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  1. Great videos, Aiden! I always catch the Transatlantic Sessions bands when they come round, Jerry Douyglas, Aly Bain, et al, and including Michael McGoldrick on Uilleann Pipes, watching for tips to transfer to vst! I got Dicky Deegan's pipes a few months ago and they're a beautiful sound although I haven't really dealt with the shake ornament with the same degree I can on the Kontakt factory pipes, but Deegan's are clearly worth working on. If you're into Celtic music, don't miss this offer.
  2. E-V-E-R-Y time I try to login to IK either their custom shop or Authorisation manager, my login details are rejected. I try to reset and the website has error codes. So I have to contact their support and that takes days. The lastest farce is the Custom Shop which tells me mu client needs up dating. So I download and install the new one, and I getthe same message telling me it needs updating again. They are the most un-user-friendly set I know. It's appalling service. Jerry
  3. jerrydf

    I have returned!!!

    Welcome back Larry. I hope the family situation is under control. Brave yourself, PayPal.
  4. Aren't they that crispy bread stuff that posh people have in their soup?
  5. "Another, probably unrelated key ..." - and yet he makes it sound so natural, no discontinuity at all
  6. Listen to Brian Wilson
  7. .. or - "Perfect Pitch" - an accordian* in a skip (dumpster) from 20 feet. * could be substituted for banjo
  8. There's a couple in Dimension Pro in section 23 - Ethnic and World. They're not bad. The Kontakt factory ones are probably better.
  9. I agree with the preference to go truly acoustic. However if you keep on the piezzo track, you may find some impulse responses (IRs) which may help. I don't know of any for violins, but I used some with guitars. The IRs are designed to be used wth a piezzo pick up and give quite a good natural acoustic feel. I've done the same with mandolins (in fact a mandolin IR may actually work for a violin).
  10. jerrydf

    PSP 20 for $20 Sale

    All 20 are now 20USD (each) at JRR and Audio Deluxe
  11. jerrydf

    PSP 20 for $20 Sale

    Doh. No '85 then
  12. I don't know Loops de la Creme, but the demo sounds good here, and they seem to have a good reputation. The Manhattan jazz kit here is 50% off for the introductory period until 14th March at 32Eu (+ applicable tax, VAT etc). Needs full Kontakt 5.3+. https://www.loopsdelacreme.com/kontakt-libraries (scroll down the page a little) I have both AD2 jazz kits, but this sounds really useful. Jerry
  13. Is this an early April 1st? I can't wait for Hamster Tweets and Llama Bleats
  14. Indeed it does does doesoesessssss ... .. see what I did there?
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