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  1. if there is any damage on the woofer or the tweeter there is 30day return...
  2. i have mine set up that way and i get good result martin
  3. i will receive mine this month!!
  4. the most dificult is to setup sonitus-gate to not 'cut' the breaths...
  5. i make my choice i go for the KRK RP5G3 Rokit 5" thanks all martin
  6. you can also freeze the track then apply fade- in fade-out
  7. maybe there is a program that do batch-rename..just a tought
  8. im mixing at the buss-level,about all my tracks have EQ on some track i put a compressor(i place it on top of the chain) if others do this but.. on vocal i put a [compressor]-[EQ-VX 64 channel-strip](wich i love it)and [reverb]-[delay] (i sometime need to have two EQ to get the sound i want...) thx martin
  9. thanks Chuck im start looking to KRK 5" also..i want to take my time
  10. exellente post Tezza good informations from you thanks martin
  11. CJ Jacobson what about this one=JBL LSR308 ? thx martin
  12. my budget is about 300$ im looking for used monitor..
  13. you guys recomande me this set M audio B5xa deluxe or this one=BEHRINGER TRUTH B2031 thx martin
  14. Gingers will take care of you from the sky... this is a super good song John,thanks for sharing thx martin
  15. is it sound good on you speaker? i dont own this song any coment about the mix are welcome! thx martin
  16. the guitars sound really good!
  17. most of my projets have about 20 to 35 tracks audios & midis
  18. you can put a plug in the clip and adjust the volume there..
  19. ok i get it press start-execute-copy & paste this compmgmt.msc this will open computer management.. thx martin
  20. wow man cool thx for the infos!
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