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  1. The initial VST scan took forever but after it opens in about 10 seconds.
  2. I've been playing around with it a bit and I like it. I'm sort of used to the layout as it's similar to the UAD console. The MIDI implementation is not very elegant but it's fun to track audio. If you have an newer Apollo (I have an old firewire Apollo that won't integrate with Luna as it's Thunderbolt only) it's a pretty seamless ecosystem to work in, I would think. I could see me using this more if I had a Thunderbolt Apollo and was tracking bigger live projects than most of my clients are recording. Lots of stuff I haven't figured out how to do yet, like multi-outs for VSTIs but I find it easier to get around in than MixBus, which I keep upgrading and never use. This will not replace CbB/Sonar as my main DAW. After all the years with it it's all now just muscle memory and I can't imagine working without it. But Luna is kinda fun.
  3. Thanks, Aaron. I'm intrigued by the concept.
  4. Aaron, I still just can't quite wrap my head around this compressor. I've had it since the inital release but its operation is not intuitive to me. It would be great if you would make a tutorial video.
  5. I was thinking about this and searched around to see if the subject was already covered. Has this been discussed? Most other major DAWs are.
  6. Yep, that's what I had to do.
  7. I love the rooms, especially Studio 2 for drums but the secret weapons are the plates, the chambers and the booths.
  8. I did a reinstall of TRacks and now it's there.
  9. I grabbed it but I don't think it has a standalone vst. I've only been able to run it inside TRacks. Am I missing something?
  10. Wouldn't that require a monitor controller as well as the Studio box? That may be an added expense some folks may not want. It only has one ST I/O. I would think you'd have to run mains out to the box and then to a controller to switch between different speakers. Also, you would then have to open the software to switch profiles. A bit clunky for a multi-monitor setup. A system-wide software solution is a more elegant solution, I think. I still think Arc Studio is a great idea for a one monitor pair setup. Perfect for a little workstation rig.
  11. That's how I do it, sort of. All tracks and AUXs come into the SubMix, where all the bus processing is. That feeds the Master, which has meters and HP sends (after 2-bus effects, before correction), which feeds the ARC bus, where the correction plugins are. That outputs to my mains. When exporting, I just turn off the FX bin on the ARC bus.
  12. Turning off room correction before bounce, for me, is just muscle memory. It's like forgetting to hit the record button and the artist wants to murder me after missing a perfect take. Lesson learned quickly! I think the Studio box is a good solution for studios with one set of monitors and an interface with comparable A/D/A specs. For me, it's not a viable option as I have multiple monitors and a live room with listen-back speakers. I use an Audient Nero as my central monitor station and it's one of the best studio purchases I've ever made. Amazing little box, really. I also bought the RME UFX3, in part, because of the converters. It sounds amazing. For me, I think the box would be a downgrade. I'm not sure I'll upgrade to ARC4, personally. Though I have both, I prefer Sonarworks to ARC3 in my studio as I think it gives me a more accurate picture of the low end in my room. And, with the cans profiles I can use it with cue mixes. I just have to remember not to be an idiot and turn off the correction!
  13. I know there are Virtual channels in Console. Maybe there's a way to do it using them?
  14. Do you have an interface with loopback? Although I haven't tried it I imagine it would work. I have a MOTU M2 with loopback so now I'm wondering if it would work with it as well. I don't have time today but I'll give it a bash and report back.
  15. I just tried it and it works great with Sonarworks. I don't have a current calibration profile for ARC3 so it wouldn't load but it works as expected with Sonarworks. TotalMix lets me route anything to anything so I use an unused MADI I/O with loopback.
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