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  1. Thank you, Bakers!!! This looks like a wonderful release.
  2. This has lived in my main template since it first came out.
  3. Your Drum Bus will thank you
  4. I picked up the bundle on sale a while back and having these as Pro Channel modules is really handy. Wonderful-sounding plugins, super easy on the CPU. Oh, and welcome back Larry!
  5. Carlos, The real advantage of UAD is the ability to track through the plugins and print the effects while recording. Regardless of OS no regular interface/plugin combination can do this. I don't in any way feel trapped by the UAD platform and I use native plugins 90% of the time ITB but when I'm tracking a band or I want the ability to run mics through a Helios, SSL4000, Manley, Neve 1073, etc., I've found there is simply no better sounding strategy without owning the actual gear. This is why folks invest in UAD. It is a very good example of getting what you pay for.
  6. I use the plugins during mix as well. Their Legacy plugins that come with all their interfaces are great for some general use when you want to save on CPU hit. They barely hit the SHARK chips and sound good and work well. I often track with a Unison plugin and then drop a Legacy version on the track during mix. Their regular ones hit the SHARKS hard but also sound amazing when used during mix and mastering. One advantage to this system is that it, for me, feels more like recording with real analog gear. I can push the Unison pre just like on a desk and get very close to how it feels. It is an expensive way to go and I grit my teeth every time I purchase one but I haven't regretted the decision yet. I can't say that about many things these days.
  7. If you have a Unison preamp the SSL is wonderful, as is the Neve 1073. My very favorite though, is the Helios 69. Man, it's just yummy! I'm trying to only get UAD plugins that are Unison-enabled at this point. I've got most other things covered from other vendors but being able to track with the plugins is amazing. I recently tracked a whole band session using the Helios and loved the results.
  8. On the 2-bus I have an SSL Bus Comp set to very fast attack/release times and 2:1 ratio to get a gain reduction of barely 2dB. A bit of glue. I use a true peak limiter to keep peaks below -4 to -4.5 dB.
  9. Thanks, msmcleod. I ran it and it didn't see any problems. If I could roll back to earlier versions to see if it's CbB I would try to see if it is something in the program my system doesn't like now.
  10. Thanks again for the reply, Azslow. When I said "fine-tuned" I meant the other audio devices, such as the HD audio drivers for my graphics card, etc are disabled in the device manager. All USB controllers are set to "no power saving" and the other things we all do to maximize the system for audio. No issues with LatencyMon-sterling readings. When you say "it seems like your system is 'fine tuned' for low multi-core load only," what do you mean? I'm not sure if I do or not. I have all the cores unparked, if that's what you mean. If not, could you elaborate? I'm going to start working backward today to see if I can suss this out. One thing I noticed that I haven't seen before is if there is no audio driver running, in other words, all audio devices are turned off, my idle temp is 25-32C. As soon as an audio driver is engaged the temp jumps up to the upper 40s. I've tested this with MOTU drivers, old Mackie drivers (which still work great for my old Onyx 1220i mixer) and UAD Apollo, which is my main interface. The UAD drivers run way hotter than the newer MOTU drivers (M4 interface) and the Mackie. I used the MOTU and Macke just for testing and don't really use them in the main rig. If I just open CbB I'm in the 50s. Minimal project with a few plugins and I'm in the danger zone. So, I'll take your advice and re-sit and re-thermal paste first, then replace the liquid cooler, then replace the CPU/motherboard. Then throw the whole thing out the window and revisit the old Tascam 244 4-track cassette portastudio in the storeroom and make a cocktail Thanks again for the help.
  11. Thanks, Azlow. I don't think I"ve had any major plugin changes. A few new ones from Plugin Alliance and one from FabFilter, neither of which have caused issues in the past. The temp starts to spike as soon as I open CbB.
  12. I don't use 3. I have to switch between 0, 1 and 2
  13. Yes, that's what I mean. I have to go into the config and change the model. I'm on the 2020.05 EA release
  14. Scook, I started noticing this after the March update. I'm running the May Early Release because I hoped it would fix this. Nope. As I said in the OP since then the thread scheduling needs to be changed just about every time I open CbB.
  15. This is a new problem and has nothing to do with my rig. The computer only does this with Cakewalk. No problems in Mixbus, no abnormal temps when doing graphics work or any other program. I get a safety shutdown at 71C. Done it twice today so I'm dead in the water until I find out why only Cakewalk is doing this.
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