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  1. I know of someone who uses it to back pop tracks. So it doesn't have to be used for just orchestral. Played like a synth, you can get some great string machine sounds. I have it but haven't really used it much as I have way too much stuff and limited play time. And it gets lost in my Kontakt drive, as my version is not a library one. It isn't a bad deal, especially if you aren't planning on buying a really expensive orchestral library right after like I did.
  2. Hmm. $49 for the upgrade. I don't really use it much since I got the UJam ones.
  3. You know, if you didn't get the NOS Roomer free at some point, it is actually a nice reverb and definitely worth $22
  4. I missed the ones I would have liked. I guess check in daily in the morning?
  5. I really like that OT isn't charging for the new version if you have the old one.
  6. I keep reading this as Auto-Tune. ๐Ÿคจ Way too close in name . But it does make me stop.
  7. Ooh, free and reverb in the same sentence! Two of my favorite words. ๐Ÿ˜ Thanks!
  8. Okay, the regular summer sale has started if you missed anything. The discount is only 80%. but really? 80% is still really good.
  9. I did this. I had bought the White grand to WG2 MKII upgrade only to realize I have the White MKII and there is no upgrade for that. I told him to keep the difference since I screwed up and it was only a few dollars. I got an email back saying the upgrades were there.
  10. Turns out I do have it. I actually have a spreadsheet started. I got the csv file from my iLok then started adding to it. I wish there was an easier way to do it though.
  11. I need to check if I have this. I remember wanting it, but waiting for a sale. But can't remember if I got it. I really need a spreadsheet or something. ๐Ÿค”
  12. Totally get that. And I may own Waves Element. Is it in Mercury? Not everything is, but there isn't much that isn't. I have bought the German version before just for the freebie, so it is nice to be able to read this.
  13. Try this link if you got the PDF - www.serialcenter.de I didn't have as much problems with the answer on this. If they ask about the first word on pg46 large title, the first Big S word? those 2 words on the top are one word, no space.
  14. Problem was the last step. I wonder if the site is expecting it in German. ๐Ÿค” The other link takes you to the software. I think the first link also gives other stuff.
  15. Still waiting on my upgrades. I wonder if I should just email them to keep the difference since I made the mistake? I mean, if that is the problem? Edit: Email worked. I think it was the White vs White MKII that was a problem. And I realized there is no upgrade from White MKII to WG MKII. My error. Thanks Sampletekk for letting it go....
  16. This worked. Thanks! Edit: Did not get the content, just the serial numbers. The content one is still not working for me.
  17. Well, at this point, I am frustrated and will not bother to get the magazine in English as the download asks for the 2nd word in the large headline on page 66. Nothing works. So, not worth buying this in the future.
  18. How do you get the magazine? They send me a link that goes to Falkmedia but no magazine. Never mind. I was clicking the link in the wording and not the picture.
  19. I'm just glad they are all virtual. I don't think they would all fit in my house. ๐Ÿ˜
  20. I also have the 7CG so I put in for the TVBO upgrade as well. At 90% off, it is really hard not to buy more pianos. How else am I going to get to 200+ pianos
  21. The White MKII, not the WG2MKII. So I am still somewhat okay with paying for the upgrade to the WG2MKII.
  22. Kontakt in times of "can't find any large 7200 RPM drives or affordable 2TB SSD's"? ๐Ÿ˜ต
  23. Hm. I should have looked. The White is also MK2. Oh well, guess I paid too much. By a whole $6. LOL! I was getting the GUI mixed up with the SSG. And? I had to go back and rename the files because I never remember them based on the file name. Which then means I forget I have them.
  24. That I get. I've been trying to keep all my nonplayer libraries together so I don't have to search for them across drives and drives. But it still happens. ๐Ÿฅด I have no idea what that face means, but it is kind of how I feel about the mess of my Kontakt libraries.....
  25. Kontakt is on sale right now - you can get yourself a nice crossgrade price ๐Ÿ˜„
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