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  1. I think some folks that stay on Win7 may do so out of unease with Win10 and so also turn off Cakewalk Analytics. I am building up a new DAW on a new i7 laptop (been at it for months- plug-in license transfers!!) But I would appreciate the security of having my offline Win7 studio PC frozen with the last possible CbB to fall back on.
  2. CbB requires periodic re-registering. For those of us that want to avoid the Win10 issues , would it be possible to get the last CbB that runs on Win7 in a form that does NOT require re-registering? In this way it will be possible to freeze ones DAW and know it will always work (technical failures notwithstanding) There must be a reason for the re-registering so I figure Noel would be the person to ask about this.
  3. ... and CbB needs to be re-regisered periodically. Back to Sonar I guess.
  4. I am so happy I still have my Windows7 DAW PC. PC = PERSONAL Computer
  5. Wow. NOT a hiphop person here, but that's given me some really new perspectives. Thanks a lot.
  6. If you record and then you look in the Cakewalk piano roll, do you see the sustained note as you hear it? Or does it cut off when you stop playing? Do the chords appear as a stackof notes or only a single note?
  7. Most Asio drivers only support one device at a time, that of the device manufacturer. Win10 did introduce better standard drivers but Asio is still usually preferred as I understand it. If Cubase works and you are satisfied with it, find out what drivers it is using, then select those in Cakewalk.
  8. Solo still lets some of the other tracks through at a reduced level (depending on settings), so try this using Mute instead: Mute everything. Go to just before your middle 8 section. Unmute your effected channel only. A. Does the reverb, EQ etc. stay the same going into the middle 8? Now mute the effected channel and unmute the the dry channel only. B. Does it stay dry into the middle 8? Now unmute both and disable all EQ, effects, etc (use the button on the top of the bins). keep the panning. C. Does it sound stereo before the middle 8? And does it collapse to mono in the middle 8?
  9. Deleted - Method below should help something reveal itself
  10. You misunderstand. The middle 8 has the exact same clip on both sides. Identical audio. coming from the left and right speakers. Like a pan pot set in the middle. Mono. Zoom in and you will see they are identical.
  11. In my experience HP have stuff running in the background that supposedly optimizes user experience but in fact sucks resources. I'd look to see what HP processes are running and if any are using excessive CPU etc., google them and see what others have done about it.
  12. The in parts that sound like stereo you have put different takes on the left and right. The 8 bar mono section is the SAME take panned left and right, which results in a mono signal, just 3dB louder.
  13. And you have me relieved, too. Thanks for keeping us posted.
  14. The internet is full of sites that host sample sets. Loops, esp. heavy drums, are the most common. Some are construction kits of various kinds, so you may get a full loop accompanied by each instrument in its own loop. Or with samples of the instruments themselves, so you can create your own variants or breaks.
  15. This is worrying news. I have seen nothing like Session Drummer anywhere, except perhaps Plogue Sforzando or the sfz player itself (but that is 32bit I think). Just to explain, Session Drummer is based on sfz files and you can build your own pretty sophisticated kits. Look up the sfz file documentation. I have an old PC and don't update Windows on it, but I am migrating to a new PC. I must check if it works there.
  16. Are the outputs selected in the properties page?
  17. OK, so I checked my two StudioCaptures out. Here's what I did: All 32 channels on record, all channels turned down to 0.0dB. except Ch1 where I connect a BeyerDynamic which is known for the high out-of-spec current it draws from the 48v phantom power. Record: Ch1 shows my voice, There is a visible low fluctuation in the other tracks, probaly normal. Listen back with all channels on the Master bus - I hear nothing other than some hiss when cranked full, plus hum which disappears when I turn off 48v - so in other words, it did not get recorded. Export Ch2 44.1/16, no dithering. Open in Audacity, normalize: I see what must be single bits going positive and negative, but listening to them it is a sort of crackling, no systematic whine of fizzing like in your test bed. Next, set Ch2 to record only, crank up input to full 58.0dB and record: Listen back with headphone full: I hear some additional hiss compared to Ch3 which still has the signal recorded with input sens at 0dB, acceptabe I would say. Your test bed has two parts. The first sounds to me like ground loop whine I have experienced in the past. But the second part, the fizzing, really does sound like component failure. As a comment, it has worried me that these interfaces get fairly warm. I am glad I never mounted them in a rack. I can imagine heat buildup slowly baking the electrolytic capacitors - a common source of age-related failure. Anyway, the fact that BOTH of your devices are showing the same issue is a coincidence. But you really have left no stone unturned, so I don't know what else to suggest. Doesn't help you, I know. But I will keep an ear open for this phenomenon on my StudioCaptures in future.
  18. Sorry, me again, if you don't mind... 1. If nothing is connected and all input levels are down - do you still get noise? 2. Was the kick mic a condenser or dynamic? (drawing current might be a cause...) 3. You say a whine - could it be a ground loop? I have this happen if, say, other devices (keys, guitar multifx... Laptop itself) with their own grounded power supplies are connected. I originally intended the two OctaCaptures for permanent mounting in my rack with outboard gear. I had endless whine and hum problems, disconnecting one device may stop another unrelated source - it drove me crazy. I eventually got a whole bunch of Behringer HD400 hum destroyers (really just audio isolation transformers) and it worked but was ridiculous with all these things hanging between connections. Much later I got a Tascam US-20x20 and that has given me no issues. I got the StudioCaptures to record an entire band (if that ever happens again) but I take a whole lot of HD400's to a recording gig just in case. What I'm saying is, they are temperamental, but I'm still hoping they don't have a limited life.
  19. also, be aware that a signal with high harmonic content sounds much louder than a signal with low harmonic content. Try this when you have time: Record a sine wave around 500-1kHz, and then some white noise at the same level. Notice how the sine wave seems much softer? Voice has low harmonic content compared to distorted guitar and fat synth pads. Add the fact that distortion is in a sense a hard limiter and voice is dynamic, you will have the issues bitflipper was talking about.
  20. You got me really worried - I have 2 Studio and 2 OctaCaptures. Did both become noisy at once? And equally noisy? Are some channels more noisy than others? Or is the entire device noisy? You are aware that the instrument inputs on the entire range are microphonic and generate hum if on hi-impedance? (but if you turn the level down its inaudible) Please, some more info on the nature of this noise phenomenon... !!!
  21. Really? What do you use it for, if I may ask? When I was a new to - then Sonar - the fact that it is the default on install made me think for a long time snap to grid was broken. Even today I wonder what situations it could find a use.
  22. Look out for as many of the old-style USB ports as possible. You will be wanting to connect interfaces, keyboards, controllers, a thumb drive or external hard drive... Hubs often cause issues with DAWs. Also decide how your setup will be arranged and where the ports should be - mostly left, mostly right, or back? The trend is toward fewer ports and USB 3, but music gear is moving rather slowly and USB 3 is not yet common. And yes, two internal hard drives is desirable.
  23. I was going to say Offset is on... Even if you create a fresh project, copy some audio in a mono track and pan hard?
  24. If you plug the guitar straight into the interface, use Inst. It presents a high-impedance and that is what an electric guitar needs, else you will get less high frequencies.
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