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  1. ooooh...thank you for showing me the deep magic!!! So excited about this feature...
  2. Great feature and I had success using it, (after upgrading to latest Cakewalk Update) but I went back in to edit and the articulations I added are greyed out, (no color) and I can't drag the points at all and I assumed one would always be able to redrag the edit points just by entering the Piano Roll view... Ok, closed out Piano Roll and reopened and now the Piano, MIDI grid and articulations have disappeared. hahahahaha.... It's so promising though! Anybody else experience this?
  3. Any feedback, constructive criticism is welcome...
  4. hey hey! I can hear the whole thing and it sounds awesome! Good work man...
  5. Listening to Hostile, Nice playing, tone, (what's your gear?), screaming. Wish I had those screaming skills. Never been a fan of cookie monster singing but respect if you can do it without blowing your voice out. Sounds pretty solid man. Nice job....
  6. The tones/instrument in the beginning between the first two versus sounded a little "Close Encounters" to me. :-D Nice vocals and recording of the instruments. What a great idea for that video! well done...
  7. congalocke

    This Love

    nice guitar playing and singing. I as well would like to hear another snare than the main one, (even though the snare hits right before the tom fills seem "normal" less thin). The chorus and your performance are really catchy and growing on me. Nice...
  8. congalocke

    Hold Me Down

    Nice work. It's raw and yet it's fun to see you work with an effect in there. (what is that?). Thanks for sharing...
  9. congalocke


    I like it, nice pop melody, heavy guitar comes in for a section, nice job. Is there a common verb being used between the drums and other instruments? (The drums seem to be in a different space) I think getting them all in the same space would really tie this track together for the listener. Keep em' commin'
  10. Nice. Makes me think of the music behind the story breaks in Zelda...
  11. So imaginative. Love the way it kept moving and the way the moods shifted. This is really good. I agree with garybrun that working on ambience would take this composition up a notch. Impressive...
  12. Steve, enjoyed this piece. Nice pitch formant effect and playing on the guitar., (Effect pedal?) And the composition was lively never sounding canned. Would this be considered as influenced by "ragtown" music. Nice work...
  13. Nice solid performance all around. Good mix...always nice when a mrs has a good voice to contribute to a project. 😉
  14. So unique. It makes me think of Vai's Flexable Leftovers. I enjoyed it. I noticed instrumentation following the voice at one point, (or is it throughout?). Who's the main influence for something like this, Zappa or...?
  15. congalocke

    Mondo Lynn

    Laid back breathy intro. I'm really enjoying this. Has a wonderful feel that I get when listening to the instrumental from Honolulu City Lights. I really enjoy this composition. The instruments, construction. Those breathy vocals are legit..love what you're doing man!
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