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  1. It was only a matter of time before we would introduce Cakewalk Next to the Cakewalk forums! The purpose here is to provide a discussion compliment to the Discord discussion group that has been in place for a while now. A recurring Cakewalk theme is that of project continuity, allowing users to migrate work between Cakewalk Sonar, Cakewalk Next and BandLab Studio, so it makes sense to nurture discussions of all Cakewalk products under a single umbrella. We don't view Cakewalk Next as being a mutually exclusive to other DAWs and invite you to try it out, even if you're a dyed in the wool classic DAW user. There are times when you may be more focused on creation than engineering, in which case you may find it well suited for the job at hand. While there's a lot to like about Cakewalk Next UX, it has a performant audio system and a sophisticated mixing elegance that could make it a lot of fun for the mix engineering mindset as well! Obviously you'll find updates and news about Cakewalk Next here, but we also look forward to the great discussions that lie ahead! ~The Bakers
  2. The time has come to introduce new product forums for our newest products, Cakewalk Next and Cakewalk Sonar. The purpose of the Cakewalk Sonar forum is to improve the clarity and quality of our product discussions by properly delineating between the two lines. Cakewalk by BandLab has been, and will continue to be, a trusted tool for many. The team has worked incredibly hard over the past 5 years to make the software the best it can be. Cakewalk Sonar, as the latest lineage that builds on the excellence of CbB, and SONAR Platinum before it, aims to break new ground in performance and usability the landscape of the modern DAW. As Cakewalk Sonar represents the lion's share of our new development focus, this forum is where you'll first see news about new features and other improvements. Even though CbB will see less frequent updates, the CbB forums will continue to serve as it otherwise has done over years, and any information for CbB updates will be posted to that forum accordingly. We appreciate everyone's support to date and look forward to ongoing discussions as we continue to improve products we love! ~The Bakers
  3. As you may have read in our recent press release, Cakewalk Next and Cakewalk Sonar are now available exclusively through BandLab Membership. Weโ€™re enthusiastic because this transition from the preroll testing phase to early access in Membership underscores the robustness and customer readiness of the software. Weโ€™re excited about this significant milestone and look forward to ongoing improvements and new feature development in the months ahead. CbB will still remain free and wonโ€™t require a subscription. It will will continue to receive essential maintenance updates, but no new feature updates as our main focus will be on the ongoing development of Cakewalk Next and Cakewalk Sonar. Stay tuned to our website for more product updates and information!
  4. Hey John, you're on the right track here. More products will be made available through CPC over time, but there are no plans for this to become a legacy product utility or a 1:1 replacement of Command Center. There is a possibility we may reprise from some components from the past to make them available to customers through CPC, but I can't commit to specifics at this time.
  5. Just so I'm clear, when you "touch" do you mean finger + touchscreen or with a mouse? You're referring to this view's scrollbars by window sliders, right?
  6. Any additional info you can provide about the hang would be useful. Any chance you can post an image of what this looks like? Yep, I totally get wanting to operate offline. And of course you can, but currently if you're restarting often then of course you'll get the screen. But as I said, I'm sure we can make refinements to improve this use case. Any plans that will would affect CbB's future availability would be clearly communicated well in advance on these forums and Sonar home page. CbB will never just "stop working" without plenty of advance notice and a viable alternative.
  7. @tdehan Thanks for sharing and apologies for the inconvenience. As others have mentioned, we'll be introducing Sonar licensing soon, and while CbB will remain available for some time, the app will present this screen at launch if you're offline as we're hoping to spread awareness of the new Sonar. That said, the app certainly shouldn't hang. You'll notice a timer in the window, which counts down from 20 seconds. During the countdown, the window cannot be closed, but again it should not hang. DM if that's indeed the case and we'll try to find the root cause. FWIW we plan to drop a maintenance update to CbB fairly soon, we may be able to refine the experience so it's less problematic for gig use. Thanks for your understanding!
  8. Indeed, the distinction is intended! As others have noted in the context of the brand update, we're consistently not using all caps for our our product names, and that's intentional. "SONAR" was introduced as all caps due to trademark constraints. We now refer to our products as "Cakewalk xxx" which is easier to trademark and clearly identifies product and brand. The use of normal casing also offers additional referential distinction between old and new. Hope that helps!
  9. The main takeaway right now, as far as the community is concerned, is that this change just better substantiates our operational reality. The Cakewalk brand, though it is part of BLT, is 100% committed to desktop-domain software products with a roadmap minimally entangled with other non-Cakewalk product roadmaps.
  10. Yes. We are "Cakewalk" as an independent brand within the BandLab Technologies group. As Cakewalk, we have just announced two products: Next and Sonar. ๐Ÿ‘
  11. Surely you can find panic gummies sold in various smoke shops
  12. Thanks for chiming in! No date set as yet, but later this year.
  13. By which I mean there's NO need... ๐Ÿ˜… @Bruno de Souza Lino you could have had fun with that! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  14. @Bruno de Souza Lino is technically right! @Misha apologies for the indirect response. I conflated pricing and granting permanent unlocks, viewing the latter as a what-if-I-don't-pay scenario, because we don't see a future in which your old projects wouldn't open in Sonar. We've been solid there for decades. But in a catastrophic future scenario, like the company shutting down yielding no ownership of the software, we'd do our best to provide a means of unlocking the core software. Obviously there would be limitations concerning any 3rd party licenses in that scenario. Hope that helps!
  15. Your request is heard! We hold everyone's concerns in mind, but please be patient for pricing announcements, which are to come later this year. There's no need for panic or wild speculation in the interim. Just understand that we won't be commenting on pricing specifics until the information is made publicly available, on the website, along with additional, enlightening big picture information. In the meantime, focus on making tracks and, as always, keep your feedback coming on the product side of things. ๐Ÿ˜ Thanks!
  16. No need to get sidetracked in the details of UI implementation. TLDR; we're making a scalable GUI for Sonar that will present clearly at any resolution and scale. The design itself is also getting a facelift. We'll share previews later when there's something substantial to show. In the meantime, we are acutely focused on oh-so-much-to-do!
  17. Appreciate the vote of confidence! ๐Ÿคฃ You'll just have to trust we know how to implement scalable graphics. Feel free to stick around and see for yourself. You should also note that the forum website and our codebase have about as much in common as pineapple and a motorcycle.
  18. We haven't released pricing information yet for any of our new products. Your source is a reference to obsolete information for discontinued products from the Gibson-era.
  19. What may hold for one application has no bearing on what holds true for another. We habitually do performance profiling to ensure our changes don't add unexpected overhead. I see some folks are making assumptions about what "vector" means. In our case, vector guarantees that our nominal control sizes, text, background elements and everything else will render crisp and clear at any DPI and scale. I promise the app won't present absurdly scaled images or text and leave you with a wonky look. Rather it'll look "just right," on any display.
  20. Just a note about "the new Sonar"... Sonar will provide exactly the same control layout, menus, commands and workflow as CbB has today. However, the UI will be dramatically improved: clearer text, scalable views, support for high DPI resolutions and multi monitor configurations. The net experience for most should be massively improved over CbB. As we move from bitmaps to scalable vector images and dynamically colored backgrounds, the notion of customizing the UI becomes infinitely simpler, while the current notion of heavy handed theming quickly becomes irrelevant.
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