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  1. Yeah, I finally bought the full Kontakt at a great price a week or so ago - early days but so far, very glad I jumped!
  2. This gets so much love and development it’s hard to keep up. I find if I’ve not used it for a while, I need to invest some time and go back to basics, then learn the new stuff. The support via video tutorials is also second to none. Really excellent plugin.
  3. Oh no, gas kicking in, just watched a video of that Realivoxblue singing hallelujah…insanely good!
  4. Would Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals be good for rock/pop/ballad stuff? I’m looking for something in that arena rather than classical.
  5. I get this - it can be a bit overwhelming. One of my motivations for buying was purely for having fun. I mean my THING is songwriting, playing and recording my own songs then releasing them in an album format. I don’t really think owning Omnisphere for years but not owning Kontakt has stopped me from producing the best I am capable of, but it’s sure going to be fun diving in and finding out!
  6. Come on Larry, give us a clue where to start!!
  7. Just picked up the full version of Kontakt on a crossgrade deal for €124 and am aware that one of the benefits is the availability of relatively cheap third party libraries. Are there certain developers you'd recommend for such goodies?
  8. Marshall

    Nembrini BG Extasy

    What does it bring that the other Nembrinis don’t offer?
  9. This is the problem with IRs. I mean I have caved in and bought some Ownhammmer ones, and you get about 5 million of them. So you browse through and pick a few at random, and they DO make a difference and sound great, but you then worry about the 4.99 million in the pack you haven’t tried and wonder if you’re missing out. Then you think, no one cares, I’d be better off just spending my time practicing!
  10. It would appear so…whilst it’s very tempting at this price, I have a feeling for the songs I write and record I will get more use out of Picked Nylon. I absolutely love Session Guitarist series. Decisions, decisions…
  11. Thanks for all the info! I have Hyperion Strings Micro and that means I can cross grade to Kontakt 6 for €124, which sounds good. Think I will do that…do any of the discounters offer a better deal than buying direct from NI?
  12. Is there a list of qualifying libraries for the cross grade path from Player to Full?
  13. Every time this goes on sale I am tempted. Years ago, I was trying to decide between Kontakt and Omnisphere as my first major virtual instrument. With valuable input from Dave @bitflipperand others I decided that Omnisphere was right for me, and I have used it on many completed album tracks since, I love it. Do I need Kontakt as well? Probably not, but what has “need” got to do with it?
  14. I have recorded many compositions with AD2 - it was my go to for many years, but about a year ago I finally bought EZ Drummer 2. For a non drummer like me, EZ Drummer is light years ahead of AD2 in terms of how easy it is to come up with convincing drum patterns and maintaining interest through subtle variations in a complete song. I used EZ Drummer on most of the tracks on my 2021 album, and my only regret is I didn’t buy it years ago.
  15. The quality of this series is absolutely stunning. Unless you are a seriously excellent player you will get results that are beyond what you can achieve yourself, INHO…and then there are the mics, the recording space etc.
  16. Been sleeping on the job and missed this deal. Any other codes out there?!
  17. I think it’s for use with an acoustic or an electric fitted with piezo pickups. I thought it would be intended to allow you to DI an acoustic and get a decent mic sound. Haven’t had a chance to try it though so I could be wrong.
  18. Acoustic Voice Preamp Be interested to hear what this is like. Incidentally, if you want the iOS version, it’s currently £7.99 in Apple’s UK store, rather than $39 for the desktop one.
  19. Brilliant! Sure it will give you years of pleasure, just like it has done for me 😀. Still the best all in one
  20. New features and improvements: ● Musical Symbols playback with Sound Variations ● MIDI channel support for Sound Variations ● ZIP conversion option for documents including upload to PreSonus Sphere ● Chord Track chords to Note Events conversion ● Drag & Drop support for Presets and FX Chains on Show Page ● Seamless Patch changes on Show Page ● Note Controller support for VST3 instruments via VST Note Expression and MPE ● Updated manuals in English and Japanese ● Updated PreSonus audio interface templates The following issues have been fixed: ● [ATOM SQ] Device script sends Sustain message 2 times ● [ATOM SQ] Japanese characters result in blank display cells ● [Drum Editor] Transform tool misses last note of a given selection ● [Impact XT] Eco Filter causing high level noise with certain samples ● [Note Editor] "Fill with notes" in custom pitch range adds unwanted notes outside the range ● [Note Editor] In certain situations, "Length / Legato + Overlap Correction" creates unwanted note length ● [Note FX] Arpeggiator not triggering with note values less than 1 beat ● [Pro EQ²] 12th octave spectrum meter is incorrect ● [Pro EQ²] Potential crash when using LowCut at 48dB/Oct ● [Project Page] Undo history doesn't call out parameters and values ● [Score Editor] “Fill with rests” causes the score to be drawn incorrectly ● [Score Editor] Potential crash when repeatedly executing enharmonic respelling tool ● [Show Page] "Add Player" commands disabled depending on workspace focus ● [Show Page] Selecting a patch containing a splitter creates a phantom splitter ● [Sound Variations] "Find and Apply Variation" during recording won't record already activated variation ● [Sound Variations] Momentary Sound Variations can be stacked but only the one added last is visible ● [Sound Variations] When applying momentary sound variations to a note, the same (momentary) variation can be added several times ● [Waves Plug-ins] Graphics may become sluggish when hovering the mouse pointer above plug-in controls ● [Windows] Cannot save song when it's selected in the browser ● [Windows] Incorrect resizing when moving plug-in window from regular to HiDPI display w/ certain plug-ins ● Actions are not aimed at multiple selected events/parts after shift+deselect ● Automation follows events may create redundant nodes ● Buses jump out of folders in Console when editing their automation ● Collapsing a Multi Instrument inside a folder hides Multi Instrument ● Commands inside a macro can change behavior if keyboard shortcuts use modifier keys ● Compare button does not toggle with 3rd party plugins ● Drag & Drop from Steinberg Backbone VSTi not working ● VST3 compatibility improvements ● Editing an automation curve might show unwanted behavior ● “Follow Chords”, "Play Overlaps" and Tune Mode doesn't copy over when executing 'Duplicate Track Complete" ● Marker list is not shown in Studio One Remote ● Mouse wheel is inverted on chord track inspector octave field ● Moving an External Instrument Track from one Bus Folder to another loses the Input assignment of its Aux Channel ● Outputs to bus reset to Main when folder track is removed ● Play Overlaps checkbox doesn't get copied over to new track when using "duplicate track complete" ● Potential crash when triggering "Zoom Selected Track" after mixer scene change ● Range Select+Copy pastes range at incorrect destination when there is automation data ● Renaming audio files fails w/ error message "file is in use" in certain cases ● “Show in Context” does not work for effects on browser home page ● Small 3rd-party plug-in window is not centered ● Tone Generator pops in certain situations ● “Transform To Audio” changes the track's Tempo & Timestretch settings to "default"
  21. If you have Melodyne Studio 4 the upgrade to Studio 5 is $83.12 at EveryPlugin. Like others mention - this is good until 30th June. Out of interest, what is your main driver for wanting to upgrade? I’ve resisted so far.
  22. I wish I could put my finger on it. I found the sound quite harsh, and impossible to conjure up a that glorious jangle I remember from 40 years ago. But…maybe my memory is playing tricks on me! When I bought my AC30 in 1981, I was broke and the bank wrote me a stinking letter something like “ because you used your bank guarantee card, your payment to XYZ Music (who I bought the Vox from) was honoured. However, you are now £ (enter random figure, long forgotten) overdrawn and the bank will not permit any further use of your account until such time as sufficient funds are deposited ….blah blah blah.” I had no job, there weren’t any available and I soon lost my flat! Kept the amp a good few years though and it was good to me. Through the passing of the years, my memories of what an AC30 should sound like are probably tarnished. Coming back to the present day, I tried the Nembrini version with an SG, a Strat, and an Ernie Ball JP6 loaded with DiMarzio Liquify/Crunchlabs and none of them worked for me. Perhaps it’s me, because as I say, I was in a minority in not getting along with it. Try the demo - I hope you enjoy it!
  23. @Christian Jones I’m good thanks, hope you are too. Yeah, HASR was a great resource but I can totally see that from Tyler’s viewpoint it would have taken over his life - probably for little return. He is clearly a very knowledgeable guy, and it was generous of him to share that knowledge with the rest of us. Us guitar players all have an inner-geek to a lesser or greater extent, but sometimes I think that worrying about the minutiae is distracting from the real issue (for me anyway), and that is writing and recording music. 99.9% of listeners won’t notice or give a hoot about subtle differences in the quality of your guitar tones. Is it a good song? Does it move me? Don’t get me wrong, I love conjuring up a great tone even in the knowledge that no one really cares apart from me, and I’ll always pursue that. But I am absolutely done collecting amp sims….Well OK, IF I can get a Vox that works for me (since the Nembrini didn’t) that may be one final purchase.
  24. That is so true. It’s all of those things, not just the amp sim.
  25. I have to say I was SO looking forward to the Vox. I didn’t see one negative review. Fortunately I tried the demo before pulling the trigger, because I couldn’t get it to sound halfway good. I felt I was in a minority of one! Just shows how subjective amp sims are.
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