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  1. sorry i used the "BURN CD" option under "UTILITIES" in Band Lab Cakewalk. I'm not understanding "PRE-BURN VOLUME. " Do you mean was the playback adequate volume? Yes.
  2. How do i get more volume when burning a CD
  3. when insert a key change, it changes for a few bars and then reverts to previous key. I don't mean transpose. I mean key change signature change
  4. Thanks \. I have used cakewalk for ages and the midi to audio procedures have change a few times. Ive not run into this issue before. Adding a TTS synth then deselecting it was news to me!
  5. doesnt work..........clickon "export" and i get a menu offering to export to a file..........not to an audio track Bounce option doesnt work either
  6. The Bandlab Cakewalk site offers no help in converting to audio....If i try to bounce as suggested i get a message stating there is no audio in the file i am trying to convert. If use export, get a MENU which offers to export to a file, not to a selected audio track. Is there a way to direct the exportation to a specific track? Ive been on this quest the last three 8 hr days..................stumped
  7. how do i convert midi files to audio
  8. the button for "freeze track" is greyed out and unusable
  9. where oh where is my effects bin? Not showing in track view
  10. im sure ths has been covered, but...............i plug my guitar into komplete audio 6. meters acknowledge the guitar signal so i can record, but.....................i cant hear my guitar. the backing track is audible
  11. When I change the key signature midway through a piece, the new signature only last for one bar then reverts to original key signature
  12. I am recording guitar and get no sound in my headphones The existing rhythm sound well as does the PLAYBACK of my new recording. I just cant hear my playing when recording
  13. when I enter a series of eight-note pairs, the last of the pair does not align to the proper timing. I use the setting 0f 960 ticks per quarter note. The first beat of the song (entered by mouse) is 1:01:000. the next eighth note should land on 1:01:480. The notation shows the proper placement of this eighth note but it SOUNDS at 1:01:360. This is constant. I am forced to enter the note and then click on it to re set it to 1:01:480. This constant misplacement is present at what should be 1:01:480, 1:02:480 , 1:03:480 and 1:04:480.
  14. got it fixed, thank you...…………………….. alt 6 shift made it easy
  15. I select "project" and then "insert key change". THE KEY IS CHANGED BUT after a couple of bars the old key signature returns...I have to scroll through the entire song countermanding any of the original key changes Yes I can check the event line.........….very laborious to change every time it changes...maybe two bars at a time. and no, transpose not what I am looking for, but thanks
  16. when I insert a key change it only affects a few bars the reverts back to original key
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