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  1. 10 hours ago, Hatstand said:

    If my understanding is correct USB3 busses supply more power than USB 2 but the transfer speed increase is not that mind blowing. 

    Not quite true. USB 2 is 480 Mbps and 3 is 4.8 Gbps which is an order of magnitude faster (and 3.1 is 10 Gbps), but transfer speed doesn't necessarily mean reduced latency. Part of it is that there are more data lines with USB 3 so some data is sent in parallel, but there is also a question of how the data is handled by the host. If the host system responded to data every time a byte was received, if enough data was sent, it would be possible to flood the system so all it did was respond to data and didn't have time to process it. I don't know what the protocol is for USB, but apparently the way the host handles incoming data isn't any faster for 3 vs 2. Since it isn't reducing latency it's not a selling point and vendors aren't flocking to it.

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  2. That was on my laptop. I tried on my DAW and got the same results. I checked the firewall and private access was checked, but not public. I checked public and it still didn't work. On my laptop it was the opposite - private wasn't checked, but public was. Bandlab Assistant was set up the same way and it worked.

  3. When I opened CbB today it asked me to register. The form didn't say what field was what - username/password. I entered in that order - email and password, but I got a message saying it was invalid. I logged in to bandlab assistant with the same credentials and that worked. What are we suppose to enter when we need to re-register CbB?

  4. USB has a much higher transfer rate - 2 orders of magnitude, but people play just fine with MIDI. Have you tried moving the on/off switch? I normally keep mine switched on and rely on USB power. Once the on/off switch wasn't fully on and the display lit up, but the USB connection was flakey.

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  5. 6 hours ago, Stefan De Cnodder said:

    I can see that the signals are comming in on the eq but i cant seem to get the processed sound to come out.

    It looks like the UMC 1820 has direct monitoring, if you want to hear plugins make sure that direct monitoring on the i/f is disabled. 

  6. 13 hours ago, John Vere said:

    I tried the demos of all of them and ended up making my own and use Session Drummer to play them. As said all of the samples were hits and I wanted drags and swish. 

    AD has sweeps in Modern Jazz Brushes mentioned above. I counted 7 different sweeps. They're between C2 & C3.

  7. 16 hours ago, Billy86 said:

    Hi. I have Melodyne Editor, which IS a polyphonic version, although I've never tried anything like what I'm talking about. I'd want to "get rid of/delete/ignore?" the audio portion of my strumming performance and keep only the strumming "triggers" if that's what they're called, so I can trigger acoustic guitar VSTs. Will have to explore this. 

    I haven't tried any of the guitar vsts so I have no idea how they work. I've used Melodyne Editor on bass guitar lines. I've converted a few to MIDI and then turned those into groove clips. That's pretty straight forward. 

  8. 2 hours ago, Starise said:

    So I got AT 5 as part of a larger purchase on an IK deal and it has sat on my SDD for awhile before I had the time to look at it. It reminded me some of THD. I plugged my guitar in and got no sound. I went to my amps and tried to select a few. Still nothing. Went back to AT4, everything works great. So far I'm not impressed. I'm either slow off the line or this isn't as intuitive as AT4. AT 5 is so different it looks like I need to relearn how to use it.  If I didn't need to play quiet sometimes I'd just go buy another real amp and be done with it. I should have the full program. Doesn't look like a lite version, so I'm not sure what gives. I'm not computer illiterate, but apparently I'm missing a few things here. Anyone else having similar issues?

    A number of people, including myself, had problems with audio output from the standalone version. If that's your problem go to settings and change the audio output device to something else and then change it back to what you want. Once you do that it should be fine.

  9. 13 hours ago, Multi-Sonik said:

    Indeed MSuperLooper looks interesting.  Does it have multiple audio outputs or is it a stereo out plugin? Have not yet found the info. I'll also have a look at the Augustus.

    I'm also kind of interested by the ENSO looper.  After watching a couple of tutorial vids I'll install a demo of one of them.

    I have three dlls - MSuperLooper, MSuperLooper16in16out, MSuperLooper16out, but I've only used the stereo out. Augustus has some interesting features so it's worth a look. 

  10. There's a difference between playing solo and playing in a band. Playing in a band not only changes your sound, it can change how you play. If you know the bass is playing the low note in a chord you may leave it out of the guitar chord. I think a good musician considers their role in a band. Do you think of how you sound or how the band sounds? I think in a band first you consider how the band sounds and then how you sound in the band. My 2 cents.

  11. On 12/30/2020 at 8:08 AM, Billy86 said:

    Always willing to try and boost data throughput performance, in this case USB port speed for my Focusrite 4i4 interface.  If it’s plugged into a 5Gbps USB port, is there a marked advantage to installing a PCIe USB card that has a  10 Gbps capability? If it helps to improve audio latency balancing act,  seems like an upgrade to consider.  Or, is latency unrelated to a faster USB connection?

    What I've read is that usb 3.0/3.1 provides more bandwidth (you can have more channels), but doesn't improve latency. That's why we haven't seen a lot of new usb 3/3.1 interfaces. If you have other devices on your usb hub besides the interface it may help due to increased bandwidth/throughput.

  12. 18 hours ago, John Vere said:

     So just now I opened this thread and seeing what @rsinger said about USB ports I swapped the Motu to my front USB 3 ports and now I'm not hearing crackles at 256 but 128 seems just as bad as before? I fail to see how it would make a difference but the M4 does come with a USB C connector so ?? FYI the Scarlett is still plugged into the USB 2 ports on the back. This machine only has 2 USB 3 ports and I like to reserve them for external drives. 


    I have the M4 connected to a USB 3 port and the only other thing on the hub is a USB Drive I use for backup and it isn't running when I'm doing audio work. IIRC the M2/M4 are USB 2. When I was having the problem with the bad USB PCI card I tried the M4 into my laptop. That was USB 2 and it worked fine. It's an old laptop so I had the buffer set to 128 and it worked fine with no crackles, but I didn't try 64. 

  13. My M4 is running fine. After a week or two I got a lot of crackles that had me worried, but it was a bad PCI USB card. The M4 is running fine for me now. It's pretty solid with a buffer size of 64. I ran the old sample projects - Cory Yarckin Floating and  Shifty and the Big Shots. I think they're around 30 tracks.  I did a simple song with 15 or 16 tracks. Five or six audio tracks, Kontact, Reaktor Prism, 2 instances of Omnisphere with 3 patches, 2 instances of Korg Arp Odyssey, Korg Mono/poly, Alchemy. At 64 I did have to load Kontact, Omnisphere, and Alchemy at the start of the project or I would sometimes get a click when they loaded.

    I haven't got Win 10 tamed yet. It will do the occasional virus scan in the background (and I don't know what else) and that will cause crackles. If I set the buffer to 128 I don't have to worry about some of those Win 10 unknowns.

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