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  1. Mibby, I didn't see the same spike. I found it to be pretty easy on the CPU, much less than CLA Mixhub, which is basically unusable. I was leery of Epic because of that but I was pleasantly surprised.
  2. I swore I wouldn't buy another reverb (no snickering) but since I was mostly a good boy this BF I picked this up. I like it. My first inclination was to turn everything on, which made the track sound like it was playing in an aircraft hanger. But, each one of the modules has a particular vibe and if used one or two at a time the results are quite nice. Quick, too. The routing options make it wicked versatile and all the delays and verbs sound good. I have a pretty good verb and delay template that has the ones I use most set up as Room (now almost exclusively IK's Sunset Sound, which is amazing), Plate (Valhalla Plate and Abbey Road Plates), Chamber (AR Chambers, Sunset Sound's chambers, Valhalla Room) and a Main Verb (UAD Lexicon 480L), Slap Delay (Waves J37 for tape and HDelay), Tape Delay (IKs TR5 Tape Echo) and a basic delay (HDelay, Waves Super Tap). I will often use sends on the delays to the verbs or vice versa, much like this plugin does. That said, it's quick to drop on a track and get a quick thing going.
  3. Depends on what's for dinner
  4. For almost $600 those EQs better do the laundry and make dinner
  5. Thanks for the head's up!! This is a lovely verb.
  6. Jumped on this as I was planning on picking up a 421 soon anyway. This is a really good deal!
  7. I think the update somehow corrupted some of my projects. This problem seems to arise on projects that I was working on at the time of the update. New projects work as expected and older projects do as well. It just gets weird on the 4 tunes I've been working on for a client the last few weeks. Can that happen? I don't think I've ever run into this before. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, Jonathan!
  8. This is the part that isn't working any more. At least on my machine.
  9. Hi Noel, Thanks for addressing my question. I've been using Sonar/Cakewalk every day professionally for 13 years and I've always edited automation this way. It's total muscle memory. It's not working the same way since the 2020.08 update.
  10. After the 2020.08 update a curious bug has showed up. Before, when doing automation editing, I could use the SmartTool + Ctrl to raise or lower an area between two nodes. Since the update, when I try this only the left node moves, not both. I have tried to add nodes to set up a region but only the left one will work with this command, even when both nodes of an area are highlighted. I was hoping this new update would address this but it still exhibits the same behavior. Has something changed that I am unaware of? Even when I choose the Move Tool this still persists. Thanks, folks!
  11. I agree, Larry. I used it for years but seem to reach for it less, lately. Another is the UAD Bax EQ. It's also sweet on busses.
  12. I have to admit, I grabbed this on a whim with my August voucher. Like I need ANOTHER eq? I put it on the 2-Bus of a mix I started to rough in and was shocked at how good it sounds. Like, very, very good. Wicked open and airy on the top. MS is a delight. With the voucher it ended being $14.99. Absolute steal. I guess I did need another eq.
  13. Thank you, Bakers!!! This looks like a wonderful release.
  14. This has lived in my main template since it first came out.
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