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  1. 1 hour ago, Dave G said:

    The thing is you can still hear the beginning of the second note.

    Depending on the implementation, the notes might still be treated as distinct notes (you'll hear each note's entire envelope) but the second note will start at the pitch of the previous note and slide to its own pitch.

    If this is what you are hearing then you will probably need to use pitch bend to achieve the result you want.

  2. @Jim Fogle, yes the article you link to is an excellent one.

    The article I linked to talks about concepts (like MIDI, plug-ins and loops) and gives some examples of software, including GarageBand for Mac but also Sonar Music Creator and Acoustica Mixcraft for PC. The word "PC" appears more times than the word "Mac", I personally don't get the feeling they're biased toward the Mac. However, if you feel I should remove the link I will. It's not as detailed as the article you linked to. Let me know what you want me to do.

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