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  1. .I love the sound of this :
  2. Are you ready for fat drums ,Kenny ?
  3. Your DAW and your drum tracks are fat, Kenny.
  4. I have no words and no idea for that, But you seem to be right .
  5. That looks tasty.😦 Pig ears ?
  6. Another example of the special british cuisine :
  7. Do you like british food ? 😬
  8. Yes, she seems to have a big sense of humor.
  9. Really, I like that she owns 2 shooes. Where are you looking first ?
  10. Coachello Festival offers this year an amazing line up , but no. Morgan James and the orthopedic shoes
  11. Bold , she is wearing orthopaedic shoes on stage.
  12. Specially during the winter time:
  13. It's always a good idea to search this forum för solutions in stuck situations.🙃
  14. The specs of this guitar ? Is the body aged and dark sunburst brown ?
  15. It´s impressing me as much as :
  16. Visiting the studio toilette to get inspiration for an awesome guit riff :
  17. Greetings for your fantastic BF deals , Kenny .
  18. Thanks Craig, I believe that is right .
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