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  1. You can currently upgrade to studio one 4.5 pro from any previous pro version for $99.99. Can purchase from either JRR or Audiodeluxe for $84.99. Anybody know of any cheaper price?
  2. I give up....i'm sending this back for a refund. It is absolutely useless without serial numbers.
  3. No i actually only have one email but maybe i'll get a gmail
  4. Yes I have registered over and over and still no email.....its been over 3 hours. One of the reviewers on Musiciansfriend hadn't received an email even after 2 DAYS. I have checked my spam folder and no luck.
  5. It is very frustrating to have a new toy and not be able to use it for want of a damn email!!!!!
  6. I bought the producer bundle and have registered online but I am still waiting for a security code to be emailed to me to complete the registration. Anybody know how long it takes to receive the email?
  7. Whenever I buy something on AmazonUK I'm never sure if it's cheaper to let them charge my card in US dollars using their currency converter or to buy in pounds and have my Chase card do the conversion...both involve a fee.
  8. Yes...as a buyer they charge you a fee for converting euros (or pounds) into US dollars.
  9. Ron Stranghoener

    Massive X

    Downloaded Massive X today...apparently it is not a standalone instrument! It can only be run as a vst.
  10. Apparently my V collection is what qualifies for the $69 price.
  11. On Arturias website I have a crossgrade price of $69 for pigments...I own V collection 4 and several hardware products-I'm not sure what qualifies one for the crossgrade price.
  12. I'm a long term customer of Groove 3 and it worked for me. It added 30 days to my previous expiration date.
  13. Yes it is very peculiar. If you are shopping in pounds and put Komplete in the cart there will be no pop-up window for Dronar. However if you are shopping in dollars and put it in the cart the pop-up window will appear and as you go further in the checkout process it will indeed be free. I always switch between pounds and dollars when shopping online...it's amazing how often things are cheaper one way or the other as well as weird glitches like this.
  14. As far as the Dronar for free...it seems to only appear if you are paying in US dollars! If you purchase in pounds it goes away! They were very responsive to me and sent me download links for Dronar even though I paid in pounds and it wasn't in my basket. Same thing applies to loyalty points....if you pay in US dollars you can't use them for this purchase but you can if you pay in pounds! (Which is why I paid in pounds.)
  15. Bear in mind that the $39.99 keyboard comes with a $15.99 shipping charge!
  16. Thanks for the quick reply. Now I am trying to decide whether to purchase the irig keys for 39.99 or just the SampleTank 4SE for $49.99. The keys come with a 15.99 shipping charge!
  17. Is the only difference between SampleTank 4 and SampleTank 4SE the amount of sounds you get? I currently own SampleTank3 so if I purchase SampleTank 4SE will I be able to use all my SampleTank 3 Sound content with SampleTank 4SE?
  18. Thanks Sergio...they didn't explain that very well on the novation site. All is good now!
  19. Does anyone know how to download this??? i have the coupon code but if i put Nithonat in the cart the code supplied by sound collective doesn't work! The instructions say the following: Steps to activate your software: In order to register and authorise click the following link to create a D16 account: https://userarea.d16.pl Once you have received your verification email you will be able to log in to D16 account with the your selected details. Follow the instructions on the d16 site to redeem your download and 50% store discount I already have a D16 account and i can't for the life of me figure how to redeem my code!
  20. Yes I now see that. However when you look at the main forum headers it still shows a date of March 19 not March 26
  21. I find it odd that the only mention of this update is in the deals section. Why in the world doesn't Bandlab post something???
  22. Yes my intro offer was $149 until I manually logged in....it became $99
  23. yes i did click through and got the offer for $99 upgrade to V6 but no mention of pigments. I emailed them and this is their reply: Signy Bergsdottir (Arturia Support) Mar 20, 19:44 CET Hello Ron I think there might be a misunderstanding. We did have an introductory offer in January where depending if you were an Arturia User you could have Pigments and V collection in a bundle, however that offer ended on the 10th of January. At the moment we have an offer for an upgrade on the V Collection. Please sign into your account (MY ARTURIA on www.arturia.com) to see your personal offer based on the Arturia products that are registered on your account. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Best regards, Signy - Arturia Support
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