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    Now might be the moment for a version that doesn't block up if you don't re-activate.
  2. I program with Delphi and it just puts a reminder nag in the title bar. It does NOT block you like Cakewalk does. Please, Bakers - I appeal to you: Consider this gentler, less drastic alternative.
  3. This would be the most wonderful feature. Oh! Relief from activation anxiety! I'd never know when that red box would stop me working until I took my PC in again to re-activate (remembering to turn off Windows Update!) Last time it happened in a band's rehearsal room with no internet. Activation anxiety... Which is why I installed only Sonar on my new PC.
  4. Clean Folder comes from an age where hard drives were small and projects re-used material from other projects if possible. It searches every drive it can find, and searches through every folder (including the recycling bin) and looks for stuff that might be linked to your project. Takes aaaages. And in the end it does not do what you expect it to do. So: The trick is to create a new project folder and save your project there. There is a check box to include ... files (I don't remember the exact wording) - if you check that, it will save only the files you are actually using. Now you can delete the old folder (or back it up, safer) and rename your new folder to the old name. It's a workaround we use even now.
  5. My Melodyne 4 64bit Studio does not start at all on my new PC. Celemony pointed me to their FAQ where there is an article that says Melodyne 64bit does not work with some of the new generation 11 Intel CPUs. They do not explain what the cause is. They say support was dropped 2 years ago and you should upgrade to version 5. Strangely enough the 32bit version works.
  6. I am rebuilding my DAW on a brand new PC from scratch. I have my own, purchased version of Melodyne Studio 4.2.4. Sonar Platinum also comes with a minimal version of Melodyne. To avoid conflicts and ease the installation process, which should I install first? Melodyne or Sonar? Obviously I want my Studio version to come up when I use it.
  7. We were very fortunate and we were all grateful. But when Voyetra closed, my Sequencer Plus Gold continued working until I finally found an alternative... Cakewalk! When Gibson pushed off Sonar I installed it on every PC I owned, just in case. Imagine having to go around every 6 months re-activating every installation? I am unaware of any DAW with this requirement. Anyway, I just wanted the opportunity to highlight the problem. Thanks!
  8. I was preparing to record a band whose rehearsal room is in an old industrial site. No internet. I have a small laptop in my bag for this purpose. Cakewalk showed the red box that told me it would not save. Fortunately I still have Sonar installed so the session could go ahead. But it made me think: Sonar has had no support from Gibson in years, yet my installed version still works. I have to trust that Cakewalk will always be there, else all my work will need to be transferred one day. So yes, I still use Cakewalk because I know it, but after this happened I decided it's safer to learn Studio One (which I got in that sidegrade offer back when the bad news came from Gibson).
  9. Just to check, (please don't take offence if I ask basic questions). - Is the switch double-throw? (so you had both meter probes on the switch) or is it single-throw? (so you had the plus meter probe on the switch and the negative on common) But if the voltage is dropping, either 1. the regulator has failed short-circuit, possibly because an electrolytic capacitor is bad (esp. on old equipment) or 2. a rectifier diode has failed (unlikely) or 3. the AC adaptor is bad. ...or there is a failure on the main circuit, causing it to draw excessive current. If so, that's going to require hands-on from an expert. So I suggest you leave it on for about a minute, pull out the AC adapter and then, with slightly moistened fingers (NOT wet), check for semiconductor components that are hot. I assume you can locate the rectifier/regulator section? There is probably a regulator in there, typically LM317, but possibly LM7809 or 7805. Check first there for overheating regulator integrated circuits (they look like power transistors). It is also possible that the regulator is made up of individual transistors, not single regulator ICs. This look-for-the-hot-electrical-part trick is a good way to quickly find a faulty component.
  10. I'm one of those. In my case I decided dependence on a DAW that needs constant re-registration is too risky. But Cakewalk/Sonar/Cakewalk NEVER got much love from the wider community and I cannot understand why. I get the German "Keys", "Beat" and "Recording" magazines. This month there is a Studio One tips article, but I cannot remember when last I saw a Cakewalk/Sonar article.
  11. Cannot find any circuit diagrams on the interwebs, but if it has an external AC 9V supply, then rectification and regulation happens inside the device. If there is 9V AC at the switch, does it drop right down when it is switched on? Are there any large electrolytic capacitors that look like anything is leaking out? Is there a fuse perhaps? There must be 4 (or 2?) black diodes for rectifying, or a rectifier block with AC sine wave symbols on two terminals and plus and minus on two others. There may be printed markings on the board, too. Can you measure between 9-11V on the + and - symbols?
  12. I've never had the pleasure but every now and so often someone here waxes lyrical about Project 5. Clearly had cool creative ideas in it. Bakers? I often do triplet pop/irish and use 36-based time sigs. Goes into 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12 and 18
  13. 56/8 time sig. You put your 4/4 every 14 beats and your 7/8 every 8 beats
  14. Choose a time sig where it all fits in. It will be a weird one.
  15. Like "ProChannel"... https://www.cakewalk.com/Products/SONAR/Buy-Now/SONAR-Professional
  16. Yes, that was the case in the Sonar days, too. Yet when I look at new features announcements from other DAWs it's often stuff Sonar/CbB has had for ages, drawing a big MEH from me. I sometimes get asked what I use, so I extoll the virtues of CbB. Mostly eyes just glaze over, understandable from someone just starting out. And then I mention that it's FREE!!! ... and I get like "Oh. Well. OK, But I need a PROFESSIONAL DAW." And so they go for PT or Cubase. Yeah. "Free" kinda comes over as a negative. I see their minds going "Free? Can't be much good, then." Perhaps I should stop mentioning that.
  17. I use the monitor in my laptop. It's always there, even when I'm on the train, so I've learned to put up with it. The only thing that bugs me is the small number of pro channel modules I can see at a time. I wish they'd been designed to be more space efficient. Yes, I know, you can collapse them. Click, click, click, click, click...
  18. Believe me, I tried absolutely each and every combination, tried all USB ports, ex power, different cables... On some it worked flawlessly, on some it didn't show up as a USB device.
  19. I had one that was recognized as a USB device by some laptops and not at all by others. I don't know if it had to do with chipsets, but it was independent of the age of the laptops. Very strange. I exchanged it for a different manufacturer.
  20. You are facing a change from Mac to Win and this sounds like a basic setup problem. If you are serious about getting going with Cakewalk and not just trolling, take the time to describe the problem. Theres some real helpful people here.
  21. You will be aware of the problem where bass and kick overlap and you need to decide which takes low and which high (or which ducks which). This goes for all instruments. You need to listen to everything in context else you get mud.
  22. Yup. Ominous. I'd be interested to know what good perpetual activation does.
  23. Really?!? H'm. Strange. OK, thanks for going to the trouble, I will investigate.
  24. I use IE because it's the only T3-capable non-Google browser. No worries. IE is a dying option, I am aware of that (I know, I know - windmills).
  25. OK, I don't use a Chromium-based browser, so it's probably that.
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