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  1. I have to agree. I've been down this rabbit hole for hours. It feels real. I got Capture as well so I'm looking forward to modelling my amps. I know my clients will love this!
  2. Thanks, Peter. I figured as much but I wanted to double-check. Looking forward to using Capture with Tonex!
  3. I enjoyed this. Peter, I've pre-ordered Capture and have it ready to go except for one thing. I've contacted tech support twice with no response. Do you know what cables are needed? Do you use speaker cables, standard TS cables, balanced TRS cables? I'm excited to use it to it's potential but I don't want to blow up my amp! Thanks!
  4. This is wicked cool. The possibilities are pretty endless. StudioRack is a great tool for setting up custom multi-band, parallel and series splits.
  5. Me too. I must say, I'm pretty impressed with it. I had raw tracks from a mix I haven't started yet and threw the AMEK on all the tracks. It sounds great! I love the limiter in the Dynamics section. I don't know if it was on the actual console but man, does it help on drum and bass tracks!
  6. A really nice piece of kit for a tenner.
  7. I love the TG Mastering plugin. The EQ is a nice Curve Bender and the other modules are really useful. It's almost always on my 2 Bus but it's great on just about anything. It comes with a Live version which uses a bit less CPU.
  8. I just renovated my studio. Even Larry can't get an extra nickel out of me now.
  9. I just hope it's not UAD 3 and all of our hardware becomes obsolete
  10. You can use quick grouping. Ctrl+A, hold Ctrl and click on the On/Off button.
  11. I've wanted the Curve Bender for a while until I realized I had it in the Waves AR TG Mastering chain. It's the EQ section. I almost always have this on the Master bus and often only use the EQ. It's a very nice sounding plugin and it's considerably less expensive. If someone owns both I would love to know what you think.
  12. I once did a session where I was playing bodhran (Irish hand drum) and the engineer put a u87 on the drum. I told him that was probably too much mic and to use a 57. The producer told me the dude knew what he was doing so we cut the take and the producer hated it. Stuck a 57 on it, laid the track, everyone smiled and that was that.
  13. Definitely off the OP (sorry) but an old philosophy about mics I try to adhere to has remained pretty much the same for a very long time. Make sure I have the mics on hand I'd require to run a typical session and get to know them really, really well. I personally don't have the need for 18 choices of kick drum mics or "The famous mic that captured Dean Martin puking in the corner during a Sinatra session at Capitol" mic or its clone. Though I bet it sounds cherry. I have LDCs for the jobs I need them for. 4 good quality but not super expensive LDCs with different characters for addressing different vocalists, instruments, etc. One good tube LDC and one good ribbon. I have enough mics for drums to do a standard kit along with two pairs of SDCs for overheads or stereo miking of acoustic instruments. And two 421s and four 57s, some of which miked amps on the road for years and still do the job. It's taken me decades to build up the mics I have. The whole locker is probably worth around a pair of u87s. The collecting of gear for the sake of having a locker crammed with 60 year old microphones of every flavor and color has also never been in the budget. It is a selling point for major commercial studios who can boast that sort of inventory to correspond with their history but I don't own one and have only occasionally worked in one. 🙂 As a working musician/studio owner the budget rarely calls for boutique purchases, especially when what I have can do the job. There are a million videos of studio tours and they'll get to the mic locker and pull out all these mics that they never use but they have because they're old or worse, rare! I once saw a picture of the inside of Joe Perry's guitar warehouse. Hundreds of guitars from floor to ceiling he just bought and put in this huge place. Almost none of them will ever get played or even see the light of day again. That really affected me and kinda bummed me out, like seeing caged animals in a zoo. Plugins, on the other hand, are a problem. I blame Larry for that.
  14. All seems well and good in the kingdom here. The trouble I was having with Dim Solo not working has been resolved, so yay! Ran the update hard during a tracking session and a mastering session. No problems. Thanks again, you guys. What a wonderful bakery you run. 🙂
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