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  1. I have my time ruler set to MBT. The first four measure numbers show correctly, synced with the track but then measure 5 is way down the way, showing measure 4 to be a huge, long measure on the ruler. What caused that? I did use the AudioSnap to tighten up a piano track, but I think it was the same way before that. Any ideas how to fix it so that the music and measure numbers are lined up correctly? Well, can't believe - I found the problem. When I clicked on the Time Ruler measure 4, I looked up at the time signature and it showed 4/1 ! Don't know how that happened, but when I changed it to 4/4, all the proper measure numbers appeared on the ruler! Whew! I hope this helps someone else who finds themselves in the same situation. Thanks for reading this. Lew in TX
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