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  1. my toolbar keep resetting (since a couple of days) each time i close\open cakewalk?? help please i rebooted and my toolbar works... thanks martin
  2. noynekker this is exellent ! really good mix
  3. thanks again i found my way with icons...really good martin
  4. ok i will experiment and get back to you.. thank you Hienz
  5. thank you User 905133 that's a alternative
  6. if you go to the plugin manager do you see them (as enable) ?
  7. i would like request to have numbers instead of letters in console-view..(at the botom.. im mixing at the buss-levels so it would easyer for me to see.. buss 21 buss 13..ect thanks martin
  8. is the waves have to go on specific track? if not just go on your waves file folder then hit ctrl-A then drag it on track-view(it will create has many tracks has you have multiples waves..
  9. i'v found this going on the sonar cakewalk old site,it is a pack of plugins (free) (Multivoice Chorus/Flanger, Classic Phaser, Tempo Delay, Compressor/Gate, Para-Q, HF Exciter, Alias Factor, and Modfilter. i like the delay and the chorus they are easy to operate and they sound good free photo hosting cheer martin
  10. you can try this free plugin https://www.audiopluginsforfree.com/mautopitch/
  11. i like the electric guitar sound on left-speaker on the "bridge or pre-chorus")
  12. i like the sound of your guitar! nice song
  13. thank you Deering i take note from you !
  14. your song sound good(on my headphone) maybe a bit of high end EQ on the vocal..just a tought
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