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  1. I need to saw this piece of wood and, all I've got is a hammer. So... if I smash the wood enough times and bust it in half is that good enough? Same as using a saw, right? I just don't want to actually go out and find a saw. Just because, I don't.
  2. I've dug out a few old projects from time to time, which contained old plugins that I never carried over when I upgraded to a newer PC. Replaced the plugins "not found" with current plugins that do the same thing. In every case, the results are vastly superior. Remember digitalfishphone....? 😀
  3. I would also say, why not? But I'd think some larger sizes would bring you more satisfaction. 10" or 12"...think JBL L100.
  4. IK Sample Tank 4 Custom Shop (the free version of ST)... has a passable Hammond.
  5. Re. Virtual tambourine/shaker/maracas... How are you going to get your significant other included in the band if you go that route?
  6. In my experience, rogue plugins and/or poorly written audio interface drivers are the most likely crash culprits ... YMMV.
  7. It's not that painful to reauthorize with the License Manager if you've not used it for a while, honestly. I got a free expansion pack (Horsepower) when I migrated. I track actual acoustic drums nowadays but BFD3.4 works well on older projects which I tracked with e-drums. Any content that was created for BFD1 or 2 is EOL now. Except the 8 Bit Kit for some reason, not sure why. They shifted from wave files to BFDLAC which take up less space. No great loss. The current build is way easier to mix with. The paradigm shifted from a plethora of drum makes and models sampled, to a smaller assortment with better mixing options, and better presets, etc. Sorry it's giving you grief. I know I paid a lot more than $49 way back when so there is that...
  8. This is one big advantage to using a control surface, e.g., Mackie Control Universal.
  9. Update... the iTunes nano connects and synchs perfectly now. Not sure if it was an Apple patch or a Windows patch lol. So 100% functionality W10 to W11 for me.
  10. I recorded and mixed this version of "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Want to Rock and Roll)"... https://www.thebash.com/tribute-band/tnt The bagpipes were indeed challenging! The damn things just refuse to stay in tune. All done in SONAR.
  11. And whatever you do, don't click again (thinking it didn't "take") or you'll get the dreaded spinning circle/whiteout fade/crash....
  12. Updated for Track Archive button changes. https://www.dropbox.com/s/409wfb7djihsm4i/Flat Minimalistic %26 Dark.sth?dl=0
  13. Not to be a downer, but any material you use for acoustic treatment should be fire retardent.
  14. I had one of these in a dark brown black tolex back in the day. It was never my favorite amp though.
  15. I highly doubt your probs are Win 11 related. IME win 11 is just reskinned 10.
  16. All updates applied. Still no-go on one machine, hit or miss on the other. Based on what I'm reading online, I think Apple wants to deprecate the original iPod (mine is actually a nano I believe) and force it into obsolescence. Guess I'll dig out my Walkman.....
  17. Have you run LatencyMon? What does it show?
  18. One thing I am finding. I *think* this may be related to the MS-Apple rivalry and also Apple deprecating the original ipod (not the ipod touch), but W11 and itunes are not playing nice vis-a-vis the ipod being recognized. On one machine it is possible with kludges, to add new files to ipod. The other... no go. Not sure whether MS or Apple "broke" the functionality.
  19. I don't think that's what folks are telling you, it's not either-or. Save both....
  20. My advice... ditch the bottom snare mic and add a room mic about 6 feet out in front of the kit, on that channel. A nice LDC condenser with cardio pattern. Glues the set together nicely.
  21. Update... based on latencymon readings and overall smooth sailing with Win 11 on my non-DAW PC, I went ahead and updated my DAW machine. So far, performance is excellent. Latencymon as good or better than before. No tweaks, repeat... no tweaks. Just straight upgrade via Update Assistant in Settings. I'll report if any snags crop up. It's easy to roll back to 10 anyway so I don't feel any reason to worry.
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