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  1. I'm guessing Rene Ceballos had a hand in it. Cyclone was first included with Sonar 1. And don't forget RXP Rex Player and Drop Zone...
  2. This is why more fully featured preamps have a -20 dB pad option...
  3. Clearly aimed at the Tik Tok demographic. The dumbing down of humanity races full speed ahead...
  4. The product manager keeps hanging during the download process. A fail so far.
  5. Interesting, inasmuch as I have not had this problem in CbB but I have had it crop up in Reaper. Slightly different, though. The clicks, pops and crackles were recorded along with random parts. So, it was not just the playback, it was baked into the wave when recording. In that case (Reaper), I turned off the ReaVerb convo plugin during tracking... enabled it for mixing and rendering...and it cleaned right up. Reaper also has settings in Options>Preferences>Buffering that you can mess with. Surprisingly, I found suggestions that some of the buffer settings yield better results at lower-than-default buffer values. Anyways, not relevant to CbB but when someone said they were thinking of switching to Reaper, it made me chuckle.
  6. Someone peed in his Wheaties.
  7. Re. Feedback with input echo, use headphones for tracking and mute the monitors (speakers).
  8. Ah yes, Pentagon I "Performance- Oriented Synthesizer ". Those old synths were fun but all things change.
  9. That's a primo look for the Control Bar!
  10. PS: Here's a link to a slightly different version which hews more closely to the original's color scheme for track name text. Only would note that white is more authentic to Apple's color scheming, however I prefer the colored text myself. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c6ci8s55ekpeusd/Apple Scruffs 1.01.sth?dl=0
  11. I'm pleased to present for your enjoyment, a new theme I call Apple Scruffs. I started with the legacy theme, Logical (many thanks to Erik aka Starship Krupa) and then I tried to fold in as many elements of that "other" DAW as I could muster. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2g987va1teqig8f/Apple Scruffs.sth?dl=0 Cheers!
  12. jesse, I intermittently get a failed calibration when I fire up the MCU. Like you say, the fader (always #7) will hang and the message screen identifies a failure. I have read that the ribbon connector inside can get hung up and moving the fader manually up and down can free it. I've also read that you shouldn't do that... 😄 I've read that a failed capacitor can be the cause but, in my case since the problem comes and goes, I don't think it's a capacitor. For a weird reason which makes no sense, sometimes it just works fine after the whole system (not just the MCU) gets rebooted. These MCU are getting on in years so I can't complain about a little finicky-ness. To be expected. All in all, they are an awesome product.
  13. John Nelson

    BFD = CFA

    Or, make friends with a drummer and record real drums. It's easier in the long run.
  14. Where is the link to download the latest version? I see nothing.... just a forum announcement. Confusing.
  15. I had one of these little guys back in the day, traded it in for a JCM 800. If you like the MB sound, just bandpass the heck out of your signal, master volume your way to the moon and you're basically there.
  16. Sounds like a spot-on Mesa Boogie emulation then.
  17. To be totally cool, you need the SONAR overlay too.
  18. FWIW, I am using iConnectivity mio 1x1 USB-MIDI, DIN-MIDI Interface with my old grey version of the Mackie Master Control. Works fine. I was running it through the DIN conns on my Babyface Pro but wanted to reclaim those ports for other things. So I tried this and it worked just the same.
  19. I remember those wedge monitors, wouldn't do a gig without 'em!
  20. Hang in there Mr. T. With enough time, practice and perserverance I'm sure you can improve 20 to 40%.
  21. Sorry, was referring more or less to the OP's post. You have a Steinberg interface? It should be more than up to the task, I would think. Why would anybody struggle with an on-board Realtek sound card using janky drivers? Just get a decent interface with solid drivers and be done with it, is my point.
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