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  1. Well fellows, I tried the latest version of Cakewalk. Unfortunately, they degraded the notation editor. It's now a 2 step process to select a group of notes and perform an operation. In Sonar Platinum, you select a group of notes, right-click and perform velocity, transposition, note length, etc. Easy. In the newest version, you have to select a group of notes with one tool and then change tools in order to right-click and perform an operation on those notes. that alone is a deal breaker for me since I spend a lot of time using the notation editor. Unless someone can show me a way to do that in one step, I have no reason to upgrade. I just finished a new piece in Sonar Platinum using MIDI, audio and softsynths. If there are any bugs (which of course there are) they had no impact on my workflow. For me good enough is good enough. My experience with DAW software has been quite consistent over the past 30 years: A new version adds features, fixes bugs, and creates new bugs. I've never seen it otherwise. I'll stick to Platinum as long as I can. If Bandlab has the time, energy and resources to improve the notation editor, they know how to reach me. I'd be happy to share my experience. I am curious though how Bandlab can continue to invest time and energy into new upgrades and still give away such a sophisticated DAW for free. Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic, Reaper and DP all cost hundreds of dollars. How is Bandlab doing this? Jerry
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    A passacaglia is a traditional classical form in which there's a repeating bass line, usually in a minor key and in 3/4, and often slow. This piece is not in a minor key, but rather phrygian, and instead of being in 3/4 it's in 9/4, still based on a multiple of 3. the repeating motive, first heard in the basses and cellos, is used throughout the entire piece. Glad you liked it David. Thanks, Jerry www.jerrygerber.com
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    Here's the last track I produced in Digital Performer, before returning to Sonar after a year and a half. It's the 4th movement of my 10th symphony that was written for my 14th album. Listen Scored with VSL symphonic cube and several soft synths (Dune, Massive, Z3TA and the Yamaha MODX-6). I hope you enjoy listening. Best, Jerry
  4. How does Bandlab continue to develop and support it for free? What's the catch?
  5. Actually, 8th note triplets are displayed correctly. So are 16th note triplets. Tied and dotted triplets are not displayed correctly. Same with 32nd note triplets. Check your staff view resolution, that's the reason you're not seeing 8th note triplets. Playback timing of all triplets, septuplets, quintuplets, etc. is flawless. The problem is a display issue only. Easy to correct when you export into a notation program whether you export using a MIDI file or an XML file.
  6. When Gibson destroyed Cakewalk I made the decision to move to another DAW, and Digital Performer was my choice as I use MOTU hardware which I'm very happy with. But after a year and 2 months with DP, I decided to go back to Sonar Platinum. Here's why. First of all, there is no "best DAW". What there is however, is the "best DAW for YOU". I really missed so much about Sonar: the sharpness of the text, the beauty and clarity of the screen, the ease by which I can move from window to window and the stability of the program. Particularly under Windows 10, it's running like a champ. I missed the color-coded event list and the fact that I can see multiple staff views at one time. I missed how it makes complex operations (like volume envelopes) simple. Let's face it, DAWs are complex pieces of software. No DAW that I've tried (Reaper, DP, Cubase, Sonar) masks that complexity better than Sonar. The soloing of tracks is a good example. Under DP it's a mess, very confusing. Soloing in the track view is different from the soloing in the mix view. That's nuts, it drove me crazy. Changing layouts and window sets always was sluggish, even with a fast DAW with SSD drives, 32GB of RAM and an i7-9700 CPU and a good graphics card--always sluggish, sometimes taking 3 or 4 seconds just to switch views! Sonar is instantaneous. Obviously Sonar isn't perfect either. It still can't display tied and dotted triplets and 32nd note triplets correctly. But I can live with this because I create the score in Sibelius anyway. So what have I been doing lately? Here's the last track I produced in Digital Performer, it's the 4th movement of my 10th symphony: Listen Scored with VSL symphonic cube and several soft synths (Dune, Massive, Z3TA and the Yamaha MODX-6). I hope you enjoy listening. I'm sticking with the very last version of Platinum that Cakewalk produced. If Bandcamp does anything new with notation, I'll consider upgrading. But for now, I'll leave good enough alone and spend my time writing music. By the way, on November 26 of last year, my studio flooded during a heavy rainstorm. I had to remove everything, remove carpets, walls, furniture. For 8 weeks I had no studio for the first time in 35 years. Very stressful time. Now, it's all back after much work, effort and cost. I am extremely grateful. Best, Jerry
  7. Thanks again Scook, Opening the Command Center and changing the folders did the trick for me. I haven't used Sonar in over a year and a half so I'm a bit rusty... Best, Jerry www.jerrygerber.com
  8. Yep! That did it, thanks a lot Scook. Weird, though that the themes are now stored in c\users\jerry gerber\documents\z3ta\sonar themes. You'd think that I'd be able to put them in a more logical place... Too bad Sonar doesn't let the user choose where to put the themes...
  9. Thanks everyone for replying! I cannot seem to open the themes in Sonar Platinum (last version before Cakewalk closed down). I have 10 themes in a folder a c:\Cakewalk Content\Sonar Themes. I also tried c:\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Themes. The 10 themes are named: Default 01.sth Default02.sth etc. Yet when go to preferences-customization-themes, these themes are not there! The only two that are visible are Mercury and Tungsten. What am I doing wrong? When I open my themes in the Theme editor they load and I can see them. But Sonar Platinum can not!! ;>( Any other suggestions? Should I try renaming them? I tried renaming one theme "test.sth" but that didn't work either.... Thanks!! Jerry www.jerrygerber.com p.s In Sonar Preferences, there is no folder choice for "themes". There are folder choices for many other files, including midi, wave and cal files, but no folder choice for themes... urgh!!!
  10. I tried that a bunch of times. Sonar Platinum (last version Cakewalk made) just doesn't recognize the themes in that folder. I even reinstalled the program, but it still doesn't seem them. What could I possibly be doing wrong? Thanks Scook, Jerry
  11. Hello, I am reinstalling Sonar and cannot find the folder to put the themes I have. I have the theme files (.sth) and have tried about 10 different places, but Sonar fails to recognize where they are. Can someone please tell me which folder Sonar Platinum (latest version Cakewalk made) these files are supposed to reside in? Thanks!!!! Jerry Gerber www.jerrygerber.com
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