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  1. E-V-E-R-Y time I try to login to IK either their custom shop or Authorisation manager, my login details are rejected.  I try to reset and the website has error codes.  So I have to contact their support and that takes days.

    The lastest farce is the Custom Shop which tells me mu client needs up dating.  So I download and install the new one, and I getthe same message telling me it needs updating again.

    They are the most un-user-friendly set I know. It's appalling service.




  2. 10 hours ago, husker said:

    BW is my hero.  Oddly enough, this just came across my feed last week....

    "Another, probably unrelated key ..." - and yet he makes it sound so natural,  no discontinuity at all

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  3. I agree with the preference to go truly acoustic.  However if you keep on the piezzo track, you may find some impulse responses (IRs) which may help.  I don't know of any for violins, but I used some with guitars.  The IRs are designed to be used wth a piezzo pick up and give quite a good natural acoustic feel.  I've done the same with mandolins (in fact a mandolin IR may actually work for a violin).


  4. On 1/31/2020 at 9:58 PM, Bapu said:

     I am the original owner of a 1985/6ish Japanese Fender Strat redone with active electronics.


    Bapu - Is that a contemporary strat?  I have one of those from '85. Lovely guitar.  For many years I played it with  SD hotrails in the bridge with a coil-tap. But it's now back to the original PU, just changed the pickguard to an ivory pearl (with matching knobs and PU covers). I took out the tuning lock screws at the headend and the microtuners on the trem. I couldn't get along with them. 


  5. Yeah,  good old Voyetra DOPro.

    For the 80TB had, I wonder if these will mainly find their market in server farms,  etc. , especially where a back up regime is convenient and automated.  I couldn't imagine trusting 80TB on one drive,  you'd need another one to back up the data locally.  Probably in the time scale of these hard drives,  the more likely home user would be increasingly utilising cloud storage (which would be using these drives).

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  6. 17 hours ago, slartabartfast said:

    When I started computing, we had to load our data into leaky baskets made of mastodon leather tanned with urine and haul it up the side of a glacier in the middle of snowstorms in July.

    Yes,  but we were happy

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  7. Agree with the Tonespot Acoustic. Go for the Express,and like me, you end up shelling out for the full version.

    If I was to contravene my no-Waves policy, I'd probably suggest CLA-Unplugged. Tonespot can get the same effects as the CLA, but with many more options, and so takes longer to get the final sound.  But I also agree that you can overdo the effect, and you need to keep the acoustic fairly pure.


  8. 34 minutes ago, Mesh said:

    Speaking of bass amps, Kuassa's Cerberus is a very good one. May not have all the bells and whistles of other amp sims, but the tones on this are very good (wait for a sale though). ;)



    However, I have to admit a grudging like for the Waves JJP bass.   It's the only Waves I use these days. Ok, maybe their CLA bass too.

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