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  1. One of my best "on the road" stories is playing with Eric on stage at the Mean Fiddler in London when I was monitor engineer for Robert Cray, and his bass player hadn't turned up for soundcheck. If I had known then what I do now, I would have nicked the guitar, left the tour and stayed in hiding for 30 years before becoming a millionaire!
  2. that's my freebie from my decimort crossgrade sorted
  3. ends 31st of December so I might wait to see if the PB freebies change as I have them all now. Guy from Disclosure rates Decimort on his twitch streams (worth a watch). I blame him for picking up Oxford Inflator
  4. I have V4 studio and went to check Celemony's site yesterday in case they had caved in and offered a cheaper upgrade to V5 studio. No Joy, but I checked my account and found I had a V4 essential licence as well which was upgraded to V5 for free. If I had known I would have jumped on the JRR deal. At least now I can play with V5 essential but will probably switch back to V4 studio and wait for a deal.
  5. I was asymptomatic until yesterday then GAS symptoms made themselves plain. I tried to self Isolate from this thread and TTF's listing but to no avail. Picked Up Loopcloud 3 months for £3 and got the free Bassmaster plugin, picked up Vacuum classic for £9 and got free Drumazon, Picked up Oxford Inflator for £34 and got free Mixmasters Animate and then picked up Slate Fresh Air. Hoping Melodyne change their minds on cyber Monday on the v4 studio upgrade. If not might pick up an interface from Focusrite for my son as a Xmas present
  6. I was their F.O.H. engineer back in their heyday. Nice bunch of lads
  7. just been trying to play with this (for those of you that tried the Sennheiser Ambeo Orbit for free it is basically the same thing). It has to go on every track, which crashed when I tried it. It is sort of like Izotope Relay but in 3d and without the gain control.
  8. Welcome back! I assumed you were off either filming a series of "Deal Hunters" for Apple TV or " Cash on the F drive" for BBC Television
  9. Hatstand

    Where’s Lars

    Conspiracy Theory 1 - Lars abducted by Izotope Conspiracy Theory 2 - He has been chipped and networked into the JRR shop mainframe Conspiracy Theory 3 - He has finally found out the truth that Audio Software does not actually exist and GAS is a figment of the imagination Conspiracy Theory 4 - Larry is trialling a new vaccine which makes all upgrades free for life
  10. do we know who authorised this holiday?
  11. hi there did you ever try the AZ controller for mapping transport? I have the launchkey 61 and created a template for that which mapped, controls. there might be an SL version on Azlow's site somewhere
  12. I only have one thing on my shopping list currently which is waiting for a deal on xlnaudio retro color. Damn Kenny Beats and his twitch sessions coupled with my son's lack of independent funds. At the moment we are working 24/7 shifts at home, me during the day mastering whilst he does his beats whilst I am sleeping. My neighbours are no longer talking to me but luckily the neighbours daughter has got that glint in her eye when it comes to my lad which will buy me some time
  13. has anyone tried with the other SSL emulators other than the 9000 series?
  14. I am just hoping it means that I don't have to re-authorise every time Windows updates.
  15. Hi Scook, any idea what I should rename the thread to? Happy to change it.... Done!
  16. Having joined the feeding frenzy over the last few days, I started to wonder whether I already had some of the plugins I was about to buy. In the process I realised I hadn't updated some of them for ages. For example my Eventide VST's don't have automatic updates so I was pleasantly surprised that I had missed a few versions and some of the bugs I had, which made me gave up using them had been fixed including the update from VST2 to VST3 versions. So I now have a new reverb, a new channel strip, a new harmoniser to play with which cost me nowt! Same applied to Sonokinetic Kontakt libraries amongst others. Didn't stop the GAS, just augmented it
  17. Larry, you are truly the king! Thank you.
  18. Pulled the trigger. 7.82 pounds including VAT, once I used some virtual cash. Funnily enough I was looking at the prices for Nimbus and R4 and having realised I got them for free at some point in the past made this deal even sweeter. So no tears if I only use it occasionally
  19. downloaded it and it is actually quite good IMO lots of useful features left out from the full version though
  20. CbB notification scheduled for 4.2.1 according to the release notes
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