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  1. Sky Valley Mistress feat Dave Catching: Skull & Pistons
  2. The operation of eloxal (with the abbreviation: electricity oxidation of aluminium), it is a technically method of surface.🤯
  3. Good to know that you don´t want to eloxate him.
  4. Yes Sir, therefor Notes wrote about the Dali Museum in Florida. If you never have seen his works, it´s an adventure to visit Dali´s museum. Everyone who is going to describe what is happening there, must be going mad.😇
  5. The same I have to recommend to everyone who is visiting Spain. In the very north is a little town -Figueras- where the biggest Dali museum is based and a lot of his works are shown. He lived in that area - in the beginning of the 80 th it was not rare to see him walking/shopping in Cadaques.
  6. The sound reminds me of the "early" Neil Young.
  7. Reminds me of Salvatore Dali, him and Picasso studied together.: Royal & the Serpent x Marky Style - Salvador Dali Imo one of the best artist/painter ever:
  8. Have a nice birthday, Notes.😀
  9. @Wibbles Ooops, are Rare Earth kniown for being rassists ?
  10. Yes, me like. Therefore : Rare Earth / Big Brother / 1974 California Jam
  11. Gents, my last disturbance 🤥 this week, have a nice time: nacao zumbi - malungo
  12. Chico Science and Nacão Zumbi- Afrociberdelia
  13. Marina Lima - Nos Beijamos Demais Marina Lima - Fala
  14. Klaus Schulze - Body Love 1977
  15. Frank Zappa - Inca Roads
  16. The Doors - Riders On The Storm
  18. It s rare to hear a Jazz vocalist with so much soul ..
  19. I haven´t known Shirley Horn before, great singer. Thank you. Here a video of Zwan, a group in which Paz Lenchantin did play the bass guitar :
  20. Paz Lenchantin Venus in Furs Live
  21. Finally I´ve found a detailed practical guidance for a recording session with vocalists:
  22. As a distributor to get my music available on Spotify,Amazon aso I can recommend Distrokid. It delivers for a fair amount of money ( 29 bucks or so per year) a fair service. This imo is only meaningful of you have a fanbase cause there are more than 2500 Releses per day,nearly the same number as in the 80th per year.
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