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  1. Libraries up to 60% off https://www.boldersounds.com/
  2. Yes, I met him a few times. He was always a kind-spirited gentleman. A wonderful entertainer, either solo, with the Rutles, or with the Idiot B*stard Band, or the various incarnations of the Bonzos. RIP Neil. Jerry
  3. .. and a Merry Christmas from me to the appropriately named Noel, Scook, and everyone on this forum, including ccLarry who has cost us so much money in purchases over this year and all other years. Meery Christmas Cakewalkians!! Jerry
  4. Is this worth it? Every step of the process has failed a few times so far up to the synchronisation on their license server. I'm beginning to think this is not worth the trouble having on my computer. jdf ## edit ## - given up. ## edit 2 ## - got it. sounds good.
  5. The next thing you need to consider is a specific bus for the reverb. Applying reverb to each track is mostly unnecessary and also a big use of CPU. The usual approach is to send all tracks (vocals, instruments, etc) to a bus, and place the reverb in that bus. You can change the send level on each individual track. There's lots of threads on this forum dealing with this in more detail. Jerry
  6. Sorry - I missed the original remit. I certainly agree on the Dim Pro Accoustic Basses (I think there's two of them?) jdf
  7. Corebass Pear from Orange Tree Samples - https://www.orangetreesamples.com/products/corebass-pear - needs full Kontakt - a very nice warm bass with some good variations - come with a variety of indtruments for tomes and reactions - jazz, pop, rockabilly, etc. Straight Ahead Upright from Big Fish - https://www.bigfishaudio.com/Straight-Ahead-Bass - needs full Kontakt - various instruments with med-fast, slow-med, eight-staccato, muted, etc. Each is controlled with body, neck and direct sound pick-up directivities. Again, warm and quite controllable If you want a real ricky-jazz-rockabilly string response, Bolder's Roots Upright Bass (RUB) is your man. https://www.boldersounds.com/index.php?main_page=product_music_info&cPath=3_18&products_id=138 - again, needs full Kontakt. Again, highly controllable with a good range of effects. Great fun to play. If you have Komplete, the Cuba collection includes a roomy-atmospheric bass Xperimenta have great very low price instruments and an upright bass used to be one of them, but it doesn't seem to be there at the moment. I have all of these and can recommend all of them. It depends if you want the bass up front andproviding a thumpy rhythm (go for Bolder's RUB). For a more deep/warm underpinning bass sound, go CoreBass or Straight Ahead. There's also Smolken's Ample Bass. I has his sfz-format bass and that was good, but I haven't tried Ample. If you want to spend a lot more, I understand Trillian is a good bass. Jerry
  8. And a Happy Thanksgiving from this side of the pond to all our ex-colonials over there. Over here it's not Thanksgiving, just Black Friday. Then again every day is black under Boris. Oy - no politics ... Have a great weekend. jdf
  9. jerrydf

    Waves final BF Deal

    In any case, I'm done with processors and effects all together now, just concentrating on instruments. If I ran all of my compressors and limiters together, I'd have a solid 0dB red line all the way around the world (or something like that).
  10. jerrydf

    Waves final BF Deal

    Yeah, I know, I should lighten up! Most other developers charge a nominal amount for future updates. With Waves, you're hooked in with giveaway deals for the initial purchase, and then the WUP is a huge amount. True - most of mine (probably all - I only use JPP and CLA bass these days) still work, but there's no ongoing assurance in case of (e.g.) Windows updates, etc. jdf
  11. jerrydf

    Waves final BF Deal

    Hmm, not even tempting. I'm done with WUPpy Waves. jdf
  12. Yes - good vocal and good mix. I was wondering if the vocal needed a few db up on the backing, but you're right, as it is it keeps a heaviness. As Old Joad said - hot little rocker!
  13. Reminiscent of the smoother Focus tracks, early Ackermann! Nice move through a few different themes.
  14. jerrydf


    Ooh - that's different, and lovely mix of textures. It's good that you kept a simple instrumentation all the way through. Lovely.
  15. jerrydf


    Good vocal, and the backing doesn't get in the way - complements the song nicely. Good stuff.
  16. Free, free, free!! http://www.vst4free.com/index.php?plug-ins=Percussions&l=30 I haven't tried any of these, but I assume there must be something here. And Black Friday's looming on the horizon ...
  17. Here's the updates. https://new.steinberg.net/wavelab/new-in-10/ I only have Elements, and there doesn't seem to be a huge amount of difference in the update here. I notice that the Help>Steinberg.help link still brings up the 9.5 help. Elements was £21 for the update (with the 20% discount). jdf
  18. Now it's been announced. I've just had the email.
  19. Thanks for the tip, Paulo. I have an account there and bought quite a few plugs there. I'll have to get to know this Uncle Eric.
  20. Thanks Matthew. I saw that the presets were completely new in O9, with none of my previous saved presets. As you say, the space saving is small, so I'll leave them as they are.
  21. Hooray - Audio Deluxe now allow O9A update to be available here in UK (although JRR still don't). Anyway - silly question - am I ok to uninstall O7 and O8 from my pc? Jerry
  22. Also, thanks Paul. The Galtieri Brothers have good stiuff up here on the forum, too. jdf
  23. Thanks Old Joad. Charlie Daniels was the "Devil went down to Georgia", IIRC? Cheers Jerry
  24. jerrydf

    Somebody to Love

    I'm constantly pleasantly surprised by the quality of work on this forum, and here's another great track. Good balanced backing, but the stand-out here is the strength of the vocal which stands alongside the original Grace Slick / Airplane track. It's also good that you took a direct shot at it, nothing outlandish. Great work Jerry
  25. Hi Paul, wow - I thought the instrumentation, balance and production sounded greta, smooth and professional. And then the words hit, and (as a fellow Brit, and also as a near West-Midlander) you hit quite a few nails on the head, good blended vocal work, too. Great track, it should have a wider distribution nationally. Well done! Jerry
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