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  1. Corel has a rather, I will say "interesting" idea of what an upgrade is supposed to be. Their approach seems to be, "We have improved features X, Y and Z." Their advertisement video tells you it has been improved. More smooth. Streamlined. Quicker selection. Faster. Smarter. Pure. Clear. Clarity... etc. Then you buy the upgrade and go to use that new feature and it appears to work exactly the same as it always did. Same limitations. Same clunkiness. Same clarity. In fact the only thing you might notice has changed, is they might have removed some options without telling you they did. And my favourite type of Corel update, where the feature does actually noticeably work better than previously! Wow. Is this actually happening? Oooh spoke too soon. Now you can't export something with that new feature without issues galore! Then they fix it through a paid upgrade by returning the quality and functionality of that feature back to where it used to be before the busted enhancement was attempted. Or they just axe that feature entirely and bring out a new specialised application that you have to buy separately to perform that functionality. *sigh* On the upside, this development cycle lead me to say, "Hello Affinty!"😁
  2. It has been a long time, but if I remember rightly, I think you have to get the discs hard?
  3. Does anyone know if discount code "AS-A-DOORNAIL" is legit on their site?
  4. Doesn't Ulrich know it's 29OGTFO!🤑
  5. Despite using NI for yonks, I don't think I've ever bothered to even check if they had a forum? It would appear I was not missing anything . NI completely dropping products is odd. Considering they are purveyors of quantity over quality and all. But knowing people like the sounds of those dropped items, they could at least stick the sounds in the Kontakt factory library.
  6. Who are any of us mere mortals to question the omnipotence of those whom bestow upon us the great teachings of "yeet" and "skrra"???
  7. Yeah the Cubase forum is definitely a schizophrenic experience. Sometimes they are helpful. Other times it seems like they need to rapidly lose a few customers to flip the books into a negative for a tax break or something?
  8. In a lot of countries, Steinberg's tech support is actually done by Yamaha. I have had to deal with them a few times here in Australia and they have been really quick with responses. Licence issues, broken download links , incorrect products showing up, VSTs not working, etc.
  9. A pre-ordered hard copy of Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4. It is still in its plastic sitting on my counter. I'm not putting that diseased piece of garbage into my console until CD Projekt Red have patched all the system trashing bugs and then offered themselves as sacrifices to the gods of bulls**t time-wasting!
  10. I kind of want to say my new PC because that is what all these 2020 purchases run on and it is so much faster than my old one. I'm not even sure how I used to get things done? But instead I am actually going to go with my new mic, the Aston Spirit. It makes my old trusty sm58 sound like a trash can. The mic gives your voice so much body, warmth and air that the vocal sounds thick and legible even when recorded at lower levels. Also practice takes where I am not giving it the full amount of gusto, still sound pretty decent because of the qualities that the Spirit imparts on the voice. The only downside of this mic is that it captures everything in such an upfront way, that it also highlights mistakes. So if you breathe too hard (or in the wrong spot), or your lips smack together a bit more than usual on a particular part. Then it all becomes a part of the recording with an almost hyper crystal-clearness that makes owning something like RX8 or Spectralayers a must have for editing. I actually built a vocal booth to help this mic out with room noise. Now I just have to learn not to fidget whilst I am tracking a take inside of it.😉
  11. Now I want a legit developer to drop a sample pack of guitar sounds played by real gorillas! It might seem backwards, but sometimes you gotta go back to move forward. The next evolution in guitar sounds, is the de-evolution of the player! He knows sign-language and the full solo to stairway!!!
  12. Spectralayers Pro 7 CLA Epic Overloud TH-U upgrade from TH3 And thanks to having a bit of virtual cash at Plugin Boutique, I finally got around to snagging the BFD3 upgrade from BFD2 for £5 whole euros. I'd been looking at SD3 but that's north of half a grand in AUD , so I figured that works out to be a wallet busting 8 bucks AUD and was more in the spirit of BF/CM sales. After all it is just for some bom, bap and smack sounds! PS: And tish! Sorry I forgot about the tish sounds...
  13. I had said the famous last words of, "I don't need anything this Black Friday." With the hidden "but" being if Spectralayers was on a 50% off sale, which I thought was unlikely due to it being fairly recently released. But now here we are! And with this purchase I just realized that I own everything Steinberg make, except for Nuendo. At this point I think I should just move to Hamburg so I can attach myself directly to the company teat.
  14. The thread on Gearslutz has a few forum folk from the Beta testing team and they all seem to rate it. Pretty much all of them reckon once the mix translates in multiple rooms in vsx, it seems to translate everywhere. Personally I don't doubt it works as advertised, but for $900 in Australia, what I am waiting to see is do the physical items last. Plus I have to somehow convince myself that nearly a grand on a set of cans is a completely reasonable purchase. 🤑
  15. Well so far the new PC is so fast at doing everything, I have had to abandon all my old habits of clicking on something and going to make a coffee (or play on my phone) whilst it decides whether it's going to open. I had heard the M.2 drives were fast, but some things have installed so fast that the install meter didn't even pop up on the screen. I clicked install, the pop-up box went blurry for a split second and next thing I'm staring at the "Finish" icon. It also appears that I can finally edit more than 4 bars at a time in melodyne without seizing and gliching. The old PC used to be able to do that too, but about a year ago it started having issues. Especially with multiple processes. I was having to render literally everything after each individual process, or risk it crashing to desktop with no crash log in any of the DAWs I own. Once a project got to 30ish tracks with 20 or so plugs, there's a good chance it was never opening with any sort of workable stability again. As for the Windows 10 ownership experience. I felt so blessed to be in the 4% (Microsoft reported figure) of users with a Windows 7 machine that was upgraded to Windows 10 and eventually corrupted permissions of powershell and key logger events. There were a few older VSTs that I couldn't open any more because they hadn't been updated in yonks and thus didn't have the coding to ignore the events. First thing I did with the new PC was install the VSTs that no longer worked on my old machine and so far they are happily up and running on the new PC. Fingers crossed until Microsoft release an update that messes with the new machines' mojo!😬
  16. In the process of copying over installation files and samples, so I don't have to re-download them. Old PC is working relatively fine for a couple of hours. That is until I start transferring files and almost as if it can sense its impending redundancy, starts glitching up and not responding. Whole screen goes blank. After 2 or 3 minutes desktop reappears sans icons. Open task manager and it's blank. Apparently not even Windows is running? Processes 0, memory 0, etc. Perhaps placing the new PC next to the old one has provoked a deep jealousy in its now somewhat ancient soul? Whatever is up with it, just let me get these final few files off of it and then it can have all the 0 processes it wants! This is partially the fault of the Deals section, as I wouldn't have so much s*** to copy over if Larry didn't keep pointing out so many bargains.🤑
  17. ^Is this the reason some people think a line has been crossed?
  18. What could make Larry part with his "desert island" plugs?
  19. I just tried your steps a bunch of times and could not produce the same result. All the beats of the new bounced track were as expected regardless of the pro-channel being off or on. What is weird about this is that normally if fx create a timing problem, it is a problem of latency. But your bounced track is occurring earlier, which is peculiar indeed. I can see that you have an input of Drums selected for the original recorded track. What is that input device, is it a drum machine? All I can think is that perhaps the devices settings are conflicting with the bounce? Have you tried disabling the input and then seeing if it bounces to track correctly?
  20. My strategy is to panic, freeze up, stay frozen until BF is over and not part with a single cent... Uuuhhh... Neeerrghhhhh... Stupid still working limbs reaching for wallet, I said FREEEEEEEEEZE!
  21. I bought a synth the other day and had not even checked it out yet. This fact suddenly hits me. So I load up the synth in Cubase and whilst I am at I figure I should check out my newly upgraded Octavox. I add Octavox to the audio insert of the synth and then leave the room to make a coffee. Upon returning, I am half chatting to a friend on messenger, half reading emails and had almost completely forgotten what I was originally doing. I see the Cubase icon and remember, "Oh that's right. I was gonna test out that synth!" So I pull up Cubase and push a few keys in the PRV editor (this makes the chord options take up most of the display in the inspector, so I can no longer see the inserts tab.) The synth makes a bit of a strange noise, but I figure it is just the default tone. I open the synth's browser and select the first pad preset, figuring I will push a few of the chord pads in Cubase to really hear how this thing sounds. Whilst it was an interesting tone that met my ears, it was a little weird. Not my cup of tea. So onto the next preset. Push a chord pad. Hmmm, this one is weird too. Next preset. It is kind of funky but still almost sounds out of tune. Next preset. Errff what the hell is wrong with this thing?!! Did I accidentally hit the master pitch?... Nope it's at 0. So there I am scratching my head for like 20 minutes, thinking this new synth is a POS. I was even about to google whether that synth has any known tuning problems in DAWs. But instead it turned out I am just a moron and Octavox can definitely make some weird sounds...🤪
  22. Same here. It took about three days for Izotope to respond. And as for Groove 3, I too waited for that $79 renewal offer and it never came. All they offered was the standard sale pricing of $99.
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