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    Waves NX

    How does it compare to Toneboosters' Isone + Morphit?
  2. So, did Confucius go for the electric fiddle too?
  3. So I went for the Electric Violin. It's an Ok toy for £21. Wouldn't pay any more for it though.
  4. For me that's ... 99USD minus JRR discount = 84USD to go from O8S -> O8A ... that's very nearly £3000 thanks to likelihood of no-deal Brexit jdf
  5. Totally agree about the Klanghem stuff. Also don't forget the TDR free plugins. In both cases I soon upgraded to the full versions. jdf
  6. It stated three products were updated, but it seems to be mainly the United Pop kit pack being updated. jdf
  7. Mine seem to coexist. Never had a problem dongle-wise. ('ll regret those words, I'm sure) jdf
  8. jerrydf

    Steinberg Warning

    Yes, rock solid
  9. jerrydf

    Steinberg Warning

    Thanks for the heads up, Larry. Mine's all still there, but I hope Steinberg are on top of this. jdf
  10. They're announcing a new product for the UK - BreXLN
  11. If so I hope there's an easy and reasonable backwards compatibility with AD2 content.
  12. jerrydf

    "Twilight Rain"

    Yes, great sng and arrangement. I agree the vocals could be up front a bit more - it's a good voice - don't lose it! But the guitar work is also good, nice riffs. jdf
  13. jerrydf

    Lift Me Up

    Nice clean production and playing, great job!
  14. That's the one. Thanks Craig. Very interesting tempo graphs. Jerry
  15. Quite often its a fairly simple case of playing in a drum/rhythm track and recording a demo track onto it (guitar, singing, whatever you want to do) and messing around with the tempo until it sounds right. Sometimes I'll step away from the DAW, imagine the piece in my head and then use tap-tempo into an app on my phone (Metronome Beats Pro on Android is a good app for this). It's very easy to select one tempo throughout the song, and not vary it. However, the tempo of a song/tune may vary for effect as the piece is played. Craig Anderton did a good article on this some time ago (anyone have the link?) The choruses may speed up a few bpn, then slow for the verse, etc.
  16. I've used Frame Drums by Audio Thing - https://www.audiothing.net/instruments/frame-drums/ - these are good. I just picked up the RedRoom Audio Bluegrass fiddle. They're doing a deal if you pick up that plus their Celtic fiddle you get their bodhrans and bones for free. I didn't take that route (I have an armoury of fiddles now, one more celtic job would be extravagent for me). jdf
  17. Totally agree. My main go to has been Valhalla VV, however I'm turning more to TB Reverb 4. All of TB's stuff is excellent and Jeroen is a top developer with a lot of industry experience.
  18. In terms of missing something .. there's a lot of space on the screen between messages, you have to scroll a lot before the next comment. It's not like the friendly crowded bar of the old place. Is that it?
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