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  1. You talking bout the one in front?
  2. Wow! Was waiting to see if he would incorporate the "toothpick" somewhere in the song. Impressive. Thanks "PhonoBrainer"
  3. We shouldn't have to do a "Work Around". Why can't they just "fix it"?
  4. Amazing. So glad you're still here with us Shane.
  5. I'm sorry for you Bill. Much respect, much respect.
  6. marc williams


    We're talkin' "bottom line" here . .
  7. "Emmanuel" / Branford Marsalis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8NN4fpdm40
  8. Stood on a church steeple once. It was windy, couldn't hear much, but yeah, that's the highest for me.
  9. Looking for that "number", could it be hidden in the "user updates" for a more current or active representation?
  10. So sorry to hear about your setback Bill. You will definitely be in our thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted when you can.
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