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  1. Thanks. That is what I thought. I was trying to find it in the Solutions area, but hadn't found it yet. Might be worth reinstalling if it gets too big.
  2. Can I move the N4 temp repository like this also, or will it mess up the program? It isn't urgent yet. It takes up about 34GBs. Part of my problem is I run both ProTools and Cubase. So I need AAX and VST. Each plugin is small, but it adds up after a while.
  3. Let me preface this with I know I own too much stuff. I probably have about 7.5 TB of Kontakt libraries and another 1.5 to 2 TBs of EW and UVI stuff. Granted, it started getting out of hand when I got into the orchestral libraries.... And there's a lot of free stuff on spinning drives. There may be more, as I'm not really counting all my drives. Just the ones I regularly use....
  4. You must get it then. Though it is only 60% off. Now that I've been spoiled, I usually wait for the 70%, though I will do 65% 🤣
  5. Not when you only have 250GB free...... it is my OS drive or I wouldn't care
  6. They were taking up about 30GB of my 1TB SSD. If I could put them somewhere else, it would be okay.
  7. As a note, after you update this stuff, hit the trash can to delete the download files. They take up a lot of room.
  8. Or even UJam. Though only if you want to do rhythm guitar.
  9. Nooooo... I already have enough. And they sent me another coupon....
  10. Don't they run in the UVI Workstation? I have 3 form a prior sale, but never use because I forget they are there.
  11. Here is the generic $5 coupon code. It has worked multiple times apd-e1047-s622-lrg
  12. Do I have this already? Eh, it's free. I can afford to "buy" it again.... 😁
  13. I'm getting there......
  14. Dzilizzi

    XLN Summer Sale

    Pick up the custom set at a place like JRR. You can't buy it from XLN if you own Addictive Drums. It includes AD2, plus your choice of 3 drum sets, 3 midi packs, and 3 extras. Worth it just for the drum kits and midi. There's an XL version with 6 kits and midi. Not on sale outside of XLN yet. Sometimes it takes a day or too.
  15. I'm almost wondering if it would have been better to start all over and use something like Melodyne to fix the piano and leave the rest alone? Edit: I think you can download a trial version.
  16. At least you didn't buy them again. Like I've done. 😲
  17. This is one of those things I have a problem with. The bargain hunter in me says "BUY", but the person who just doesn't like synths says, "yeah, sounds like every other synth I own and never use."
  18. Dzilizzi

    8DIO Choir Sale

    I was just coming on to say the same thing. There are nice things about Silka, but I kind of like Insolidus better. And both over the others. But Silka does sound good. As a note, I am a soprano. I've had some classical training before I went pop/rock. I don't see any use for the sopranos for me. A lot of others love them.
  19. Dzilizzi

    8DIO Choir Sale

    The 4 listed above. I don't have Requiem Pro (I do have Soundiron's Requiem Lite) and the New Studio Sopranos.
  20. Dzilizzi


    EW Hollywood Choir?
  21. Dzilizzi


    I like the name. But I have an awful lot of these things and half the time end up using Waves Tune because it is easy.
  22. Dzilizzi

    8DIO Choir Sale

    I do. They are. And? Slightly different. I have all 4. I have too much stuff. They all sound really good. Some are louder, some are softer, but you can similar sound by just changing the volume. Very playable though.
  23. I've heard of this being used to remove excess reverb. Might be more useful when trying to match orchestral libraries.
  24. This thing is so pretty. But I don't synths much. Not sure I'd ever use it.
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