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  1. Hello all! Yes I've searched to see if anything related to my query was previously addressed, so sorry if it has and I didn't find it. Here's what I'm trying to do with Cakewalk (the software is up to date) that I've done really easily with Cubase Element 9.5 before: On a song of mine that I'm recording I want to have this intro (BPM is set at 136 with a shuffle style in 4/4) where there is a swelling of the snare drum for the first 3 beats (triplets) and a quarter note Bass Drum/Snare/Crash on 4. Easy to step record this in Cakewalk. Now, I also want to record triplets on guitar for the first 3 beats so that makes for some serious fast playing that is above my pay grade 😛 What I did with Cubase previously was to solo the drums at half speed, time stretch the guitar's audio with a check box allowing me to keep the actual pitch. How would I go about that in the current version of Cakewalk that I much prefer to Cubase? Thanks for any replies.
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