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  1. Yeah! That's the first nickname I came to know when I arrived here in 1989. However, Raleigh seems to have more to offer a gigging musician than "Fayette-Nam".
  2. Gastonia, North Carolina by way of Macon, Georgia and now planted in Fayetteville, North Carolina. These bus rides are killing me!
  3. I believe if you are within the 90 day of v.4 purchase you can sign in to your "My Presonus" account and go to Your Products Page and click on Studio 4 a "green" redeem button should be present that you would click and follow instructions. If that isn't working, you should contact them in customer service. Hope that helps.
  4. No worries. I've been there and done worse. Come back to the fold!
  5. Plug In Guru just released their "Unify" at this past NAAM show.
  6. A great explorer of musical expression.
  7. After many hours of study, tests and experiments I have positive results that cats "do not", I repeat, "do not" have nine lives.
  8. I happen to be a fan of Baroque music. Standing room only I see.
  9. What better group of people to be able to attach you work to! Absolutely Awesome!
  10. You should post one of these every 28 days or so. Just as with any good joke, it's all in the timing.
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