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  1. Makke


    Thanks for feedback. Some times I play midi-keyboards too. Greetings Makke.
  2. Makke

    Sounds Like Heaven

    Great rock song and performance. Well done record sounds good.
  3. Makke


    Thanks for the nice feedback.
  4. Makke

    Cherry blooms

    thanks for the watching and feedback
  5. Makke


    Well sung beautiful melody. I liked the song and arrangement.
  6. Nice blues rock with live feel. Great job!
  7. Makke

    Reefer Fiction

    Some psychedelic stuff... well done.
  8. Makke


    Thanks for the feedback. Yeah ... mostly I play guitars, but some times I play and record midi-keyboard + VSTi synths too. Greetings … Makke
  9. Makke


    Thanks for the comment Makke
  10. Makke

    wireless brudes

    Interesting song. Some sixties and seventies psychedelic pop/rock vibe. Nice job!
  11. Makke

    Warp 6

    Nice trip ... Space wagon rush between the asteroids and around the planets. Good sounds
  12. Makke


    This time midi-keyboard + vsti-synths and guitars ... instrumental music Domino - Hillside Synths
  13. Makke

    Cherry blooms

    Thanks! I appreciate your feedback Greetings … Makke
  14. Makke

    Cherry blooms

    Thanks for the nice feedback. have a nice weekend Makke
  15. Makke

    Cherry blooms

    Thanks for the feedback.
  16. Makke

    Cherry blooms

    Thanks for the nice feedback! gretings … Makke
  17. Makke


    Great rock song with vintage vibe… good arrangement , mix and sounds.
  18. Makke


    Pleasant video with airy soundtrack. Beautiful sounds and restful ambiance for relax.
  19. Makke

    The Only One

    Excellent work. Nice poprock song. Good vocs an playing…
  20. Makke

    Cherry blooms

    Nice that you enjoyed my video. Best regards … Makke
  21. Makke

    Cherry blooms

    Thanks for the feedback Greetings ... Makke
  22. Makke

    Reach Up

    It's always a pleasure to watch and listen your videos. Nice groove and sounds. Thumbs up!
  23. Makke


    Nice one. Interest soundscape with different parts.
  24. Makke

    Casbah - video

    Nice stuff ... I liked the video and soundtrack.
  25. Makke

    Cherry blooms

    Thanks for the feedback Best regards ... Makke
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