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  1. Francisco de Asís Tárrega y Eixea (21 November 1852 - 15 December 1909) was an influential Spanish composer and guitarist of the Romantic period.
  2. Estas Tonne and the Strymon Big Sky.
  3. The instrument she is playing is a viola da gamba, one of the old spanish instruments (mostly lutes) I like a lot. cheers .
  4. Luciana Elizondo, Quito Gato: Manhã de Carnaval (Luiz Bonfá)
  5. Great tune, congrats Kenny.
  6. Imho the best music ( not only )for sundays
  7. T can´t confirm this.😊 It literally and historical describes the behaving of Waves during the times of Fidel Castros Cuba.
  8. Sure there is no way to compete with both of them (Kenny and S.L.I.P) for me.
  9. Dedicated to Kenny and S.L.I.P.
  10. For the advanced Producer who no longer do like to produce RAP :
  11. I´m thinking about to publisch tutorial videos : how to create a rap video - the new way. .
  12. If I remember right, nothing has changed since CbB (#Sonar) is free. There were many developer which didn´t officially support Sonar /CbB before .
  13. Eddie HARRIS - Get on down EDDIE HARRIS "Happy Gemini" (1974)
  14. Yesterday I discovered this video from Magma , I got totally shocked .😊
  15. Thanks for the tipp, Notes. I like the sound of the music (specially sax and vocs) above a lot ,never heard of Mark Murphy before . Good to get new music inspiration through this forum.
  16. Emil Mangelsdorff Quartet feat. Joe Gallardo, Wilson de Oliveira & Manfred Schoof Emil Mangelsdorff (11. April 1925) , imo one of the most underrated sax player , His brother, Albert, is welknown in Germany. Emil Mangelsdorff has been rated as the best sax player in the Guitar player polls from the end of the 70th and the beginning of the 80th, Michael Brecker as Nr. 2. A sensation for a german sax player which not many people ( in germany) know. I´m looking for some videos from his performances during that time (end of 70th and beginning of v the 80th) in the US. which seems to be hard to find, anybody ?
  17. Thanks for posting this. That´s the rock sound I like , didn´t know this band before.
  18. Back in the 80 th recording drums etc. has been hard sometimes :
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