% off for the introductory period until 14th March at 32Eu (+ applicable tax, VAT etc). Needs full Kontakt 5.3+. https://www.loopsdelacreme.com/kontakt-libraries (scroll down the page a little) I have both AD2 jazz kits, but this sounds really useful. Jerry
  9. Is this an early April 1st? I can't wait for Hamster Tweets and Llama Bleats
  10. Indeed it does does doesoesessssss ... .. see what I did there?
  11. I keep a handy shortcut to the download for the Yamaha ASIO driver for the UR22 now. It (almost) always needs reinstalling after Windows updates.
  12. Bapu - Is that a contemporary strat? I have one of those from '85. Lovely guitar. For many years I played it with SD hotrails in the bridge with a coil-tap. But it's now back to the original PU, just changed the pickguard to an ivory pearl (with matching knobs and PU covers). I took out the tuning lock screws at the headend and the microtuners on the trem. I couldn't get along with them. jdf
  13. Yeah, good old Voyetra DOPro. For the 80TB had, I wonder if these will mainly find their market in server farms, etc. , especially where a back up regime is convenient and automated. I couldn't imagine trusting 80TB on one drive, you'd need another one to back up the data locally. Probably in the time scale of these hard drives, the more likely home user would be increasingly utilising cloud storage (which would be using these drives).
  14. Yes, but we were happy
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