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  1. Thank you! Maybe the ASIO setting working on the old laptop was a fluke, it was definitely not a high end laptop and neither is this one. I'm basically just experimenting, trying to record some of compositions from my Ensoniq TS12 keyboard via audio and MIDI because I found out about Cakewalk being free and got a cheap midi-usb cable. Maybe I'll try recording some live instruments or playing with some soft synths too, but the primary purpose for any of it is my own entertainment. If I ever need to do anything more than playing around I'll definitely look into better hardware. Just thought the change in performance of the program was odd and curious if there was an obvious fix I was missing, it doesn't sound worth my time to fiddle around any more. I appreciate the feedback! -Jill
  2. I had Cakewalk working using ASIO drivers with the integrated Realtek soundcard on my old Dell inspiron laptop. I think it was also working with ASIO on my new Dell inspiron laptop, also with integrated Realtek soundcard, before the latest update, but I can't be sure because I didn't do any recording on this laptop before the update came out. After the update, first it told me there were no audio devices available when I'd open it, until I downloaded ASIO drivers directly from the Dell website. Then the devices were available but when I tried to record audio, the mouse icon continually showed as loading and nothing would record. Per someone elses issue I found on the forum, switching to WASAPI mode fixed that problem. So I have three questions: 1. Since the ASIO drivers are installed and show up as available, why are they not working when they used to work on a much poorer performing laptop with the same type of sound card and the previous Cakewalk version? Is this more likely an issue with the new update and my hardware, or settings on my new laptop I haven't figured out how to fix yet? 2. Does anyone know a way to fix this if it's my laptop? I already installed latest updates, removed smartbyte, installed latest Realtek drivers, etc. 3. How important is getting ASIO mode to work vs sticking with WASAPI? I've read that ASIO is better but I'm not producing music professionally so will this matter to me? Thanks for any insights! -Jill
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