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    Ummmm, OK......... And I can't get rid of the double graphic! AAAArrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!
  2. Take a look at DaVinci Resolve by BlackMagicDesign (https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/). The price is right - free! 😉
  3. We pulled out the DVDs of "WKRP in Cincinnatti". Watched the Thanksgiving episode (with God as my witness I thought turkeys could fly!"), the episode wiht "Scum of the Earth" and when the 11 kids were killed at the end of December at a WHO concert. Also when Carmen had her baby (from 1980 - the same year we had our first child) and a few more. Good, good shows.
  4. And for those on Windows 10 home you don't have a choice - you will either upgrade or be forced to go offline. Of course if you go offline to avoid your interface becoming a brick, then 6 months later your DAW (assuming Cakewalk by Bandlab) becomes a brick. Great choice.
  5. Welcome to my world..............................................
  6. Well bless your heart!💗
  7. Seems to be a variation of a Zoetrope (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoetrope). They were popular in the mid 1800s. Video of one in action - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBg6dAE3mI0
  8. Thanks. I missed the 'Advanced' section when going over this. That will help prevent having to redo settings every couple of weeks. ☺️ I did see the Delivery Optimization options and took care of that earlier.
  9. After this experience we only allow updates from Sunday evening to Tuesday evening. We pause updates starting Wednesday (rehearsal day) and keep it paused through Sunday afternoon. This will hopefully prevent changes from any settings made on Wednesday. Today Windows did their November update. For the past 30-45 minutes we have been going back in and turning off stuff (again) and uninstalling apps (again). BTW, how did you get 35 days? Our version only allows pausing of updates for 7 days.
  10. Consider that when you go online to update CbB, Windows will also begin to update in the background - whether you want it to or not. I recently had an experience where Windows 10 updated the night before an event we were scheduled to live stream. The update wiped out the audio drivers. The live stream wasn't accomplished because we had no audio and couldn't figure out why until a deep dive much later. These types of incidents can make a person look very foolish, especially if it is in front of a paying client. An event like this can result in not just loss of a client, but perhaps other legal issues for failing to provide contracted services. Yes, CbB is free, and they can do what they wish. I still wish they would make it so that you could export a file with the latest info from your CbB install, upload it to Bandlab from another computer that is on line, and get a file back that I can upload to keep my CbB running. It would also be nice if CbB would provide a toaster message indicating that "Cakewalk will need to update in 30 days" so that you can do it before it goes into Demo mode. Just my thoughts.......
  11. You're welcome. 😊 When you said you had used something years earlier, it immediately made me think of the Sonitus plugins. I wish they would update them as they are really nice.
  12. Included in CbB, is the Sonitus EQ. It has been in SONAR for a while. It has a nice 50 and 60 cycle hum setting.
  13. This is especially true with updates to the OS. There may be nothing wrong with the actual interface, but changes to the OS make existing interfaces unusable. Had that occur recently with a Win 10 update, and there have been a number of articles recently concerning a Mac update that breaks lots of stuff.
  14. Question - what is it about these wave editors that makes it easier/quicker to edit the spoken voice files?
  15. Curious if anyone is using CbB for recording audio book narration? If you are, any insight into setup, etc. that you found was different from recording music. Thanks
  16. Another issue that is raising up is the use of cloud based services to inject ransomware. There was the recent issue in Texas (22 city/county/local government agencies) as well as a number of dentist offices. In both circumstances the agencies/offices were using a cloud based service. The attackers came in through the service and then branched out to the individual offices and agencies. Remember, 'cloud based' simply means someone else's computer-server instead of yours, and you have no control over it.
  17. Oxford, Alabama - where it does snow on occasion (of course its gone by the next day! 😉)
  18. If that isn't easy enough for you, then you can purchase a Smart Oven that can burn down your house for you thanks to its interactive app! Smart ovens have been turning on overnight and preheating to 400 degrees At least three smart June Ovens have turned on in the middle of the night and heated up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. The ovens’ owners aren’t sure why this happened, and June tells The Verge that user error is at fault. The June Oven debuted in 2015 as a $1,495 countertop oven* that uses a camera and computer vision to identify food that’s been placed inside. The company raised nearly $30 million in funding and released its second-generation version in 2018 for $599. It’s billed as “seven appliances in one”: an air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, broiler, toaster, warming drawer, and convection countertop oven. It also pairs with an app that allows people to choose their temperature and cooking settings, as well as live stream their food as it cooks thanks to the built-in camera. https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/14/20802774/june-smart-oven-remote-preheat-update-user-error *That's what us old folks called a toaster oven that you can get at Walmart for $30
  19. And from that great statistician Yogi Berra, "Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical."
  20. Using the latest version of CbB and mine is showing the Video option under Views
  21. If you want to see/hear something unique, there is a web site that is playing back the entire Apollo 11 mission in real time. It includes over 11,000 hours of audio from mission control. Also has video that is synced to actual events as they occurred. It is a very neat web site. https://apolloinrealtime.org/11/
  22. Exactly. Subscriptions came about when the various software programs matured. Microsoft did this with Office. I have Office 2010 (use to need it for work) and there is no credible reason to switch to a newer version. In fact, I could probably go back to Office 2007 without any issues. Writing a document hasn't changed in the past nine years, spreadsheets still perform their calculations as they have done for the past nine years, presentations are still using the same stupid animations, and they are trying to phase out their Access database. Why should I upgrade or pay monthly for what I already have, that works, and works well. In fact, since I retired I hardly ever use Office and instead use LibreOffice, the free open source software suite.
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