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  1. Have gone to Gearfest 2 years in a row 16 and 17 skipped 18 it's a great time and there are equipment deals to be had if you really look the tents over.
  2. Thanks for the info, I think there are a lot of useful loops in the BandLab library I just wasn't clear on the usage terminology. Thanks Rob
  3. I know this might have been answered a thousand times already but are the downloadable loops from Bandlab usable in film and tv production music commercial use? royalty free? and if so where would I find the terms of use etc... Thanks In Advance Rob
  4. Very, very nice I absolutely Dig it. Definitely going to be downloading and flying some new colors. Thank You to the persons that manipulate themes it really means a lot.
  5. I also like the way you can add content extremely easily no fighting with photos etc... very awesome.
  6. Well Done! It looks like I've found my new home. Thanks, Cakewalk Crew. 😎
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