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  1. Oh, thanks!...I was quite worried about getting a good guitar sound and it worked thankfully. First off , I rediscovered my old original Zoom H2 recorder. I can just sit it on my desk right in front of the guitar. So, that records in stereo, which may help. I also did enough takes to have another complete one to run two of the same strum patterns together panned left and right. Kind of like doubling a vocal, anything other than a totally separate take sounds phased, so this was an entirely separate take doubled. I also added Waves CLA Unplugged VST using the Shiny Acoustic preset. I raised the bass and lowered the treble a bit, though. I lowered the delay also. Attachment shows my pan levels and Waves settings compared to the preset.
  2. When I search Google I see pictures of pretty cool themes that I do not see on this page. One of which is think is called Dark Aqua. Even if I find older ones, will they be compatible to the newest Cakewalk? Thanks!
  3. Hey Jim...When you built my first music computer back in the day, I had Cakewalk for Midi and wonderful Samplitude for Audio. Samplitude eventually got midi going in a good direction, so I moved totally away from Cakewalk... Until this week. The new Arranger tracks got my attention and now I made my first tune in Cakewalk with great results. A very enjoyable interface it is! Drag and Drop is a blessing! I hope you are doing well!
  4. At first I thought corny old 50's rhythm...AND THEN!!!! How Fun this song is!!! Great voice and writing!
  5. Song for 7th Anniversary of my wife and I yesterday... Thanks for listening! I started with Cakewalk when it was only midi and have used Samplitude for Audio back then..Samplitude for both for the last several years... I am enjoying this new Cakewalk! I was intrigued by the new Arranger section, since I a mostly a song writer...
  6. Here is one of the stock skins included with Samplitude.
  7. Here's another available skin through birdline. https://skins.birdline.gr/index.php?folder=details&subPage=details_el
  8. There are some great skin choices for Samplitude out there...this one of mine is semi custom, but wonderful for my use. The official mixer part of this skin is available here. https://www.lioncrestpro.com/product/prodesk-v3-mixer-skin-for-samplitude-pro-x4-x3/1
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