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  1. Thanks, msmcleod. I ran it and it didn't see any problems. If I could roll back to earlier versions to see if it's CbB I would try to see if it is something in the program my system doesn't like now.
  2. Thanks again for the reply, Azslow. When I said "fine-tuned" I meant the other audio devices, such as the HD audio drivers for my graphics card, etc are disabled in the device manager. All USB controllers are set to "no power saving" and the other things we all do to maximize the system for audio. No issues with LatencyMon-sterling readings. When you say "it seems like your system is 'fine tuned' for low multi-core load only," what do you mean? I'm not sure if I do or not. I have all the cores unparked, if that's what you mean. If not, could you elaborate? I'm going to start working backward today to see if I can suss this out. One thing I noticed that I haven't seen before is if there is no audio driver running, in other words, all audio devices are turned off, my idle temp is 25-32C. As soon as an audio driver is engaged the temp jumps up to the upper 40s. I've tested this with MOTU drivers, old Mackie drivers (which still work great for my old Onyx 1220i mixer) and UAD Apollo, which is my main interface. The UAD drivers run way hotter than the newer MOTU drivers (M4 interface) and the Mackie. I used the MOTU and Macke just for testing and don't really use them in the main rig. If I just open CbB I'm in the 50s. Minimal project with a few plugins and I'm in the danger zone. So, I'll take your advice and re-sit and re-thermal paste first, then replace the liquid cooler, then replace the CPU/motherboard. Then throw the whole thing out the window and revisit the old Tascam 244 4-track cassette portastudio in the storeroom and make a cocktail Thanks again for the help.
  3. Thanks, Azlow. I don't think I"ve had any major plugin changes. A few new ones from Plugin Alliance and one from FabFilter, neither of which have caused issues in the past. The temp starts to spike as soon as I open CbB.
  4. I don't use 3. I have to switch between 0, 1 and 2
  5. Yes, that's what I mean. I have to go into the config and change the model. I'm on the 2020.05 EA release
  6. Scook, I started noticing this after the March update. I'm running the May Early Release because I hoped it would fix this. Nope. As I said in the OP since then the thread scheduling needs to be changed just about every time I open CbB.
  7. This is a new problem and has nothing to do with my rig. The computer only does this with Cakewalk. No problems in Mixbus, no abnormal temps when doing graphics work or any other program. I get a safety shutdown at 71C. Done it twice today so I'm dead in the water until I find out why only Cakewalk is doing this.
  8. Bob, I am not overclocked, as I said, my system is liquid-cooled and my system is fine tuned. No park control, highest power plan, etc. The issue is not with the temps under normal usage. It's a problem I have with CbB. I'm pretty computer-savvy and I've troubleshot as many things as I can.
  9. I realize 40 isn't that hot-but my CPU thermal threshold is 61 as per the AMD specs for my processor. CbB will push it well into the mid-60s. That's where it starts to get dicey. The system shuts down at 70. It scared the hell out of me this morning when it did that. Good point about the stress test, although I've never had this problem before and my rig is in good shape.
  10. Hi folks, I'm having a weird problem with Cakewalk since the March update and I thought I would see if anyone has any ideas about why this is happening. I was hoping the latest update might have fixed my problem but no dice. I have noticed that my CPU is running crazy hot, much hotter than normal, when using CbB. There is no temp rise when I use any other program. In a typical project I am running at less than 50% usage and the audio engine never gets above 65% and no late buffers. When I kill the audio engine the temp goes dramatically down. My system is liquid-cooled and usually runs in the low 30s C under normal and even moderate to heavy usage never gets above the low 40s.. As soon as I start CbB the temp starts to go up well into the 40s with no project loaded. I also have noted that I have to keep switching between different thread scheduling modes. When I open a project I find in almost all instances the first thread maxes out which facilitates a mode switch. Afterward, the threads seem to re-balance out. The temp also seems to go up when more tracks are visible in the console view. If I hide the meters it saves a few degrees, temp-wise. All this is making mixing a real pain. I have to constantly monitor the temps and stop frequently to let the heat dissipate. It auto shut down from thermal protection this morning, which I have never had happen before. Thanks for any insight you may have. I am completely vexed by this!! Cheers, Tommy
  11. I agree. It's very good. I picked it up when it was a freebie awhile back (Black Friday giveaway?) and it's the first DS I reach for.
  12. I just replaced the fans in my control room rig case with Noctua fans and they are quiet!!! Their color scheme is kinda groovy
  13. Thanks, Noel and all the Bakers!!! This was a great update.
  14. Peter, I toggled between both phase settings and I was very precise with measuring as well. I have not worked with ARC 3 for more than an hour or so under mixing conditions so I'll definitely give it more of a test over the next couple of days. That was my initial findings. One thing I will say is taking measurements in ARC 3, while easier than it was previously is still nowhere as easy as System 4.
  15. I installed ARC 3 this morning and ran the measurement software to set up multiple monitors. Initial (very initial) tests vs Sonarworks System 4 have me feeling the correction for ARC 3 sounds very similar to ARC 2.5. I was hoping it would tighten up the low-midrange smear I get in the control room. It doesn't do as good a job as Sonarworks. Much clearer definition in the low end. Bass sounds more articulate. My mixes have translated well with System 4 for several years now and I am more confident with my mix decisions since deciding to use it instead of ARC 2.5. I'll run some test mixes with both and see how they translate. The other thing is if you use T-Racks for mastering it won't load the new ARC 3. Only ARC 2.5. I think they need to address that.
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