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  1. Hi both, what happens if you drag an audio file such as a  .wav file into Cakewalk and press play. Do you get a sound out of the speakers then?

    if so, then it means your output assignment is OK.  With virtual instruments there is a bit more to understand but I would be surprised if you can't learn from the tutorials available. Mike from Creative Sauce has just released one on SI drums which I think is easy to understand. Not having a midi controller keyboard makes things a bit difficult but using the piano roll view you can still get sounds out of these VI's

  2. Wish I could help more, it does sound like there is something not quite right.

    You could try right clicking on the windows icon in the bottom left hand corner, choose Windows PowerShell (Admin) and then typing sfc /scannow and hitting the enter key.

    This will check if there are any windows key file issues and fix them. The only other thing would be to look at device manager and see what sound video and game controllers you have listed and disable any you don't use (like onboard sound cards if you have an external audio device). Note that often windows updates re-enable these devices again, which is a pain.

  3. You do realise that Mrs Mills LP's were used as an instrument of torture by parents in the 60's on their defenceless children.

    Spitfire should be ashamed for dragging up these painful memories. What next, a Richard Clayderman library?

    I may have to go back to musical rehab. "No mum, please not Englebert Humperdinck again? Can't I at least play one Rolling Stones song?" :)

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  4. I assume you don't have exclusive mode checked? This can sometimes be an issue if it is checked.


    Of course the downside to unchecking exclusive mode is that if you have other applications running, you will get sounds from them interrupting your audio when using Cakewalk. There is a decent article here which may help explain the various options. It is specific to using WASAPI on a surface pro but also covers off ASIO etc.


    Also, this may helpto check that your sound card is the default device


    You can also check the sample rate and exclusive settings by clicking a device and choosing "Properties" then the advanced tab

  5. I had a weird thing happen a little while back and it turned out Windows kept defaulting my sound device to vb audio cable. This happened with Amazon Music and MS Teams. Never found out why, just disabled it in device manager. Might be worth looking to see what other sound devices you have and disabling them to see if it fixes the issue.

  6. Was a massive Marriot fan, from the days of the small faces. When I got to the UK in 86, I got to see him in a small pub in Tottenham with his band packet of three.

    The crowd was so small actually got to sit with him for a chat afterwards

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