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  1. I've often have this problem where I export some song to wave and it's either blank, noise or only a short section. I can do it again and it's fine without changing anything. One difference is that a problem export with be very quick, maybe 10-20 seconds for 4 minutes of music. A good export is always far slower taking maybe 60 seconds. Sometimes I can do something like move a volume control a small amount and it will then export fine, or close Cakewalk and do it again. There is nothing in particular I can put my finger on. If it fail, just do it again and will *probably* work.

    Anyone else run into this?

  2. No worries. I truly appreciate the help (from everyone.)

    V-Vocal actually does what I want and I like using it but I ran into this split issue and I was scared and confused.

    I checked out Melodyne but for the cost I didn't see it as worth moving to ... yet.

    Update: I need to read up on Automation. If I delete the volume automation, the V-vocal (after rendering) works like I expect - perfectly. That volume automation is what was making it all goofy. Deleted it and all is fine. I can re-automate after I edit.

  3. Not sure of your question, but I normally have several clips on a track that I created either by recording or copy/paste. I would V-Vocal some or all of the clips as needed.

    This the first time I’ve had one long clip that was V-Vocal’d so when I went to split it I was surprised I couldn’t. Ok, learned something new. I rendered it and started splitting. I deleted (after I determined I had to use Cut) some clips and started copy and pasting but that didn’t always work and I couldn’t nudge them using the pull down or nun keys. The clips wouldn’t always highlight to tell you which one was about to be affected until you right clicked. 

    I removed the region from the long clip and everything is smooth. I will V-Vocal each clip after I am done editing. When I get a chance I’ll see what I was doing wrong, but it wasn’t obvious to me. While I could split a rendered clip, cut and paste was random. I also noticed the V-Vocal label would disappear on some tracks after rendering but not others even though I could split them. I was thinking I might have some hidden layers but couldn’t find them. 

    I just need to remember to leave the magazine at Witt’s End. :)

  4. So for the two tracks, I rendered them which then allows me to split them (each in several places.) However, I can't select any section to delete or select a section to copy. Sometimes it will highlight a section but I can't really do anything to it. I've been reading the manual but I don't get what is happening.

    Was I wrong to use V-Vocal before I copied and pasted sections? Is that not possible once you've used V-Vocal?

    I am missing something here.

    Edit: Ok, I notice the section will highlight AFTER I right click on it, but selecting delete doesn't delete it. The highlight goes away once I click Edit-Delete but it's still there.

    Edit 2!: Cut does cut the section. Delete doesn't.

    Final: I removed the regions themselves and I can edit them as I expect it to work. I'll redo any V-Vocals once I am happy with the editing.

  5. Yes but I didn’t see anything that says to use Track 12 for midi sync (as an example.) I think it would need CbB to use two different clocks. One to run the audio and then use the sync track to run the midi.

    it would allow us to copy our old tape-based audio with a sync track to CbB with the midi tracks. Right now I have just been copying the audio to wave tracks and then sliding them around. Surprisingly they stay in sync even though they are just free-wheeling.

  6. I have a feeling this will be the blind leading the blind, but ...

    Can I get CbB to sync to an audio track that has midi or SMPTE time code? I have some old audio tapes and one track is the sync track. I would like to get the midi tracks to chase the time code track. I import all tracks and then make one audio track the time base.

    I've already thought of several reasons why this might not work but if CbB's time base can be controlled from that track, it might work assume it keeps the audio tracks timing separate. I looked in preferences and didn't see anything that would allow it.

    "It's just so crazy it might work!" :)

  7. 5 hours ago, paulo said:

    It already happened and I guess you missed it. When you installed the free version a secret virus was also installed which morphs into nanoparticles of moisture that leech through the keys of your computer and get all over your fingers, eventually finding their way into your bloodstream when you lick your fingers after eating that big doughnut that you had during a recording break. Once inside you, the virus will slowly multiply in your brain until one day you have an overwhelming urge to sell all of your possessions and donate all of your money to Meng.

    How else do you think his dad got so rich?

    Well, that explains the sudden x-ray vision ... :)

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  8. Midi copy and paste is weird. I can do clip loops but just selecting a measure to copy and paste results in the first paste being a couple of ticks later than I specify. If I do multiple measure of paste, each one is a couple of ticks later than the prior one.

    For example, if I paste a measure at 7:01:000 it actually pastes at 7:01:003. If I tell it to paste 10 times, the second one is at 8:01:006, then 9:01:009, etc. I don't know why it shifts it out. Not sure I am making any sense ... And the function to snap to measure doesn't always.

    A tutorial on non-clip loop copy and paste would be  nice.

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  9. 3 hours ago, Promidi said:

    Registration has to be much made much easier than that.  I don't need this plugin that badly for this number of hoops....

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing at times ... LOL!

    If someone has never bought an Eventide plug in, I would:

    1. Download iLok, install it and create an account. Save yourself some grief and use the same email for all three (steps 1, 2 and 3.)

    2. Create an account on Eventide and note the user name you chose. That is what iLok looks for to activate the plugin.

    3. Buy the plug in from Plugin Audio Deals, note the SN and KEY message and then install it.

    4. WIth the SN and KEY, register it on Eventide.

    5. Go to iLok and activate it.

    6. THEN, start Cakewalk and confirm it's in there. I had to go into the plugin manager and add the path to the 64bit version under Program Files-> Common Files-> Steinberg-VST2->Eventide.

    Everything works well. It's an interesting plug in with lots of presets and adjust-ability.


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  10. Make sure you have an Auto Plugin, iLok (and software) AND Eventide login and account. You buy it from Audio Plug in, then register it at Eventide and then activate it with iLok. Yep, three accounts ...

    I didn't have any of the three and fought getting it to show up in iLok. I finally realized I hadn't actually registered it at Eventide. Audio Plug in just sells it to you and you get the SN and KEY. You have to use that at Eventide before activating with iLok.

  11. Not sure what the story is. Bought it for $0 at Eventide, got the serial number, loaded ilok but the license never shows up for activation. I can log into ilok or use that app and it's not there. CbB pops up the Eventide activation screen when I scan but the Quadravox isn't in the list to activate.

    Yes and this is the 21st Century ...

    Edit: I got it working. Not sure what I did, but I followed the link above, put it in the cart, went to check out, filled out everything (name, address, email) and what I thought was a user name and login. I finished up and got an email to download and use iLok for activation. I downloaded iLok, registered but it never showed up in iLok. The request to activate it would show up during the plug in scan in cakewalk but not the option to actually activate it.

    After some futzing I went to Eventide and noticed I didn't have a login. I created one and was able to take the SN and code from the email and register it. Bang, it shows up in iLok - Activate - done.

    It appears the sale isn't through Eventide but rather Audio Plugin Deals and that is where the first account login is created when you buy it. You still have to create a login at Eventide to register it and then have one for iLok to activate it (and then Cakewalk will stop bugging you.)

    A tad tedious if I might say so ...

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  12. If in doubt you can open the Resource Monitor and see each core load.

    CRTL+ALT+DEL->Task Manager->Click on Performance tab->Click on Open Resource Manager (at the bottom)->Click on CPU tab->On the right is the CPU usage for each core. You might have to click on the arrow pointing left at the top right of the screen to expand it.

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