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  1. do you talk at OP? for me the UI freeze,but now i know to not minimize it..(while i go here on the net..)
  2. if i minimize cakewalk to the taskbar for long time,when i go back to maximise it,sometime it is freezed.. so now i keep it open while i open my firefox and others view..
  3. is it worth paying the "big buck" for an EQ parametric??? right now my most use EQ is M-EQ(from melda-production)and sonitus EQ thanks to share your tought martin
  4. ok thanks i will re-listen it Are the acoustics just a little dry, maybe? will look at this thanks Overall sounds like you're making good progress, I like it! thanks im working hard to sound good... thanks martin
  5. you mean adding some woodblock? cool not for now it's my friend vox thanks
  6. i found what is causing the "filter" effect,it's a compressor that is on a parallele-compressor-buss.. i tried another compressor and it's ok thanks martin
  7. im hearing some kind of "filters" sound when i enable the (up-sampling buton)??? do you hear this on your system? the most plugins im using are M-EQ(melda production) sonitus fx,guitar rig,amplitube..
  8. thank you msmcleod is this option on plugin have to do with [upsample] buton?
  9. hello all im on my way to mix this music compo i made(i just added the vocal in the mix)the lyric are from a friend of mine it's a french lyrics compo title Avec Toi ps(all instruments are real instruments,bass,guit acoustic,guitar electric played by me & (session drumer 3)and piano SFZ thanks for listening and coments here soundcloud martin
  10. is enable the up-sampling buton "upsample" to 128bit plugins? am i understand this right? thanks martin
  11. not only beautyfull sounddd amazingg.....
  12. you can open a demo project(on start-screen) there you can experiment the basic options (add fx,solo track,..) you can also go to preference (hitting p on the keybord)and see what's all settings are there) just take your time to learn cakewalk..wich is really in fact easy tu use, both basic and advanced... martin
  13. dont miss it guys it's really a reverb plate-140 hardware base (free until 31 december)
  14. you can make a copy of your project (as a test)and try scenes to see if all working fine on loading a scene(with full plugins) martin
  15. yes thanks CJ,if i found one i will post it here i know that in guitar-rig 4 there is a module [sustain-module]but i think it's mono...will look on this
  16. i just tried it and man this reverb sound really good!!
  17. i found this on Arturia (free reverb plate-140) (you need to create a account)they give it until 31 december.. go here cheer martin Edited 26 minutes ago by martsave martin s
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